Because his attention department put a huge purple figure outside the psychic barrier.

上海419论坛,上海龙凤花千坊,夜上海论坛,上海品茶工作室品茶论坛 Because his attention department put a huge purple figure outside the psychic barrier.

A huge purple thunderbird in the sky outside the spiritual barrier is looking at the barrier Luo and the granite puppet with cold eyes.
Gold nine planets Fierce Beast Lord Purple Thunderbird!
Look at this amazing gold fierce beast Luo and his face became more dignified.
Because it has not yet been shot, the soldiers have already suffered casualties.
Once the purple thunder finch moves, this increasingly fragile spiritual barrier may not last long …
Can they really stick to it for fifty minutes?
The same idea also appeared in the hearts of soldiers.
Facing the element of covering the sun, Thunderbird is more and more sacrificed by his companions.
A soldier said in despair, "… can we really hold them off alone?"
The soldier next to him heard this and shouted angrily, "Shake it up! If you can’t do it, do it! "
"Don’t you forget what you said when you wore this dress!"
This dress …
The soldier looked down and saw the badge symbolizing the alliance on his chest.
Looking at this badge soldier’s ear seems to echo a firm voice …
"I dedicate the glory of my life to the alliance oath of flesh and blood alliance shield …"
"Longitudinal is shattered yi don’t let the alliance an inch of land not to take a step back …"
"I’d rather die … than retreat!"
The fear of the soldier’s face faded away.
He raised his hand and pointed the red barrel at the thunderbird, an element all over the sky, and roared angrily.
"I’d rather die … than retreat! ! !”
"Don’t retreat! ! !”
Rom. and listen to the soldiers behind roar resolute smile.
He turned to the soldier next to him and said a few words, then walked to the front of the team alone.
He looked up at the purple thunderbird in the distant sky, took a deep breath and then roared, "… come on, chop suey!" "
The rock puppet seemed to feel that the master’s will suddenly shattered the ground and killed a large number of elements around him, and Thunderbird roared wildly.
This war would rather die … No retreat! ! !
Train conductor’s room
The soldier, who was ordered by Luo, rushed into the carriage at the moment.
His order was simple, that is, to ask for help from others in the carriage.
Because now they alone have no way to continue to drag these elements Thunderbird.
Whether there will be anyone coming then and how many people will come … no one knows.
When the conductor heard the soldier’s purpose, he quickly picked up the microphone in front of him.
"Who is the royal beast? Please speed up to the head of the train! "
"Who is the royal beast? Please speed up to the head of the train! "
The crowd that was gathering at the back of the car quickly changed with this broadcast.
No.3 carriage
A fat man with big ears and tattooed arms and a big gold chain is fierce and fat.
At the moment, I grabbed the collar of the front passenger and roared angrily.
"Mom always rushed to talk about a wave of big business in the wasteland city. You are now returning to the old business by the original road. If you can’t talk about it, who will pay! Are you coming? Can you afford a million big businesses? "
Where have young female crew members in their twenties seen this posture?
Little face has long been scared white and tearful, and I don’t know what to say.
At the same time, the broadcast sounded
"Who is the royal beast? Please speed up to the head of the train! "
After hearing the broadcast several times in a row, the fat expression became very uncertain.
Finally, the fat man pushed the passenger force in his hand.
He looked silly when he sat down. wait for a while didn’t move. The passenger swore and said, "Why are you still sitting on the ground and rolling back!"
Say that finish fat also don’t back toward the head carriage.
The crew looked at the fat figure and their eyes were full of consternation.
Fat side against the stream of people to the head car while mouth denounced.
Fuck you! It’s really bad luck for me to choose to be an animal bender!
Scold to scold but fat footsteps … But Maiby firmly didn’t stay.
It’s always the animal bender who is the businessman!
No.4 carriage
A beautiful woman by the car window silently closed her hands after hearing this.
And she is wearing a brown school that belongs to Wild Animal Husbandry College alone.
And the symbol of the Wild Veterinary College on the chest is impressively inlaid with the golden words’ boss’.
She got up and her long silvery white hair slipped down her waist, revealing her pointed ears.
So the girl went to the front of the car against the stream of people …
On the way, a middle-aged animal bender crossed her shoulder by mistake.
The animal bender was appalled at the sight of the girl’s face.
Then he hurriedly lowered his head and walked towards the second half of the car in shame.
The girl’s face never changed, as if she had seen nothing.
She was an animal bender before she was a student …
No.7 carriage
A 12-year-old teenager was about to start a war when he heard the radio.
But the gray-haired old man opposite him stretched out his cane to stop him at this time.
Young puzzled eyes in the old man got up and smiled and said a word to the young man.
Then the old man straightened his dovetail through the window next to him.
After making sure that there is nothing wrong with his clothes, the old man walked slowly towards the front of the car with a cane in one hand and a wide black hat in the other.
After looking at the old man’s back and hesitating for a moment, the teenager finally chose to listen to the old man’s words and follow others towards the second half of the car.
And the old man talking to him is …
I’m old, but it’s not your turn to go out with others, is it?
The old man walked in the carriage with a smile on his face
It’s as if he is going to a grand dinner at the moment.
I’m old, but I’m old. I’m also an animal bender.
No.11 carriage
This belongs to the second half of the car, which is the junction of the front and rear cars.
The passengers from this car will not move back.