The little boy entered Xiandao with a hollow willow bottle, and then he saw Xiandao disappearing. If liu er saw it, he would feel strange, because now, from the outside, it seems that Xiandao does not exist. In fact, liu er and other people could see this fairy island at first, but it was a child’s childlike innocence that deliberately showed up the fairy island to attract liu er and other people.

上海419论坛,上海龙凤花千坊,夜上海论坛,上海品茶工作室品茶论坛, 桑拿夜网 The little boy entered Xiandao with a hollow willow bottle, and then he saw Xiandao disappearing. If liu er saw it, he would feel strange, because now, from the outside, it seems that Xiandao does not exist. In fact, liu er and other people could see this fairy island at first, but it was a child’s childlike innocence that deliberately showed up the fairy island to attract liu er and other people.

"Shuiyun, are you naughty again?" I saw a fairy palace floating above the middle of Fairyland, and the sound came from it.
When the little boy heard this, he had to bite the bullet and go into the fairy palace, and then he bowed down to the sage-like old man above the main hall and said, "The bodhi old zu has no boundaries."
The old man is kind-hearted, and the most amazing thing is that his eyebrows actually hang down, which can touch the ground and be as long as willows.
After the little boy bowed, he stood aside and pouted, feeling a little embarrassed: "But I can’t hide it from the bodhi old zu." The old man said, "However, let the people you received go this time and let them go back." Shuiyun Tonger pouted and said, "bodhi old zu, you have been closed all day, and there is no one to play with me in this whole fairy island. I managed to lure them here." The old man criticised: "No one to play with you? For hundreds of millions of years, you go out every hundred years. " As for what to do when going out, Shuiyun Tonger naturally knew what the old man was referring to, and he was a little embarrassed. Then he said, "Lao Zu, why did you let these people go back this time?"
The old man said, "Among the people you just accepted, there are two disciples of the leader of Tianjiao." Shuiyun Tonger exclaimed, "Is it the violet sage you often mentioned by Lao Zu?" The old man smiled and said, "Exactly."
After hearing this, Shui Yun Tong Er saw liu er and the Four Lich Kings appear in the hall with a hollow willow bottle and a white light flashing.
Liu er and the Four Lich Kings were just scratching their heads in a hollow willow bottle, but suddenly they appeared in a hall. Above the hall, there was an old man with eyebrows as long as a willow, and the person standing under the hall was a child with a hollow willow bottle. When liu er saw the little boy, he was angry. When he mentioned the golden cudgel, he laid it at the little boy.
See great surprises, will be next to the water cloud boy, an old man with willow eyebrows suddenly appeared in front of liu er, great hit in his body, such as into the air, even more amazing is great off liu er’s hand, and then into the old man’s body, disappeared.
Liu er, who never knew what panic was, was horrified at this moment: "Old man, you, who are you?" Ren liu er how to use the third eye in the middle of his forehead, also can’t see the old man himself.
The old man looked at liu er and said with a smile, "It doesn’t matter who I am. There are four monkeys in the world. Sure enough, liu er, when you go back, give my regards to your master." Liu er relaxed his mind and asked, "Do you know my master?" The old man smiled and said, "There are seven sages under Hongjun’s door, and no one in the three realms of heaven and earth knows them. Moreover, the violet sage is the most prestigious. Although I have not been out of Xiandao for a long time, I know it. "
I wonder, has anyone guessed who this old man is?

Chapter 52 Qing Ye VS Yang Mei Daxian
Liu er was just about to say this when the old man suddenly said, "Your master has come. Your master can work out this time. It seems that the road is not far away." Say that finish, when liu er and others haven’t reacted, a group of green light enveloped themselves, and then immediately came to the outside of the array of Xiandao. When liu er and the four demon kings saw it, Qing Ye, who was wearing a purple and gold palace crown and a jade-colored robe, was in front of him. Several people couldn’t help but rush forward to worship. After the worship, Qing Ye smiled and said, "You have suffered many times. Now you know that there are people outside."
Liu er blushed and bowed his head to be taught. He said shyly, "Yes, master." But he said in his heart, "That little boy is just relying on Lingbao." Seeing his face, Qing Ye knew that he was not satisfied with his oral treatment. He shook his head and stopped training. He turned to the old man and bowed: "Yang Mei Daxian was polite, but he was lax in discipline. He disturbed the Qing Xiu. Don’t blame me for begging."
Liu er and others didn’t know the name of humanity in front of them, but they couldn’t imagine how this little-known Yang Mei Daxian could stand the gift of Qing Ye.
Yang Mei Daxian didn’t expect Qing Ye to know his name. He was a little surprised. Did Hung-chun tell him about it? Seeing Qing Ye’s courtesy, Yang Mei Daxian said quickly, "Taoist Qinglian doesn’t need so much courtesy. It’s a little thing. The child under my seat is ignorant. Please be excused." Then he came to Qing Ye with Shui Yun Tong, knowing that the person in front of him was a violet saint, and Shui Yun Tong did not dare to expect anything. He went forward to worship, but Qing Ye laughed: "It’s okay, it’s okay. I punished this villain in the cold palace for 900 years. If he was trapped for another 100 years, it would be a thousand years, so it would be better to sharpen his temper."
Six ears after listening to Qing Ye, curled his lips.
Yang Mei’s big fairy said, "Shuiyun, let the others go." Shuiyun boy respectfully replied, and then recited the formula to the hollow willow bottle, and saw the white light flash and millions of demons came out. When the millions of demons came out in a daze, they saw Qing Ye in front of them and shouted, "The holy master has no boundaries." Then I saw a flash of green light around Yang Mei, and the golden cudgel I had received appeared in liu er’s hand. Qing Ye chin said to Liu Ear Canal, "liu er, wait for yourself, and don’t make any trouble on the way. You are a million miles ahead, so you have to bypass it, or you will cause trouble again."
Liu er didn’t dare to say anything, but he should be respectful, so he led the demons to soar in various clouds and headed for the east.
After liu er left, Qing Ye said to Yang Mei Daxian, "Both heaven and earth call Hongjun the Taoist ancestor, but I don’t think so." Qing Ye’s words made Yang Meixian jump in his heart and thought, "Does he see my roots? It’s impossible. No one in this world should know my roots except for the Hong Jun who is in harmony. " Yang Mei’s eyebrows, which are as long as willows, moved with the wind and said nothing. She said with a smile, "The violet sage took shape earlier than Hong Jun, but she got the Tao later than Hong Jun, and even worshipped under his door. Otherwise, this world will be named the sage of Ying by Daozu."
Ye Qing smiled, smiling inexplicably, and thought to himself, "This Yang Mei can pretend. Come on, try his way later and see if he is as good as he said in his previous life."
Yang Mei was confused by Qing Ye’s smile.
Ye Qing said, "Yang Mei is a great fairy. It’s better to hit the sun when you choose a day. How about if we go through a game today and point to it?" For hundreds of millions of years, Yang Mei has only played against Hongjun.
As the saying goes, among all saints, except Hong Jun, only Qing Ye deserves his attention. After listening to Qing Ye’s words, Yang Mei smiled and said, "Great goodness." Then they disappeared and came to 33 days away. And Shuiyun Tonger heard that the bodhi old zu was fighting with the violet saint whom the bodhi old zu always praised, and hid in the chaotic infinite array of Yin and Yang, and transported the magical powers of the Eye to watch.
Two people apart from Wan Li, confrontation, 33 days outside the soil and water fire wind tyranny, chaotic airflow crazy attack, but not nearly two people around hundreds of miles in Fiona Fang. Thousands of miles away, Qing Ye looked at Yang Mei, and Yang Mei remained motionless, but it gave Qing Ye the feeling that it was gently swaying like a willow, which made people unpredictable. It seemed that between heaven and earth, he seemed to be the hundred million willows.
And Qing Ye gave Yang Mei the same surprise. Qing Ye, thousands of miles away, seemed to have turned into chaos, just like the endless HarmonyOS world.
Yang Mei thought to herself, "It seems that this halal leaf is only one line away from HarmonyOS, and there is only one step between the roads."
On the top of Qing Ye, there is a half acre of Qingyun, revealing the exquisite tower of heaven and earth, and the towering Xuan Huang Zhi protects the whole body, and then steps on 36 violets, giving birth to ten thousand violets at the foot.
Qing Ye knew that Yang Mei was transformed by a hollow willow tree, which itself was a hollow tree, and it could receive everything, but it still didn’t believe in evil spirits. It offered a Kongtong seal, which spread in the wind and wrapped around Kowloon. The nine dragons showed their magical powers and were entangled in mid-air, and the chaotic airflow and the wind, water, fire and wind around them were subjected to a pressure of Kongtong seal.
At this time, a hollow willow tree appeared on the top half acre of Qingyun Yang Mei. Willow, green and transparent, has ten thousand branches and hundreds of millions of willows, but the whole branch is empty, and it’s a world of its own. Even Qing Ye can’t see the root.
Qing Ye drank a lot, only to see that Kongtong seal turned into the size of hundreds of miles of Fiona Fang, and then bombarded Yang Mei. In the past, Kowloon was full of golden light, and the dragons shook millions of miles, breaking all the water, feng shui and fire and hitting Yang Mei. When Yang Mei saw it, two eyebrows as long as willows were together, not daring to be careless. I saw that the empty branches of hollow willow trees on the top were spinning, and there was a storm rustling inside.
Ren is Qing Ye’s magical power, and he can’t control Kongtong Seal. He can’t help but feel that his mind has lost contact with Kongtong Seal.
It seems that, as far as the memory of past lives is concerned, this Yang Mei Daxian can collect thousands of spiritual treasures from Hong Jun, and it is true, and it is three thousand years earlier than Hong Jun’s enlightenment. For hundreds of millions of years, I have never asked about worldly chores, and I don’t like to be famous, so I am not known by the immortals. Fruit is the ultimate invisibility.
Qing Ye look dignified, and then directly reveal Pangu himself, and his whole body is full of thunder and tendons, and his whole body is covered with the breath of simplicity and vastness. Then, his hands even knead the tactic, which coincides with heaven. I saw the chaotic airflow and geomantic fire scattered around him, and then I saw an invisible space swinging, endless, which seemed to be combined with 33 days, and seemed to form another 33 days.
It is the same as nothing, and the internal and external flashes are the same everywhere. A Buddhist country is in a sand, and a grain of sand contains thousands of worlds. This is Ye Qing’s great magical power: chaotic world. Spread out, form a world, in this world, Qing Ye is the avenue of heaven and earth.