Today, the official is crying as soon as possible. Li Lingyu can hear the sound from the back hall in the temple. It’s a magic sound.
It’s rainy in autumn, so Jiangnan can’t suffer any more.
Song Yanguang probably didn’t expect to think that God was joking with him. His students turned into emperors and grandchildren, and today they all wrote to ask such words as "Who are you?"
It can be seen that Song Yanguang’s luck is really bad. He is bent on climbing, but the emperor does not like it.
There are students at hand, but they take care of them in their spare time, while students are rising rapidly.
He always swings from side to side like this.
He also said in his letter that Jiangnan’s academic eye is really very contradictory, especially when she is a regent, and she is still a woman’s father, or she is being punished for rebellion.
The letter also included several articles written by Jiangnan Shoes about her.
You’re welcome. You’re much meaner than Du Chengsheng.
After reading it, she put it aside and waited for others to see it.
During the national mourning period, everything is late, but she can’t wait. Others are busy chanting funerals, crying and waking. She is alone in the temple dealing with the war in the south of the Yangtze River, the war in the north, the rebellion in Hedong, and the investigation of the border disturbance in Hexi …
These things are endless.
It’s already late at night, and I heard Cai Zhen say outside that "the Imperial Secretary of the Temple North is coming"
It’s Cai Quan who came in with Cai Quan. It’s Chen Houchang Chen Runfu.
With a pen in her hand, she looked up and saw the bearer and got up and asked "Inspector Cai"
When Cai Quan saw that she was looking at things in the light, she said, "Don’t have eyes in the small hall, it hurts your eyes."
After that, he turned back and scolded Cai Zhen. "It’s still so long!"
Cai Zhen lowered his head.
Li Lingyu’s eyes were red. Seeing Cai Zhen’s fear, he said, "Don’t scold him. He is busy, too."
See Chen Runfu in also said "sit".
Cai Quan said, "The sage didn’t sleep a wink these days, even if his body can’t bear the small hall. If there is one, let’s go and see if the sage is wide and wide."
Li Lingyu looked back and saw that Cai Quan was really sad. He sighed and said, "I have to finish this table folding tonight. I haven’t slept for two days. These days, there are many things for the time being, such as Zhong Ling and Lu’s adult."
Xiao Yong was idle and ill, and she could not cure him.
When Xiao Yong dies, he will die and live. Why don’t you see him sad when Yu Zhang’s family is destroyed by him?
How did she persuade? Do you want to say that you still have an epiphany? You have killed all your children, and your happiness is yet to come.
Chen Runfu saw that she seemed to have grown taller and thinner than before. The whole person was pale and wore a dark robe, but she looked thinner without linen.
Cai Quan didn’t dare to insist that she go to see her so busy, so she said, "The sage also loves the little temple and sent me here to help it take care of the funeral."
After listening to this, Li Lingyu did not say thank you, saying, "Several old ministers of does are preparing, and the duke and several imperial families are discussing in Zhonghe Temple. Cai Zhen took Governor Cai to Zhonghe Temple to find the order."
Cai Quan really followed Cai Zhen out of the door. Cai Quan asked, "Can there be an accident in the palace these days?"
Cai Zhen shook his head. "I didn’t sleep until midnight in the future without a small hall, but the adults took turns to rest. There was a small hall that was busy day and night."
Cai Quan heard nothing at the moment.
Sigh and say, "it’s not easy to have a small hall."
After Cai Quan left, Li Lingyu asked, "What does the world want from me?"
Chen Runfu’s seeing her again is very unnatural. She used to be a favorite and a painter. Now, seeing her again, she has become a dragon, phoenix and grandson and a regent.
It was Princess Yong ‘an who made them men feel ashamed.
"Father said that there was a need for people to worship at the Imperial Tomb."
Li Lingyu naturally said, "I have let the imperial clan go through the repairs, even for a while. If the Duke is not at ease, I can go over and see for myself. I just ordered a long lamp for my father."
Xiao Yong’s mausoleum is in Beimang Mountain.
Chen Runfu smothered Chen Hou to let Li Lingyu have a look.
Li Lingyu is not so taboo about these.
From the night Xiao Yong died, she watched Xiao Yong change clothes, dressed people properly, put them in the coffin and never went in to worship again.
Chen Runfu asked, "So today, the ministers and wives are all in the palace crying, but they haven’t gone out tonight, and someone must … entertain them early in the morning."
Li Lingyu surprised "does people? Is the imperial concubine still here? The old princesses in the imperial clan are also in a mess? "
She doesn’t want to get involved in these things at all.
Chen Runfu didn’t detour and asked directly, "Is the temple really not asking these questions?"
Li Lingyu smiled and said bluntly, "I’m supposed to be in mourning. The Duke is afraid I told you about me, but I’m sorry about how my father, my father and my three brothers died. Since you know clearly, don’t teach me how to do my job. You do your duty well. I’ll handle my public affairs and let people handle it."
Chen Runfu was speechless.
"He’s your uncle. If you lose your manners at the funeral, those officials will surely blame you."
Li Lingyu asked, "Am I being rude now? There has been a pulse case in the palace doctor of traditional Chinese medicine for so long. All the doctors have lived in the Zhonghe Temple. May his life be so long. I tried my best. I didn’t mistreat him or let him lose the dignity of the emperor. Before he died, he called the imperial clan to watch a vigil with the minister of Gu Ming. He also made it clear. But because I didn’t kowtow after his death, was it because I lost my manners? Isn’t this etiquette ridiculous? "
Chen Runfu naturally knows her hard work and grievances, but I still hope that she will not be so evasive. It is for officials to see. If she really has the idea of being a big official, she can’t be rude at the funeral.
Li Lingyu didn’t want to entangle these questions and asked, "Have you notified Hualinyuan?"
Chen Runfu doesn’t know either.
Before Chen Runfu could speak, she said, "Forget it. I’ll send someone to invite you."
Everyone knows that she is busy.
Even Chen Runfu said that "those policies can be pushed during the national mourning period."
Li Lingyu laughed and thought how could they talk so lightly?
Everything is more important than not being an emperor, even if the emperor is dead, it is more important than being alive.
"That I also want to and the northern turks said one of our girder emperor died, don’t play in advance? Do you really don’t understand or do you think the funeral is really beyond the sky? Since ancient times, wars have been most afraid of alternating turmoil in the north. They are hungry wolves in the north, and they will take advantage of it to die in the north. You don’t know the pain if it’s not your family, do you? When the emperor dies, you should be prepared for your funeral. You should do your best to protect your lives in the northern part of the spirit. I am responsible for the war in the northern part. If the northern part can withstand everyone’s peace, if the northern part can’t withstand it, it won’t be my faux pas. If the duke is dissatisfied, let him tell me himself. "
Although Chen Runfu did not participate in the discussion of state affairs, he also knew that the war could not be turbulent and was refuted by Li Lingyu, so he dared not talk nonsense again.
Hastily excused himself and went out.
A moment later, does Wu Tinghan came in and said, "The Lord protector is gone."
"I see."
Wu Tinghan saw that her eyes were red and said, "Let’s have a rest in the temple."
Li Lingyu casually said, "Take a rest when you finish reading the discount, and you should take a rest early."
The palace is orderly and people dare to make trouble, but the capital is already in a state of mourning, and all the shops in the city are closed, Dai Xiao.
The Li family knew that the news in the palace was from Qin Zhou and Xiao Liushi.
Now that Xiaoliu’s family has an imperial mandate, she will also go to the palace to cry. Because she has never seen a big scene, she is very afraid of Qin Zhou and will take her to visit Mrs. Cao Yin. They reported the letter and hurried away.