"I should always give you a name," Xiao Yan said.
Smell speech fat chirp twisted twist turned round adzuki bean to see Xiao Yan full of expectations.
Xiao Yan used to raise birds named as arty as weeping dew, jumping beads and snow, but those birds are light and melodious, and they are branch elves.
But this bird in front of me … is beautiful, but fat is too fat. The whole thing is a fluffy ball, and squatting on a tree can crush branches.
He flashed a list of names like "Yunxiu" and "Xiapei" in his mind, and finally said with difficulty, "Call it chubby."
"chirp! Hey! " Fat boy was so angry that he wanted to fly.
In the end, Xiao Yan compromised his big name, which means fat.
My nickname is Yu Runyi, and I am so cute.
Nicknamed chubby, it means fat as a ball.
"Does chubby like your name?"
"Chirp chirp! !” Fat choo flew with anger.
There is no entertainment interaction around the island later, so you can go to bed early.
There is still a room in the ruined manor with a bed and a bath, but there is no one.
Three bluebirds change back to prototype, and you can sleep in a bird’s nest in the Woods. Dumpty and Xiao Yan have a beautiful sleep in the bedroom.
The next day, when I went out, I saw that the cabbage was ripe and melted into a green ocean. Every cabbage was compact, the vegetables were white, and the emerald leaves could smell sweet and natural fragrance from a distance.
Xiao Yan broke off a leaf and put it in his mouth to chew. His face changed.
He has never eaten such delicious vegetables.
According to the statistics, this batch of cabbages is about 200 kilograms. Cabbages taste good and can be sold for more money per kilogram. 1 Fireworks can be easily saved.
But there is one thing that makes people worry
Lingshan is on an island far from the continent. There is no means of transportation, so it is impossible to transport the cabbage roots across the sea.
Xiao Yan thought for a while and suddenly had a coup. "Let’s go and grab the business."
You have something to say.
Xiao Yan looked at the humanoid three green and looked at the hands of fat and worried.
Chapter 3. Chapter 3
The remoteness of the island is better than being far away from the polluted environment, so there is a large holiday villa where there is a picnic and fresh fruits and vegetables are regularly delivered, and their cabbage can be sold there.
Sanqing tore the thorns and vines in the manor into a big basket, and each person set off with more than ten Chinese cabbages on his back.

Changxin holiday villa is located in a quiet and safe place for middle and high-level people. It has been in business for more than 30 years and has gained a good reputation.
On this day, the receptionist greeted the guests at the gate of the villa as usual with a perfect professional smirk on her face.
Then she saw four freaks.
First, wearing a loose linen robe, hand-cranked cattail fan, and half a long hair tied in a low ponytail at random at the back of the head, it looks quite indecent.
He was followed by three men with big arms and big waist, and four men went to a place ten meters away from the berth and sat on the floor.
Three strong men thumped the rattan basket behind them to the ground and took out the cabbages and packed them.
Receptionist delivers? It doesn’t look like it
Miki Sayaka began to shout "selling cabbage, delicious Chinese cabbage and pure natural polluted Chinese cabbage!" The sound is loud and clear, which has the effect of piercing force and self-amplification.
Receptionist ? ?
Even the ship moored at the shipyard seemed to be shaken and staggered when landing.
The receptionist busy invited several surprised guests to the manor and walked angrily to the cabbage stall.
"Who allowed you to shout here! Hurry! "
"Who gave you permission to yell at me?" Xiao Yan asked slowly.
The receptionist stared at him and his eyes wavered for a moment.
I don’t know why Xiao Yan’s poor clothes and sour taste gave him a feeling of being high up.