"Who dares to despise our navy after this war?" Being an officer is not polite to laugh.

上海419论坛,上海龙凤花千坊,夜上海论坛,上海品茶工作室桑拿会所 "Who dares to despise our navy after this war?" Being an officer is not polite to laugh.

"Well …" William nodded, but the horse wrinkled again.
Because he saw the black three-masted sailboat that was still struggling in the dark.
"What’s that?"
"That’s …" After a hesitation, "it seems to be … the Ghost Deep"
"Ghost deep number? What about the speed of the seven seas in the middle? Which one belongs to Planck? " William’s well-trimmed moustache shook his eyes and looked at the rather brave enemy ship, which narrowed slowly.
"Yes, my Lord, that’s the Ming Yuan" seems to be a bit confusing. "Do you think we should take it?"
"Nature is to take Planck’s car, Bill Giwater, and the actual emperor’s ship. If we capture it, our names will go down in history. Oh, no, we have already gone down in history." General William finally smiled smugly. "Well, we will definitely go down in history."
He affirmed
They will indeed go down in history.
But not in this way.
The gunfire is still going on, and the sea that has turned into hell will continue to bleed and bleed.
Just when no one saw a blue fin and a rusty iron anchor passing away in the darkness.
This is destined to be an interesting night.
This is destined to stay in history for a night to be continued.
Page 149 Mountain
Cherry blossoms are coming.
"Tear-"The sharp blade cut the fragile throat in the thick night.
Blood is sprayed out
It really looks like cherry blossoms.
Shen conveniently pushed the ninja whose throat was cut by himself and quickly disappeared into the night.
This is the first outpost he killed.
Sakura Valley is very close.
At an extremely fast pace, he led the vanguard to approach the Sakura Valley for ten yards.
Taniguchi is in sight.
But he didn’t make a move
The Sakura Valley Easy-to-Defend and Difficult-to-Attack Institute has not recovered this balanced place from the robbers for so many years.
One nature is that the balanced sects fear that the rebels are too powerful to consume their own strength casually, so they have a chance to be taken by the rebels.
Second, of course, Sakura Valley is really a defensive treasure. There is a very narrow way to get in and out of the valley, and at most five people can walk side by side. In addition, the surrounding mountains are steep and form an excellent natural barrier, so it is really difficult to beat this place.
"Scattering" cautiously waved his hand in front of the valley and didn’t mean to storm.
Once the owner of Sakura Valley was young, of course, the mystery of Sakura Valley.
If you really want to storm, even if he takes ten times as many men, it’s not enough.
Storm is a means for soldiers, and ninjas are more accustomed to hiding in the shadows.
"Tell them the road has been cleared and they can start work at any time." Shen paused for a moment and said to a ninja beside him.
The ninja immediately sent a unique signal to their ninja toward the back.
Anke starts work.
The leader of the whole balanced Sect has been in the papacy for more than 20 years. He naturally knows the mystery of Sakura Valley.
He naturally can’t be stupid enough to storm.
Just after Shen’s vanguard returned to an’ an signal, all sides of Sakura Valley responded to the signal at the same time.
How can a fortress surrounded by mountains and with a passage be broken?
Ninja method is array.
The so-called array in balanced sectarian terms is to forcibly change the rules of the world by the power of heaven and earth.
Small array method can be widely known and unique to ninja techniques, such as changing shapes and creating hallucinations
And the large array method can be easily changed even in mountains and rivers.
Naturally, the conditions required by the small array method are also very small because of its small ability. Maybe it is better to have the performer pinch a handprint. It is more complicated and just draw some mantras before.
However, the large array method has not appeared many times in history because the conditions it requires are too harsh.
There are several times when the two kings seized the office in 526 in Ridana, Ioni and Alex. At that time, the orthodox emperor was supported by the balanced sects and was already besieged in Prech Diancheng, and the enemy city was almost on the way.
In order to ensure the emperor’s accession to the throne, he also inherited the Millennium commitment of the balanced sect. At that time, the balanced pope took out a piece of spiritual stone that absorbed the essence of the Millennium sun and moon, and the believers offered it day and night to learn their beliefs. The eye of the spiritual stone array laid a skyfire array in Prech Diancheng for 5 thousand yards.
Thunder and fire came down from the sky in the morning, except for ten thousand yards of life in Fiona Fang outside Prexi Dian. Is it a blessing for plants, trees, bamboo and stones or human beings?
After that great war, the city outside Presidium was scorched for fifty years.
This shows that the large array is equal to bullying.
However, after that, the stone was completely pulverized, and there was no way to continue to absorb the aura further. Otherwise, in another thousand years, maybe the stone could shed its stone and become an enemy patron saint of the balanced Sect.
It can also be seen that what the large array needs is harsh.
Now, although it’s not about thunder and fire, what will it take to break such an almost impenetrable fortress?
"Right" Ji nodded after receiving the signal.
So around the Sakura Valley, a strange light lit up.
They connect to form some regular pattern.
And if someone looks down from the sky at this time, they will see a huge circle of Sakura Valley.
"Boom-"The Sakura Valley crashed and shook at the beginning of the battle.
"Sakura ….." Looking at the valley that kept shaking in the dark night, the eyes showed a little reluctance.
Of course, he knew that when Ji told him that he had deployed this large array, he already knew what he was doomed to lose.
"Boom-"The whole valley shook more violently.
But rob is still sitting in that courtyard full of cherry blossoms like a dream.
"Robber’s adult", one of his right-hand men, rushed to him from the shadows.