Sir, do you think this price is satisfactory? "


Xu Le has been very satisfied with this price.
"We need to check the January stone."
The trader invited an old man with a magnifying glass to carefully observe the table Lunatone and weigh Lunatone before nodding to the trader.
"The standard amount is 15g"
Traders suddenly looked better when they heard enough standards.
"My name is Li Tianli, and you can also call me Lill. This is my business card …"
Xu Le asked directly without letting her finish.
"No, when can I get the money?"
In the face of such a straightforward refusal, Li Tianli’s face changed slightly, but she still said politely
"A horse will do."
Soon Xu Le and them got 1,575 yuan belonging to their whole team.
Gu Beichen was excited, and Wang Shu’s eyes lit up.
"Hey, Xu Le, that woman accosted you. Why didn’t you talk to her?"
"Brother Shu didn’t say that women here don’t play anesthetic?"
"Is that the reason?"
"Yes, that’s the reason."
Xu Lexiao smiled. They have mainly finished here.
Then came Bai Jing’s personal entrustment to him.
Or to all the players.
This entrustment may affect their results.
To put it more seriously, this result will determine whether Team 6 of the Night Watch in Area B will continue.
Xu Le glanced at Gu Beichen and Wang Shu.
"Is there anything that can restrain the high-level soul group and is the best for remote?"
From these two guys’ salty fish looks, we know that we can’t count on them.
"Forget it, let’s go to the fine area now."
"Jing area? Can you afford that? Lunatone money is the team. "
Xu Le stared back at Gu Beichen.
"It’s the captain’s request"
"all right"
When the three men came to the Jing area, Xu Le discovered how expensive things were here.
Zion steam sniper rifle actually costs 7 yuan.
This is an ordinary thing, not a relic of ancient music.
Relics are even more outrageous. Xu Le saw a necklace of relics of a famous white and blue bird.
The effect is a spiritual recovery once a day and a meditation calming effect.
Such relics are actually priced at 10 thousand
Xu Le thought to herself that if the sunny doll was released, it would not be 50,000-10,000?
Although there are many good goods around Xu Le, these things obviously can’t meet the requirements of Xu Le and the price is too expensive.
So he went directly to a counter lady.
"Hello, I want to ask if you have any sealed relics for sale here?"
"Seal relics? Is this gentleman going to collect? "
"Not bought"
"Buy? I take the liberty of asking Mr. Yi if he wants to take a chance and unseal his own relics, right? "
The counter girl’s eyes are full of smiles. How many sincere ingredients are there in the smiles? Xu Le is not clear.
Total Xu Le didn’t feel the meaning of ridicule.
The quality of personnel here is really good.
Although the dust-sealed relics are said to have high value, few people really have the ability to unseal them.