Although they are all immortals, they are not robots. In the dark crowd, people vomit from time to time, and their faces turn pale. At this moment, when they look at Jinyang, they are absolutely like the devil they have never seen before.

上海419论坛,上海龙凤花千坊,夜上海论坛,上海品茶工作室桑拿夜网 Although they are all immortals, they are not robots. In the dark crowd, people vomit from time to time, and their faces turn pale. At this moment, when they look at Jinyang, they are absolutely like the devil they have never seen before.

Before Jinyang drove away, there were thousands of unbearable paths, and the world rushed out like a lost dog, and never dared to look back at the horror scene on the Rubik’s Cube.
Jinyang remained expressionless, and the Rubik’s Cube suddenly exploded, and pieces of flesh and blood were flying everywhere, and they could no longer tell who was who. Jinyang was so cruel that even their Yuan baby was smashed into pieces, completely taking away their hope of rebirth, leaving only a little true spirit so that they could enter reincarnation. Since they made a promise, it is naturally not good to break their word.
There are more than 10,000 people who have lived in the right way, and only two or three thousand are left. Jinyang turned to look at them and said faintly, "Don’t go yet?"
The rest of the thousands of masters, suddenly a boom and scattered, who also dare not stay for a moment, desperately fly to the original road.
Jinyang smiled, looked at the equally horrified Yi, and said, "Third Prince, would you like to come in and sit down? My ten disciples are building a fairy mansion, and it should be finished at this moment."
His heart was horrified. He couldn’t see through Jinyang more and more, and there were questions everywhere. When he heard Jinyang’s invitation, he quickly smiled and said, "Respect is better than obedience!"
Jinyang looked at the hundred thousand heavenly soldiers and generals behind him, and then said, "Come on in! There is a lot of land inside, and 100 thousand people are more than enough! "
"Thank you, Master Xu!"
Hundreds of heavenly soldiers thanked them in chorus, which was actually more fear. They dared not disobey Jinyang’s orders, and the abnormal way of killing people was enough for a lifetime.
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Celestial Volume Chapter 338 Spirit Beads One
Celestial Volume Chapter 338 Spirit Beads One
Jinyang brocade sleeves waved lightly, and the faint colored light rose from the ocean, slowly wrapping the people, and the space was slightly shaken. They found that the surroundings had changed a scene, which was no longer just above the ocean, and a strong aura came to the nose, which immediately made everyone look shocked.
Looking around, there are mountains, water, flowers, grass, trees, forests, and a large grassland. There is no jungle in sight, no imaginary Qionglou Yuyu, and no flowers and grasses everywhere. Everything moves very normally and everything looks natural.
Without stopping, everyone continued to fly forward. Jinyang walked at the front and said to the Yi beside him, "Third Prince, compared with your Xuanlian Fairy Mansion, my broken place looks too shabby. If there is a place where you can’t entertain, please forgive me a lot!"
That Yi immediately smiled and said, "In that case, it’s an honor for the little gods to be invited by Master Xu. I don’t know that Master Xu’s fairy house came from that ancient big fairy. What kind of fairy house is this? It’s just a world of its own. With the spirit of the little gods, it can’t even reach the edge, which shows that it’s spacious and spacious. Today it’s finally opened our eyes."
Jinyang didn’t hide anything. He simply introduced: "The Third Prince has a good eye. This place was left by his ancestors, just like the paradise in the Western Heaven. Although the land is within the heaven, it is not under the jurisdiction of the heaven. It can also be said that it is a world of its own. Even if ordinary people know the entrance, they will never find any clues if they don’t practice like the Jade Emperor."
Then he didn’t ask any more questions. He is also a wise man, and he knows less about some things. It is often a good thing for yourself.
After a while, they arrived at a high mountain, which is actually not high, and it looks like 100,000 meters. However, compared with other places in Ma Pingchuan, it seems a bit standout, but what really attracts attention is not the height of the mountain. But the mountain is broad, and there are dozens of miles of Fiona Fang on the top of the mountain.
There is a bluestone platform on the mountainside. Nayi first ordered many heavenly generals to lead hundreds of heavenly soldiers to station at the foot of the mountain, and then all of them fell on the platform, as if feeling the arrival of all of them. The mountain wall roared and a portal was opened with banners on it. The word "unique domain" in the book is full of vigor.
Then, ten black figures rushed out, all with the strength of a true fairy, stood respectfully on both sides of the entrance and said to Jinyang, "Welcome master."
"Ten days jun? When will you come down to the door of Master Xu? " The Yi was suddenly frightened and asked in horror, but the ten people who were asked didn’t seem to understand what he was saying. All of them are looking at each other, and I don’t know how to answer them.
Jinyang smiled gently, rolled up a breeze and led the people into the cave. Unfortunately, he said, "Third Prince, you have mistaken me for someone this time. Ten-day Jun is the God of Heaven enshrined in Sanqing Qin, and the true spirit lives forever in the list of the founding artifacts. How can I get it? They are my new disciples, and they are transformed by the Ten Commandments. At first glance, they really look like those Ten Commandments, but unfortunately, they are only in shape! "
That Yi didn’t continue to say anything, but in his heart, he was surprised that Jinyang’s magical power was mysterious and could demonize the Ten Commandments. Such magical powers were simply unheard of. They all followed Jinyang into the cave. The internal structure is also very simple, and it is clear at a glance. There are buildings made of bluestone everywhere, which makes everyone feel refreshed.
There is no superfluous decoration. In the hollowed-out mountain, there are endless palaces everywhere, all of which are carved from bluestone. They are inexhaustible, simple and elegant, but grand, which makes people feel shocked unconsciously. The bluestone faintly exudes fragrance, which makes people fresh and calm.
That Yi simply counted, among which there were no fewer than 100,000 palaces hanging on the inner wall of the mountain, which made people see dazzling. The palace was empty, and it was obviously just built, and it was reserved for newcomers to live in the future.
Seeing that everyone was shocked by it, Jinyang smiled slightly: "Third Prince, you are a real immortal. You must have been practicing for many years!"
That Yi Meng was shocked and looked at Jinyang with a little surprise. Then his eyes dimmed again and he said lightly, "In the God-sealing War, I was forced to disembowel, gouge out my intestines and return my flesh and blood to my parents because I offended the old loach of the Dragon King of the South China Sea. Then I was rescued by the real master Taiyi, and I was a lotus boy. Although I saved my life, I didn’t see much growth in cultivation."
Jinyang nodded slightly. In fact, he had already seen it. After a moment’s consideration, he said decisively, "Third Prince, I don’t mean to slander your master, but he took lotus root as your life extension, but this is the way to take a ride. You are a spiritual bead. If you can return to your roots and sources, you will be able to make a big step forward, and it is not impossible to advance to the realm of Xuanxian."
His eyes suddenly lit up, and he grabbed Jinyang’s arms with great excitement and stammered, "Are you serious? I know my shortcomings. My master Taiyi once said that his practice is not enough to help me return to my original source. If I can get my master’s original Buddha to practice Dafa, I will naturally help me. But my master said that everyone has his own karma, and he can’t force it. When karma comes, others just want to stop it, and they can’t stop it. "
Jinyang’s heart sank, and his face flashed a different color. Naturally, he saw it in his eyes, thinking that Jinyang couldn’t help it, and his face suddenly darkened.
When the different colors flashed by, Jinyang hurriedly said, "Maybe I can help, but I’m not 100% sure. The danger is hard to say. The third prince will decide for himself."
Na Yi suddenly became excited again, clutching Jinyang’s hands tightly and eagerly asking, "How sure are you?"
"At least 70%!" Jinyang is very sure, and his look is not artificial. Obviously, he is really sure.
Nayi suddenly showed ecstasy and said, "Don’t say 70%, as long as I have 30%, I will take risks. I will leave my life in the hands of Brother Jin. Even if I don’t succeed, I will die without regret. If I can get back to my source by luck, I will leave my life to you, okay?"
Without the presence of the heavenly generals of his subordinates, Jinyang was not honored as Xu Ma, so he called his brothers casually. Although he didn’t agree with the ceremony, Jinyang liked it very much. He smiled slightly and said, "Don’t be nervous, it’s just a magic trick to remove the lotus flowers in your body and let your body return to its original source. Even if it fails, it won’t die. At most, it will take a long time to repair it."