Cordyceps sinensis is nutritious for all ages.


These precious Chinese herbal medicines are rare and cheap at any time, and you can’t buy wild things without talking about them.
In the future, when the market sees it, it is all cultivated, and the medicinal properties are reduced a lot.
Put these things away carefully, which leaves two skills.
First, what the hell is this drum skill? Is this thing in China now?
His eyes can’t help but fall to the corner of the warehouse, where there are three skills, all of which are related to music, guitar, piano and suona.
What is this all about? What does he want from this skill?
When you move your mind, this skill will appear in the corner. When the three skills are ready, throw them there to eat ash, although there is no ash in the warehouse.
He won’t learn these four skills, at least not at present
Because once you learn it, you can’t explain it if you accidentally expose it one day.
Although he can play a little guitar all his life, it is only a few songs.
Now there’s only one skill left. I hope it’s a little
Seeing the leather writing, his mentality is not consciously stirring up now.
And put the wife’s chest hand is excited to pinch a.
"hmm ~ stop playing. Let’s talk about it. I’m so sleepy."
This pinch woke Ding Qiunan up, and she also had an idea from her own man. She muttered something and arched a few words into his arms.
Li Chu, who has retired from her mind, hurriedly hugged her again and patted her back.
After his wife slept soundly, his mind re-entered the warehouse and looked at the skill.
This is really sleepy. Give me a pillow.
These days, he is worried about how to teach his children, and his skills will come.
This is not a skill, but a skill and experience that can be assigned to him later, and a person can be assigned to him.
And that person will not learn this skill soon, but will learn it faster.
What is it when you learn to bully others? When you come to him, it will become an example.
This is great, so he won’t worry about learning Chinese medicine at all, because he will be taught a little by himself, and he will receive it quickly.
Yeah, I’ll give it to Li Wenxuan the day.
Alas, he sighed again. Why not give two more?
In this case, he can also give one to Wen Hui and Wang Yueyue respectively.
Wen Hui can specialize in Chinese medicine after learning Chinese medicine as a pharmacy major.
Wang Yueyue, however, is an English major in normal school. It would be great if she had another one to give her her English skills.
But now we all know that we can teach her at home after learning English by ourselves.
Chapter four hundred and fifty-two Visit
Back from the warehouse, Li Chu’s heart has also recovered calm, kissed her forehead in her arms, and tightened her eyes to sleep.
By the time he opened his eyes again, it was already six o’clock in the morning on February 4th.
Ding Qiunan’s posture is very unsightly and haunts him.
"Alas," Li Chu sighed. His wife’s sleeping posture is estimated to be hard to change in this generation.
And I don’t know if I can change my sleeping habits when I get old.
Gently wrap her around her arms and legs, take her to bed, get dressed and walk out of the bedroom.
Several dogs in the living room have heard the noise in the bedroom and have climbed out of their nests, waiting for him to knock on the living room door.
As soon as they knocked on the door, they couldn’t wait to rush out. There was a toilet specially built for dogs in the corner of the courtyard. Because of the limited pit space, they all had to grab the toilet early, or they would have to wait for the second wave.