At this time, Zheng Gu and others flew in with Zhuge police. I told them that a real person decided that they had also been to Zhuge police. After I told them again, Qi Lingyun smiled and said, "My school sister Zhou and I are not as good as the two brothers. It is not easy to pass through two places. I am also living in a lesbian door. If there is any fall, it is very difficult.

上海419论坛,上海龙凤花千坊,夜上海论坛,上海品茶工作室桑拿夜网 At this time, Zheng Gu and others flew in with Zhuge police. I told them that a real person decided that they had also been to Zhuge police. After I told them again, Qi Lingyun smiled and said, "My school sister Zhou and I are not as good as the two brothers. It is not easy to pass through two places. I am also living in a lesbian door. If there is any fall, it is very difficult.

Although Sister Zhou’s age is younger, the authentic foundation of the Xuanmen is tied up first, which can still hinder the two of us from passing by skill like a master elder brother. I’m afraid it’s safe to seek glory and fight humiliation or to suffer a little hardship according to the way of Brother Yue and others, but we show you that it’s a method of two people working hand in hand. "
Zheng Gu moved in her heart. She looked at the quiet Shen Relan around her. She knew that the incarnation of the snow soul bead would definitely pass, but although Shen Relai was in the early stage, she might not be able to do it. If she was taken with her, I’m afraid it would lose its test significance. I muttered a few words with Shen Relan, so let her go to the thirteenth limit for a while and have a look here. Don’t cross it.
Shen Relan’s so-called nodding said nothing to her, but it didn’t make sense here. Her surface was quiet, but her heart followed the fire. Just now, the words of the bliss reality made her blind. She never thought that the bliss reality would betray Song Changgeng. At the thought of the man who looks ordinary but has a special temperament, she felt a heartbeat and wondered how to send him a message.
After JiLingyun finished, Zhuge Jing and I went on to say with smile, "The mystery of the fire house is subtle, and thousands of people go in it. If there is a person with a different skill state of mind, they will be divided into all kinds of things."
Over the years, Sister Qi’s skill has been extremely advanced, and she has been taught to treasure Zhou’s CD-ROM. Sister Zhou’s Qing Suojian is a door treasure, and such a way of walking together has its own advantages. However, it is necessary to remember that when it comes to emergencies, you must hold on to yourself and stop taking care of your peers. It seems selfish, but if you have the same mind, it will be difficult for each other.
Otherwise, the devil has invaded the territory, but the people have already mistaken the illusion of the devil for their companions because of their thoughts. It is difficult to pass safely without taking it. "
He said, "Light Cloud and Lingyun salute and stand up." Light Cloud first releases the green rope sword and turns it into a ball. The sword light flies up to Lingyun. After Lingyun enters her sword light, a magic weapon appears in her hand. The magic weapon is like a disk with a diameter of about one foot. The golden center is a crystal dial with seven colors of light. There are several dense scale symbols on it.
On the edge of the disk, there is a circle of inch-wide grooves in which a stream of silver fine sand circulates. This is the Emei Paibao one-week optical disk with star longitude and geomagnetic latitude, heavenly stems and earthly branches, Yin and Yang five-element hexagrams, etc. It can be inferred that all kinds of past and future things can also be calculated. The array method is wonderful and there are many wonderful methods
The crystal needle in the center that emits seven colors of light is a meta-magnetic pole optical needle, which has the ability to manipulate meta-magnetic force and shoot aurora. None of the ordinary magic weapons can defend against the attack. Those silver sands are the Star Sand, and the Star Sand Ring in Song Changgeng’s hand is not in the five elements, but it can restrain the five elements.
Although Ji Lingyun entered the Zhou Qingyun sword light, she didn’t stop there, but pinched the method to release the main CD silver sand and turned it into a sand chain. The two people were surrounded inside and outside, and Zhou Qingyun sword light, green light and silver light flashed. Lingyun and Qingyun flew to the cave hand in hand. It was not the first time for them to go in, but it was a tacit understanding.
The fire house cave is ten feet deep, and the front and rear doors are relatively centered, and one thing blocks it from the outside, but the bottom line can’t see through the past. It’s different to fly in after the light clouds and the spirit clouds. First, it flies in the same way as Zhuge Jing. The green light protects the silver light, but it’s ten times smaller than when it first entered, as if it were a little bit, flying forward and flying farther and farther with silver moss.
It is reasonable to say that this moment is less than a hundred miles away, but they haven’t come out of the hole yet. Everyone is surprised. Yue Wen sighs, "Every time I see them, I can’t help but sigh that Zhou and Qi have such a skill. Although the physical and physical skills are not as good as ours, it is rare that they can be so determined as two hearts working together."
Aunt turned her eyes and asked with a smile, "In this case, I haven’t been able to see them?" Does the magic weapon flying sword have to be combined together or can be combined? If there is a powerful magic weapon, can you go there as well? " She doesn’t want to wait and see in Emei, so she can leave Emei if she passes the test, but she is determined to live by herself.
Zhuge Jing beside me replied, "They didn’t come back because they didn’t come back in the past. I tell you that the two of them are actually cautious in this way. They are determined to take advantage of their skills to imperial treasures, but because they can shine for the devil, it is difficult to take advantage of their sudden thoughts when they fly for a long time, and they will be infringed again."
Fortunately, the two of them have joined hands in the past, and they will never be fooled. But it’s time for all of you to be careful later. The two of them can’t join hands and have a slight disagreement. They will be able to escape safely if they don’t get invaded by the devil and get more irrelevant obstacles. Look at this situation, they may fly back soon. "
Before his words were finished, he suddenly glanced at Xiangguang and looked at the cave, where the silver light and the sword light were still intact. Then he saw two people flying back and landing from the top of the cave over the cliff. Everyone asked about the experience, and as Zhuge Jing said, because they couldn’t fly for a long time, they suddenly realized the mystery, the mind and the spirit were dazzling and flew out of other encounters.
Talk to each other a few words about Zhuge Jing, so I asked everyone, "Do you want to wait for the four of me to limit the thirteen on the left before you all choose?" Or are you going to live here now? "
Everyone feels that the fire house on the right is as strict as it is difficult, but it is not as easy as the thirteen restrictions on the left. There are too many complicated mouths, and they all rely on the Tao that they are still firm and not afraid of suffering, so their magic power can pass. There are also magic weapons to protect themselves, and they are more eager to go to Nanyuan Fairy House to see the master, such as Lian Hong Yao and Yi Gu, and most of them are willing to try it on the spot.
The other half is willing to wait and see, and then decide to get Zhuge police. I know that several people have to make a decision before the fire house passes, say that their friendship has been done, and then stop advocating it and ask people to go first.
Yi Jing’s temperament is arrogant. Seeing that everyone is self-effacing and saying nothing, he walked in first. As soon as he entered the door, he saw a bead rising from her head, which glowed softly. No matter how the Guanghua outside flashed, it could not shake the pearly light. It just walked away like a stroll, disappeared in an instant, and then flew back to let others see her eyes full of envy and admiration.
Then there’s Zheng Gu, who, like a snow soul bead, is a demon that doesn’t invade. Although it took a long time, it’s also easy to go over there and watch everyone eager to try. They can also recognize themselves and experiment with magic weapons.
Before they went in, they saw the Yi brothers go past, and before they entered the door, they formed a nine-day, ten-land fiend shuttle and then got in. Although it was long, it was easy to fly all the way.
Everyone followed up one after another at a glance, but the difference came out immediately. Many younger brothers couldn’t get through it. If they hadn’t been responsible for guarding the Emei elders to rescue the people who couldn’t get through it, it would have been done long ago.
Chapter four hundred and three Coincidence
When all the younger brothers have experimented with the strict fire house, they can pass. After a few days, everyone turns to the 13-year limit. Although there are many, most of them are still as hard as the strict fire house. Finally, everyone will go back to Nanyuan Fairy House with Zhuge Jing, a wonderful real person and others politely encourage the younger brothers and let them take a rest for a day and wait for a notice.
After the younger brothers left, Miao Yi, a real person and others all looked at tian hu’s treasure and bliss. The real person nodded to tian hu. tian hu Nai’s practice saw that a white flat circle with a diameter of one meter appeared in the waving place of her plain hand, and then two red dots appeared on the surface. The flat circle also appeared with golden patterns. Everyone took a closer look to see that the pattern turned out to be a topographic map of Middle-earth.
Wonderful a real person was about to speak when the flat circle swung with a jerk and then gradually disappeared after being broken. tian hu’s face turned white, apparently after eating kui Miao’s wife asked, "What happened to Bao Xiang Daoyou?" We couldn’t see clearly just now. It seems that the light spot is moving, but the specific location can be judged. I can see that it is in the north. Please ask Daoyou to explain it. "
Tian hu treasure ponder to a "in fact, I am in the body of two daughters this spell is just to be afraid of what they have to do to prevent one thousand, but if you check the spell, you will let people around them know that especially the little husband is also a fairy spell, and he has now broken my spell, but they are indeed flying in the north towards the East China Sea."
Xuanzhen thought about it and sighed, "It seems that it is difficult for us to find them. They are moving and I don’t know where to go. If you look for it? Do you have any good ideas? " After reading it, he saw that his fellow disciples were all a pair of old monks, as if they were roots and nothing happened. He couldn’t help but feel a little chilling because other guests didn’t talk.
At this time, Ye Bin suddenly said to Yang Jindao, "Yang Daoyou asked the master to ask me to get Buddhist scriptures, which means that I already know everything. I don’t know what Daoyou knows." Can you talk about it here so that everyone can have a reference? I don’t want to deal with Song Daoyou, but I hope to find them and talk about it. I don’t know if you are friends? "
Yang Jin gave her a look and hesitated for a moment. "Since you want to say it all out, it seems that you have nothing to do with this story. At that time, my tutor once said that this matter could not be revealed. If you say it, it is estimated that it will give birth to variables. If Daoyou insist on speaking here, I will do it, but after that, I will go back to the mountain and help Daoyou. Is this the end?"
When you say this, everyone will be all white. If Yang Jin says what he knows, there will be someone here who doesn’t start work. When the time comes, Ye Bin wants Buddhist scriptures, but he dreams of looking at Ye Bin. He doesn’t know how this woman who just learned from Buddhism said wonderful things. A real person and others want her to say it, but the consequences are also more serious
Ye Bin wanted to think decisively. "In fact, is there a Buddhist scripture that is called the basic cultivation method of Buddhism? After I know it, I have to rely on myself. Isn’t that what Master Hanshan endured? And I also want to convert the dharma tactic I have practiced into dharma. Without this Buddhist scripture, it’s a so-called thing, friend. No, I’m worried, just tell the truth. "
When Yang Jin saw her, she carefully thought about it. She said, "If you want to get there, you will break the two-layer law ban set by Mahatma, but if you want to break the ban, you will have an outer two-layer array. It is also not easy for the outer array to be in the South China Sea. I don’t know where it is, but I know that the South China Sea is burning fat."
The layer array map is in Hengshan Mountain. Just now, they should not go to the East China Sea, but to Hengshan Mountain. From the direction, they should go to Kongdong and know that they can’t fight well and find another way.
There are two layers of amazing Buddhist magic suppression array outside the Buddhist scriptures hidden in the Jade Wall of Zhulingjian. I don’t know how to crack the opening and closing method without the array. Unless you are proficient in Taoism and Buddhism, you can break it in a few months, but how can you let others break it here? All other methods are nowhere.
The Millennium secret of Zhulingjian has been revealed, and it’s not just the rest of us who know the details. The best one is the second evil savage monk, Ma Tou, the ghost king, Hujia Zhuotu, his younger brother, the golden lion, the Buddha, the red dragon’s claw. They don’t know the details of the treasure by the crystal ball, and they will find the forbidden map and seize it in a few days. They are even more powerful enemies in the future.
These two people are not equal. They are refined with seventy-two ghosts and gods. Two savage monks are coming for more than ten years because of their origins. Nothing can be done except to get the Buddhist scriptures. This is not only for fear of making enemies and complaining too much, but also for fear of getting out and coveting too many people. It is even more difficult.
However, they couldn’t find the outer array map, so they knew that someone was hiding it. After careful speculation, they could now forcibly cross the outer direct layer map and the forbidden place of Kai Department if they were refined into 36 ghosts and gods. The two barbarians were trying hard to prepare the ghosts and gods in the top secret cave of West Kunlun, but they also sent people to Hengshan to steal the map.
That’s all I know. What else do you need to know? It’s everyone’s business how to discuss it. I’ve already left here, and I’m destined to see you again in the future. "Say that finish, I got up and said goodbye to everyone, and everyone got up and reciprocated. Yang Jin quickly stopped everyone from being modest and thanked a few words, and then left the imperial sword. Everyone didn’t know where to find someone in a dilemma.
Yang Jin was reluctant to betray him because of Song Chang Gung’s old love, but the master ordered Ye Bin to help and Ye Bin was also his friend. She didn’t say that she knew what she had said, and it was hard to say if she met again after she joined in. She didn’t want to destroy the newly established friendship between the two.
At this time, Song Chang Gung was flying to Hengshan with Qin sisters, Shuangying and my little girl. He was banned here only after the detection of Zhulingjian in Kongtong Mountain. He wanted to break it for a few months, but it was still strong. It was impossible to let others know. He was in a difficult situation at the moment.
After careful reflection, he vaguely remembered that it seemed that the outer two arrays could be broken, but the location of the outer array was hidden by the fat-burning Buddhist monk in the South China Sea. The three fierceness of Hengshan Mountain were the real people Zhuo Yuanfeng, Huang Meng and Tu Shenwu, and the array was in the abode of fairies and immortals.
After thinking about it, he decided to go to Hengshan Mountain to get the layer array map, but he could try to avoid the outer layer. Anyway, the magic weapon Buddhist scriptures are all in the layer, and the outer layer is a barrier.
When he took five people to fly to Hengshan, he suddenly felt that there was a special fluctuation in the Qin sisters’ bodies. After he was stunned, he knew that someone was banned in their bodies. I don’t know what to start now, but he didn’t take it seriously. He just directly broke tian hu’s spell punishment and then looked at others. There was no spell fluctuation.
After six people flew to Hengshan Mountain, they didn’t know where the three fierce places in Hengshan Mountain lived, so they searched the mountains to avoid trouble. They were all invisible. Song Chang Gung-ki was a god’s mind to detect the things around Shili Fiona Fang. All the way to see it, suddenly there were two people on a slope opposite the mountain.