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Chapter two hundred and ten It was a warm-up …
The new season has finally arrived.
After more than a month’s holiday, Liverpool sports players returned to the club to prepare for the new season. Compared with the season, the team has a few new faces. Most people pay attention to Zhang man of iron, who was called "Liverpool European champion in exchange for players" by the media this summer. Such a player is certainly worthy of attention.
Zhang Tiehan is smiling at everyone.
In addition to him, there are two new players, Sissoko and Reina, who are worth 70 thousand pounds and 60 thousand pounds respectively. They belong to lesser-known strength players and will have a certain position in the team in the future
Others, such as Roque, Antebi, Daragan, Zenden and Gonzalez, are all small deals, free transfers or loans.
They may have a place, but it’s hard to be the main players. It’s good to have a substitute position for Liverpool to play ten times in a single season. They will become Liverpool marginal players. Although it’s somewhat contemptuous to say this, it’s the truth. The only thing that can be noted is Zenden.
Zenden is a veteran. He was the best player in the Dutch league in 1997 and joined the La Liga super club Barcelona after participating in the 1998 World Cup.
The European Cup of Nations was held in the Netherlands in 2008. Zenden held an excellent performance in Turkey. Although the Netherlands lost in the semi-finals, it was recommended by major European clubs. Zenden transferred 750,000 pounds to Premier League club Chelsea on August 1.
Zenden was once the core of the club in Chelsea, but he didn’t perform in the European Cup of Nations. When Russian tycoon Abramovich took over Chelsea, there were personnel changes in Chelsea. Zenden switched to Middlesbrough Football Club in three years.
Cendeng has been over thirty years old after several twists and turns.
Whether this veteran can come to Liverpool or not is because of Benitez’s personal charm. Among these’ no money’ players, Cendeng is suspected to be the best. He used to be a top player, but now he is in good health and can become a good substitute, and maybe he has a chance to fight for the main force.
When the players came to the training ground, they looked at each other and introduced each other. Zhang Tiehan had already met Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher, and their teammates introduced them quickly. Zhang man of iron met many teammates Harvey Alonso, who impressed him the most. The Spanish genius was like a shy little boy, and he was shy when he spoke. Another impressive thing was that Baroche, a Czech general, looked at Zhang man of iron with bitterness.
That kind of eyes Zhang Tiehan understood that Baroche might be lamenting his future replacement fate and lamenting his main force.
Zhang man of iron can understand Baroche’s feelings. Although Baroche came to Liverpool as a substitute for Benitez’s tactics, he was often less than a high center, probably because Baroche’s personal ability was insufficient, but it didn’t really make sense to say it, but Zhang Tiehan’s arrival definitely made him a substitute.
This is also the reason why Baroche is sad.
Fortunately, Baroche’s mentality is very flat. He didn’t blame Zhang Tiehan for anything. After all, football is like this. You can become a substitute without strength … Of course, maybe he is used to being a substitute for a long time.
Soon Benitez came.
After Benitez came over dressed in sports, everyone introduced the new player, Zhang Tiehan first.
"This is Zhang." Just after Benitez finished speaking, someone answered the phone.
"That’s 30 million pounds, sir!"
"Thirty million pounds of gold is not worth so much money. You should be careful about your personal safety at night …"
"Ha ha ha ….."
Steven Gerrard, Jamie Carragher and other people made fun of Zhang Tiehan, and Benitez didn’t say anything. It was obvious that they were just joking and didn’t mean anything. Zhang Tiehan was happy to listen and act like a nice guy, as generous and easy to get along with as others said, which made others feel better.
Of course, they don’t know how serious Zhang man of iron bears grudges …
Then Benitez introduced others. Everyone applauded after introducing each person, and then it was the turn of the old Liverpool players to introduce themselves. Most of the old players just said a name, and Gerrard said, "My name is Steven and I am the captain of the team. You can talk to me if you have any troubles in Liverpool. Maybe I can help you … whether it’s life, training or competition."
Everyone clapped their hands.
Zhang Tiehan gave Steven Gerrard a thumbs-up in his heart. I have to say that Steven Gerrard is more charismatic than Totti Gerrard, and Steven Gerrard looks much easier to get along with. He looks like the big brother of the team and is the kind of person who is willing to help others. It is no wonder that Steven Gerrard can become the captain of Liverpool and be supported by many Liverpool fans.
After a brief introduction, Benitez asked each player to take a medical examination.
The way of physical examination is very simple, that is, everyone goes to the team doctor to have a blood test and weigh himself, and the team doctor can determine everyone’s physical condition according to the results. Of course, it is not very accurate, but its purpose is to check the physical condition of the players.
It looks simple, but many people have a long face.
If it is detected that they have gained a few pounds, there is no doubt that waiting for them will be a lot of physical training, and those who have done too much bed exercise and eat and drink during the holidays will certainly not be as difficult as their training in the next two weeks.
It’s a good thing that Zhang Tiehan had a physical examination before.
In the actual holiday, Zhang man of iron also did a lot of bed sports and shed hundreds of millions of grandchildren, but his body is much stronger than ordinary people. Those sports will not affect his physical condition … Even if it affects some of his body, it is still more than ordinary players. Many team doctors also judge it by law.
This is enviable good news for him.
But Zhang Tiehan doesn’t care about physical training at all. Even if the training is not difficult, his normal training is much more intense than that of ordinary players.
Normal training began after the physical examination.
Players who have just joined the team can’t reach the point of tactical training. Team physical training is simply physical fitness, which is all kinds of running and jumping mixed with some ball training, such as catching the ball with each other or running with the ball, and so on.
When physical training is followed by personal activities.
For self-disciplined players during the holidays, personal activities are relaxation, and sometimes for players who fail the physical examination, it is a difficult time. They have to carry out personal high-intensity physical training to restore their physical condition. More than that, they must ensure their physical condition at three meals a day.
These and Zhang man of iron will do.