"Listen to the corona words belong to how to feel so uncomfortable" Leitian hey hey a smile.

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Yu Duxiu nodded. "You are running out of time. The sooner you get the certificate, the better. There will be great changes in the future."
"I wonder …"
Leitian was interrupted by Yu Duxiu before he asked, "You’d better break through the realm with peace of mind. You have a guest to visit, so you can leave first."
Leitian retired jade with a pair of eyes looking ahead, only to see a pair of attractive foxes slowly coming in, with a pair of eyes looking at themselves sadly.
"Ling Yu, how did you let them in?" Jade Duxiu Naidao
"Where do I dare to stop?" Lingyu cried foul.
"Since I’m here, sit down." Jade Duxiu smiled bitterly.
"Why do you seem to be very unwelcome to us?" The fox god stared at Jade Duxiu and instantly caught Jade Duxiu’s chest. The little fox lifted Jade Duxiu’s feet.
"What are you doing!" Jade Duxiu struggled hard.
"Alas, the small world of the palace has not evolved for a long time. You have been missing for fifty thousand years, but you have to make up for it for the palace." The fox touched the jade’s unique face.
"You give me, you give me!" Jade Duxiu struggled hard but was dragged away by two foxes.
Chapter 213 Fairy Hongjun
"Where’s Hung-chun?"
After seven ancestors came to Yujing Mountain, a pair of eyes looked at Ling Yutong in unison. Now the old tortoise has become a Taoist Buddha and naturally will no longer live in Yujing Mountain, which will arouse the suspicion of the ancestors.
"Ha ha is really fun. I didn’t expect Hongjun to be reincarnated for such a time, and he was already a traitor to the old tortoise." Too Huang Jiaozu laughed at one.
"Hung-chun, of course, held the handle of the old turtle, and the old turtle had to work for Hung-chun. Now Hung-chun has been reincarnated for 50 thousand years. That’s not a joke. The old turtle has long found Hung-chun’s secret place and will naturally not control himself by jade alone!" Too easy to teach ancestors unhurriedly said, "The old tortoise is also a master and a strong one. How can he be a slave to others? It is simply completely discredited."
"But before the yuan Buddha and hung-chun is not very good? Why are you mixed up with Prime Minister Turtle now? Did you also betray Hung-chun? " Tai yuan jiao zu Dao
"Alas, you still don’t understand the interests."
Grandfather Tai Dou sighed gently that his three brothers were the first grandfathers in ancient times. Didn’t he decide to plot against him?
"Shi Hongjun is really miserable. He has been betraying teachers, clansmen, lovers, alliances and races. There is nothing worse than this, but Hongjun is also very strong!" Too fight godfather somehow some sympathy hung-chun.
"Where is your master?" Tai Dou’s ancestor looked at Ling Yutong.
Ling Yutong shook his head with a wry smile and remained silent, and walked out of the jade bodhi old zu in the temple. "How did you guys come here to find another project?" You are not welcome here. "
Jade bodhi old zu nostril air disdain looked at several godparents.
"The bodhi old zu, we are not looking for you, we are looking for Hung-chun." The face twitched with a smiling face.
"Looking for Hung-chun?" Jade bodhi old zu muttered a curse, "Of course I know if you are looking for Hongjun or come to me?"
SIRS Godfather smiled and stopped talking. At that time, the atmosphere was silent. Ling Yutong silently offered fragrant tea before gently saying, "SIRS Godfather, my master still has something. If there is anything, you don’t have to wait for it. It’s not too late to come back after you’re busy."
"I’m not busy, I’m not bad, and it’s just a blink of an eye for tens of thousands of years." Tai Dou’s ancestor smiled.
Ling Yutong’s face was pale after a month with a wry smile. Jade Duxiu was helped out of the hall by a fox with a red face. When she looked at the crowd in the field, she suddenly became one leng.
A group of people stare at each other and stare at each other for a long time.
"Fox God also" Tai Dou’s ancestor broke the silence.
"Palace to find hung-chun is to discuss some things," said the fox god, without moving his face.
All the ancestors looked at Yu Duxiu shivering, and their legs and stomachs were all holding back their laughter. The ancestor Taiping said very seriously, "Now we are finished discussing?"
"After the discussion, please go ahead." It’s not a heart-warming thing that the fox god pulled the little fox away in a hurry and was blocked by someone.
"How did you come to my Yujingshan!" Jade Duxiu slowly sat on the jade bodhi old zu and rubbed against Jade Duxiu’s side, not waiting for several godparents to rob him. "Where did you go? How come you haven’t seen news for 50 thousand years? The bodhi old zu is easy to find."
Talking jade bodhi old zu eyed jade Duxiu "hey, your minor repairs are really …"
"Become an immortal?" Jade bodhi old zu looked at Jade Duxiu curiously.
The word immortal instantly stimulated the nerves of the Godfather. Seeing that all the Godfathers are looking towards Jade Duxiu, it seems that Jade Duxiu seems to be in a virtual state behind the body, but there is no sign of divine light in the whole body. If you don’t see Jade Duxiu sitting here with your own eyes, you are afraid that everyone will not believe that there is a person here.
"What is your state now? I can’t see through the bodhi old zu "jade bodhi old zu curious looking at jade show eagerly way.
"Fairy Road has become a hindrance to everyone." Jade Duxiu smiled unhurriedly