"Is it a water fleet?" Aaron said that the man across the street seemed surprised to hear Aaron say this.

上海419论坛,上海龙凤花千坊,夜上海论坛,上海品茶工作室桑拿夜网 "Is it a water fleet?" Aaron said that the man across the street seemed surprised to hear Aaron say this.

"oh? It’s much easier to know about us. Compared with you, you also know what scale our water fleet is. Come on, hand over Poké Ball and save you from suffering. "The man opposite continued that Aaron was disdainful.
"If I remember correctly, that guy Archie did say not long ago that the water fleet was dissolved together with the dissolution of the Firerock Team announced by Maxie. Does it mean that you didn’t get the notice that your organization is no longer in existence?" Aaron said opposite one leng.
"Hum, so that’s it. You still know our boss. You can’t say it’s the original boss. A guy like that doesn’t deserve to be the leader of an evil organization. He gave up just because of one failure. The root is that waste was under his command before. Now it’s true that he led the water fleet, but we will continue to act with our new boss ourselves." The man said that Aaron was surprised by the statement of the new boss
"So there are some residual garbage in the water fleet. Do you want to continue to carry the name of the water fleet to do bad things? It’s really unbearable for you bastards. "Aaron said, and the opposite side was obviously angered by Aaron.
"Little bastard dares to talk like this and watch me knock you over directly!" The man opposite shouted, and then both of them got back into the small submarine, and then the submarine came this way. Aaron had to breathe a sigh of relief and opened his waist to open a Poké Ball.
As soon as the big blue bird appeared, Aaron ordered the "steel wing" to toughen the wings, and then installed the submarine that had not yet dived into the water. It was obvious that the direction was disturbed and deviated from the target, and the big bird immediately hit the freezing light to freeze the submarine and the surrounding water, but the ice did not extend to Aaron’s side. The big bird also mastered the strength well, and the old man here was also shocked. I didn’t expect this young man here to have such a magical baby.
"Well done, frozen bird, but let’s knock off the steel wing of the top ice, so that they can come out, or they will freeze to death in it. Although they are bad people, Aaron said that the big bird knowingly flew over and hit the steel wing again. Just now, the ice was broken and the horse cover was forcibly opened, and the two men climbed out immediately.
"How did you get back …" The man who climbed out first complained that he just wanted to say that he saw the big bird flying in the middle, and he was immediately speechless with surprise.
"I heard that in that last battle, there was a man who manipulated a Lugia to say that Poké mon and Archie were fighting against Kyogre as if riding a frozen bird … maybe!" The other side was surprised to say that Aaron smiled.
"That’s you. Maybe the position has been reversed now. Let me tie it to the police station with you." Aaron said that both of them were biting their teeth and then one of them took out a Poké Ball.
"Will it be so easy? I can also be regarded as a strong man in the water fleet. I am really Lapras, and I have come out of Lapras! " The man who had been talking just now shouted, and then as soon as he threw it out of Poké Ball, it really came out. Lapras should be said that the cultivation was relatively passable, and the other person also called out Poké mon, and it was Walrein.
"aye? There really is Lapras, but from what you said just now, it seems that you didn’t take part in the last operation of your water fleet, which means that your fighting capacity is not very strong. If you say it is strong, you will be recalled to your side. What’s worse, your current action place is not far from the war place. You just said that you are a strong water fleet and you are self-styled. "Aaron found a loophole and said that the other side was surprised. It seems that Aaron was right.
"I won’t catch a dragon and make a white fog with my hands!" The man ordered
Lapras looked at the frozen bird and obviously showed fear. However, due to his master’s order, he immediately left the white fog field wrapped in white fog, and Aaron was very calm
"Make the fog in front of the frozen birds? What a clever bird! " Along ling
The frozen bird fluttered its wings with a jerk, and then the fog vanished with a jerk.
"What? Damn it, take the dragon to make the light freeze! " Opposite the order
"Walrein uses a water gun!" The other person is also an order
"Choose to fight? The frozen bird makes the destruction dead! " Aaron is not going to delay and prepare for a blow to decide the outcome.
It should be said that riding the dragon across the street is afraid of confronting the frozen birds. Even if it is the same ice, it may be able to roughly sense the opponent’s strength. There is no reason to be afraid like this. Just like this, Walrein did not show any fear when he attacked, unlike this, Lapras not only paused when he attacked, but even looked at the power very badly. This is not like a trained person, Lapras, who should exert his power and generally have a certain impression of his opponent. He understands that his opponent is strong, which will lead to this situation. This is Aaron’s analysis institute. Aaron feels that Lapras may have seen the frozen birds before and after he Forget it. Anyway, the so-called total freezing light and water gun were destroyed as soon as they were destroyed. The suspense was dispelled by the dead light. The frozen bird seemed to be merciful. The destruction of the dead light did not attack the two Poké mon, but hit the two Poké mon. The explosion splashed several times and further rolled up a big wave. However, Aaron took the initiative to row the boat back against the water fleet. With the help of the net, the boat finally did not turn over.
At this time, the two people on the opposite side seem to be trying to start the submarine. Aaron thought that if you decided to jump into Lapras, you might have run out of a distance, but now there is no chance.
"Forget it, although you don’t have a chance to escape from me anyway." Aaron’s heart way was also until now that the two people realized that the submarine was really unable to drive. They climbed out of the submarine and prepared to jump to Lapras’s back to escape, but they were intimidated by the frozen birds and couldn’t jump over.
"I advise you not to bother me too much, or the frozen birds may have no patience to play with you and get serious," Aaron said, gritting his teeth opposite.
"Lapras makes a sudden freezing light!" Still didn’t give up, Aaron thought that he was really a bad person.
"The flaming chicken came out to intimidate a Lapras." Aaron opened the flaming chicken. After Poké Ball’s flaming chicken came out, he jumped up and jumped more than ten meters high. He jumped to Lapras’s back, and then his knife-shaped face flashed light and then stood next to Lapras’s neck …
"Walrein makes a water gun!" The other person also ordered it again
The flaming chicken is very decisive. At this time, Lapras and Walrein are two Poké mon. Walrein tries to attack the flaming chicken. Immediately, he turns around and punches Walrein. Walrein is knocked down! Although this blow won’t make Walrein’s physical strength is relatively strong, Poké mon loses its fighting ability, but it hurts to hit him in the face for the time being, but it can’t be slowed down for the time being. After attacking Walrein, the flaming chicken flashed back to Lapras’s neck.
"Take a dragon to make a water gun!" In this case, it still makes?
"Hey, do you want Lapras to attack under such circumstances?" Aaron asked very seriously
"Anyway, Poké mon will recover from injury and attack Lapras quickly!" Opposite continued
"When I say that Poké mon has a strong resilience, it doesn’t mean that it should bear some unnecessary injuries. Is the injury painful or is it true that you are a complete jerk?" Aaron asked suddenly with a smile.
The other side didn’t speak immediately. After five seconds, it urged Lapras to attack …
"You are really an asshole. Unfortunately, I want to tell you that I want to crush you now!" Aaron continued to say with a smile and then pressed his waist, and a Poké Ball flash bird roared on the scene.
"Make 100,000 volts … forget the flash bird, 100,000 volts, maybe it will strike. What sequela do you play to tease you? It is possible to forget the magnetic wave." Aaron smiled and made it a little scary, but May didn’t seem to be that inaccessible to Aaron now, but Aaron was already very angry. Who can tell this? How to say it is that he can get close but can’t make people feel at all.
As soon as the flash bird hit the magnetic wave, the magnetic wave was no longer powerful. Two people were turned over and thrown from the submarine. Just now, the frozen bird suddenly froze the light to create ice. The body seemed to be completely paralyzed, but now Aaron realized that there was a sailboat approaching here not far away.
Ninety-four heavenly kings Genji? VS Genji!
"Because recently, there was a group of Lapras here and they wouldn’t respond anyway. Lapras felt suspicious, so he came to see it. I didn’t expect it to be a water fleet man, but it seems to have been solved." The sailboat was close to that surface, and it looked like the captain. When he saw that Aaron had tied the two men here, he said that Aaron May Xiaosheng also looked up at that man and the old man next to him seemed to be recognized.
"Oh, it’s Genji. Are you ready to be a captain and travel around again?" That old man seems to know the other side?
"eh? Old store manager? Why did you move your boat out here? Are you playing with these children? " Opposite seems to be didn’t notice the old man said
"Nothing is just a rare thing to give yourself a day to imagine fishing again. It just happened that these children wanted me. They came here to see this group of Lapras. I just came over, but I didn’t expect to meet a water fleet." The old man continued and became two people chatting.
"But it’s really amazing. I didn’t expect to see the Pokemon Flash Bird and the Frozen Bird Teenager in this place. If I didn’t guess wrong, you are the dragon that is now being heated by trainers in various gymnasiums." The boat man suddenly said that Aaron was surprised. I didn’t expect that all the characters would know that they were somewhat surprised and nodded happily
"You won’t be Mr. Genji, the Four Kings!" Xiaosheng said it at this time. It should be said that he finally found the opportunity to interrupt.
"oh? Originally know my business. "Genji also showed a happy expression after hearing Xiaosheng’s words, saying that this person is Wang Yuanzhi in Fengyuan area one day!
Three people with the old man got off the boat. Of course, the two members of the water fleet were tied by Aaron, and so was Lapras Aaron, a member of the water fleet. It was obvious that Lapras didn’t want to fight with this member of the water fleet, and because this man was just trying to rob Aaron’s side of Poké mon, he threatened the man with a knife in the flaming chicken. Lapras also robbed him before, and according to him, it was more than a year ago to rob this Lapras. Now it is very difficult for Aaron to help this Lapras find its former owner. Aaron directly threw Lapras Poké Ball to May?
"You can take this Lapras from May. Anyway, if you want to find its owner, it is unrealistic and impossible to continue to let this person take Lapras and give it to Officer Jenny. In the end, it should also be released or adopted. It is better to take it directly, and you like Lapras very much." This is what Aaron said to May at that time. May also let the dragon out after taking Poké Ball. Seeing that his owner has changed, he felt uncomfortable, but Xiaoyao was very uncomfortable. Gentle zone Although it doesn’t know May, Lapras finally decided to give it a try with this new owner, but it seems that it can’t refuse to take 10,000 steps back … But Aaron feels that this should not be so passive.
"But it’s really done. It seems to be high outside. The simulated leather is wrapped and stitched, and the traces are also invisible. It’s very exquisite. Why don’t you rely on it to survive with such technology? But want to join the evil organization to do bad things "Genji also put those who just lead Aaron they used to fake Lapras also hung the boat and looked at it carefully and said.
"What can you do with this stuff?" Muttered a sentence opposite.
"oh? So you can succeed by joining the water fleet? Just look at it and make a living by it seriously. Maybe now you have some resources, and now you join the water fleet. Now the horse is going to be sent to the police station. Do you think that’s a success? " Genji smiled and said the opposite didn’t answer.
"But now you are already a number one in Fengyuan area. Now your name is very loud. You killed six Daoguan owners, even thousands of miles away." Genji turned to Aaron here at this time, and Aaron was embarrassed to touch his head.