He bowed down and didn’t dare to look up


Xiao Yu’s face changed slightly. Although he rarely kneels on others in his life, he also knows that he is in a hurry at the moment and kneels down to say, "Xiao Xiaoyu is wrong and asks the devil’s Lord for forgiveness!"
"Hey “`"
Crack day demon Lord’s anger against smiling face ShaQi circulation is more terrible than shooting Xiao Yu’s eyes, and they have looked at his brother’s mouth one after another in a gloomy tone. "It’s really a talented person from Jiangshan generation. Although the number is much less, there are 54, but it’s better to be short than good."
He smelled terrible and sneered. No one knew what he meant.
Xiao Yu is more uneasy in my heart.
This crack day demon Lord feels too dangerous for him, just like a catnap tiger. On the surface, it seems that there is no danger. In fact, it is possible to suddenly kill people at any time.
If he comes, he will be angry directly. Xiao Yu is still safe in his heart and most afraid of this state.
So are others, who all feel scalp pins and needles and kneel down to dare not speak.
At this time, Dongshan Magic Master and Slave slowly came along, and their eyes glanced lightly and smiled slightly. "It seems that crack day Taoist friends have collected a lot of elites this time, and there are two immortals of the emperor. It’s really gratifying."
Crack day’s demon Lord sneered, "It’s true that all the people left are elites, but discipline defies my dignity. Even if they become my people, most of them will not have a bone in their heads in the future. Hey, hey, but I’m afraid I haven’t seen anything in tens of millions of years."
His face flashed with magic light, and he suddenly said, "Get up, all of you, and get ready to follow me back to the mountain to learn from the teacher."
As soon as the voice fell, a pair of eyes suddenly swept to Xiao Yu and Wang Zhongxian. "After you can’t escape the death penalty, you can’t go back to the mountain and dig for a hundred years. You can’t go into the mountain to practice without your permission!"
His murderous look pervaded him and directly turned into a magic light.
Dongshan demon Lord smiled with great interest and looked at Xiao Yu’s two-person magic light with the past.
At the moment, twenty-four messengers immediately took action and reprimanded the people for leaving for the distance.
They all got up and followed the past.
Xiao Yu glanced at Wang Zhongxian’s face and suddenly revealed a sneer to ignore qR1.
Wang Zhongxian’s eyes showed a strong hatred and murderous look, but he didn’t say anything more and quickly followed the past.
Behind the crowd, Liu Lan, a madman, covered a pair of terrible eyes with white hair hanging freely, and a sneer appeared on his face.
"Two immortals of the emperor, hey hey" ""
He scanned the Xiao Yu fundus is hard to hide murderous look body flashed by.
Chapter one thousand sixty-seven The mountains
Xiao Yu with the crowd flying suddenly face micro a familiar sound from the rear into his mind.
"Master master “`"
Xiao Yu looked round.
Fat monk body mess quickly rushed over and bloodied, obviously also suffered unimaginable war before.
Xiao Yu was surprised that the fat monk actually lived to really surprise him.
"It’s good that you are still alive. Now we are all masters of crack monty. I will do my work well in the future and I won’t treat you badly."
Xiao yuyin way
The fat monk laughed. "I saved a pig demon in the secret realm. He was once planted by the master. I saved him, master. Look!"
There was a alms bowl in his hand, and a figure appeared in it. It was the pig ring that looked at Xiao Yu and said, "Master, you are still alive!"
"Oh, it’s him!"
Xiao Yu suddenly eyes flashing.
Pig quit hurriedly laughed. "My master can rest assured that Pig quit has always been loyal. I will do whatever my master asks me to do in the future."
Xiao Yu nodded and said, "Very well, I will really need you when I go back to the Yang Fairy World by taking the path of Yin and Yang in the future."
They flew forward.
Wang Zhongxian glanced at Xiao Yu with a look of resentment and whispered, "Damn it, I was sent to mine by the demon Lord of crack day, but I won’t let you go. Many geniuses of the Wangs have been taken over by the demon Lord of crack day, and when the demon Lord goes out, you will die!"
He rushed into the distance quickly.
Twenty-four messengers led the way quickly and flew for a whole day before they came to a huge and towering mountain range.
This belongs to the middle area of Yinxian realm, which is more magnificent than the former Yongfeng City area.
It looks more like the world of death!
Mummies, skeletons and corrupt corpses can be seen here at any time.
There are also many mountain behemoths that haunt and haunt, and the ferocity is more terrible than that. From time to time, they come to roar and roar, which is earth-shattering.
This roar even made them feel throbbing, and there was a feeling of soul wandering. It is conceivable that the fierce beasts here are absolutely stronger than each other!
A vast yin qi rises and falls here, and dark clouds roll through the heavy yin qi, and you can see the mountains and mountains, and the weather rises into the sky than the vast qR1.
These green hills are different from other places, and each one has a fairy wind, like the same white ribbon floating halfway up the mountain.