Gas seems to be solidified. Generally, Chloe doesn’t have much expression. She just sits at the counter and looks at them.

上海419论坛,上海龙凤花千坊,夜上海论坛,上海品茶工作室桑拿夜网 Gas seems to be solidified. Generally, Chloe doesn’t have much expression. She just sits at the counter and looks at them.

"Nothing is that some bad things have happened recently. I wish I didn’t worry about it for a while." Ang Lee didn’t continue to ask after hearing Chloe’s explanation.
At the moment, Chu Er’s mind kept thinking about Chloe’s situation these days, and many changes have taken place in her sister since she met that rogue.
After Chloe taught the rascal a lesson, she became more and more grumpy. She would lose her temper when she met anything, and it was no longer the same.
It’s still noon. The people who come to the store are just a few people.
Base is Ang Lee there to look after Chloe and Chu Er sit at the counter.
Neither of them said anything but sat there quietly.
Ang Lee noticed that there was a heavy pressure in the store and looked at Chloe and Chu Er from time to time
Two people are not talking and laughing there as usual, but sitting there, even strangers are not as good as sitting there
"What’s the matter with Longyou?" Longyou just came in and was stopped by Ang Lee.
"There are some things you still don’t know," Longyou said coldly and went directly to Chu Er.
"Chu Er, when you come out, there are some things to discuss with you." Longyou took her hand and went out before Chu Er responded.
"What is the husband doing?"
Longyou led Chu Er to a coffee shop soon.
"Husband, let’s go home. Why are we here? I’m a little worried about Chloe’s sister alone." Chu Er’s face was full of worries
"Don’t go back and talk about Chloe’s things." Longyou Chu Er showed little seriousness.
It’s been a long time since this happened, but I didn’t expect it to be repeated today.
Both Zhang Chuer and Longyou have realized that the recent changes in Milan Kerr and the outbreak of bad temper again and again have caught Longyou off guard.
"Husband, I’m worried about whether my sister will disappear if I go like this." Zhang Chuer kept sobbing when he said this sentence.
She is afraid that her good sister will just disappear, which is something she doesn’t want to face.
You know, Miranda Kerr is Chloe’s first personality and Chloe is her second personality.
Milan Kerr has always been in her second personality state. If one day her first personality develops, Milan Kerr will disappear.
Chu Er thought a lot about this.
If Milan Kerr really disappears, it means that there is no Milan Kerr in this world.
"What should my husband do?" Chu Er looked at her coffee cup in front of her eyes and her heart was a mess. Did her sisters just watch her disappear from this world?
If Milan Kerr disappeared, then Miranda Kerr appeared, which is not really Chloe, because she has disappeared from this world.
"Wife, don’t worry, look at the situation first."
"What are you waiting for? There will be no Chloe’s sister will disappear!" Zhang Chuer a "shock" to move.
Longyou looked at the coffee in front of him and felt that it was important to have sex, but what could they do about it?
These can’t help but remind Longyou of what he can’t do in the steel plant, and the only thing he can’t do is wait.
Chu Er’s tears slowly dripped into the bitter tears in the coffee, and Longyou slowly wiped away the tears for Chu Er.
"Husband, what should you do after all?" Zhang Chuer said with a face of injustice.
"Don’t worry, don’t worry, there will be a solution." He patted Chu Er on the shoulder and comforted herself slowly. I’m afraid it was what made Chloe’s first personality angry and what let him know the news.
Longyou eyebrow’ Mao’ slowly tightened up again. Based on Kerr’s things, no one knows who else but himself and Chu Er can know.
Is it accidental or inevitable?
"Don’t cry, Chloe will not be happy to see it." Chu Er quickly got up and wiped away her tears. She wanted to show her best side to her sisters. She would never let her disappear, because this is her Chloe.
"Well, go back to the store first and look after Chloe, okay?" Longyou hooked Chu Er’s nose and a burst of sorrow quickly climbed his face.
"I know my husband, I will go back!" Chu Er picked up the coffee and drank it in one breath.
Zhang Chuer just walked into the store and remained the same, but it was a fear and a worry to see Chloe’s eyes changed.
Milan Kerr seems to have noticed her extension "what’s the matter? Chloe looks at me like this. Is there anything dirty on my face? "
When Chu Er heard Chloe say these words to himself, he couldn’t help but touch a heart.
Her heart can’t help but want to confirm whether these are true or not, but this real feeling keeps saying that it is true.
"What’s the matter?" Chloe looked at Chu Er’s red eyes and what harm her sister had suffered. Only then did she find out that she was suspicious again.
"Have you been bullied by any man? Tell me who he is and I’ll settle accounts with him!" Chloe a face of anger suddenly let Chu Er feel is very strange.
"Nothing is a sudden feeling of husband …" Chu Er’s words haven’t finished yet, and he saw that his sister Chloe’s emotions broke out in an instant.
"Chu Er, what did you say? Is it a husband? You tell me where he is now? I’ll find him right away! "
Milan Kerr’s face expression is angry and there is no smile.
"Sister Kerr, can you calm down and listen to me?"
Chu Er asked Chloe to lighten her anger a little.
Longyou sat quietly in the coffee shop. It happened too suddenly and by accident. It happened just when Li Yan’s brother was hiding. Longyou was most worried about whether all this was planned behind the scenes.
It happened that his wife Milan Kerr was alone there, and Chu Er went out to the toilet.
Longyou doubt makes all this seem inevitable, but it is not inevitable that Longyou wants to expand the store for his wife’s shop, which is an accident.
Either the people around you are’ crafty’ or someone has been secretly observing themselves, and it feels terrible to think of it here.
At present, the only person who can make him feel uneasy is Li Yan’s brother.
But now he’s hiding again. Li Yan’s brother’s goal has always been to lock his brother’s body and Longyou’s wife. There is nothing at all.
Longyou soon gave up this plan, and no one dared to do so except his wife.