Her kind appearance in judo can even make people bear to refuse.

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She still wears Professor Yuan’s coat on her arm.
Who was it when Professor Yuan heard the sound?
Teng Yun didn’t speak. Professor Teng took one look at it and then at Miss Anlene. Would you like to send me a coat? It’s a good girl that Miss An doesn’t dislike such cheap clothes.
"Happy New Year, Auntie. Actually, I mainly pay a New Year call by returning my clothes. Hmm-can I come in?" The gentle voice was unbearable to refuse.
"Ah, then come in and sit down."
Gentleness is playing with children on the sofa. Listening to Anli’s gentle voice can’t help it. This girl is really a big shot.
"Sister Wen was there," said Anli.
Sister Wen …
I don’t know how many women who have been chasing her men have called her sister, but this is the gentlest one.
Look up at her tenderly. Happy New Year, Miss Ann.
"Sister Wen, Happy New Year, Happy New Year, Uncle. This is a small gift prepared by my father for you. It’s not a tribute." Anli said and sent him a small box on the coat.
Everyone is watching. Professor Teng is also one leng. I didn’t expect others to give gifts again.
"Oh, that’s very kind of you. Your father and daughter always bring me presents."
"This is a small gift today."
Professor Teng’s eyes lit up when he took a look.
It’s a lighter, but it’s not an ordinary lighter
Tender, of course, can’t look at it immediately, but her hands are not prepared for anything.
"Actually, your uncle doesn’t smoke." Professor Yuan said he was afraid of tenderness and embarrassment.
"This lighter is a collection, not for my uncle to smoke. I know my uncle is not fit to smoke," Anli said.
"Then thank your father for me," Professor Teng said. He picked it up and looked at it. Then he said to Teng Yun, "You will go back with salsa class later. Take more gifts to worship next year."
"got it"
Tengyun light promised a.
Gentle and shocked, I looked up at him, but I saw him looking at her.
Tenderness immediately lowered her eyes and always felt a little weak in my heart.
"This is a red envelope for three little babies to wish them healthy growth."
The three little guys blinked when they saw the red envelope, and then looked at the man with the red envelope, but he didn’t move at his mother’s side
Professor Yuan beside watching is also a light look at Professor Teng.
Don’t you like watching three little aunts give you lucky money?
"Hum, we have a lot of money in our family." Little Teng Aite said that he was proud of himself.
Anli turned to laugh. The little princess’s sex is really straightforward.
"Yes, her parents are so tolerant, but this girl is an optimist," said Professor Yuan.
Gave Professor Yuan a gentle look, and Professor Yuan also gave her a look.
Anli sat next to the sofa and put the red envelope on the table, but she still had to give it.
Professor Yuan and Professor Teng both know that the red envelope must be a lot of money and so big, but how can it be?
While tenderness suddenly felt that she should have married manager Teng earlier and had children. She didn’t work hard for him to earn so much money just for children.
But is he really going to pay a New Year call to his parents with Anli?
It’s too easy to think of what people will think when they visit New Year at this time.
"Uncle doesn’t look well today. Is something unpleasant happening?" Anli carefully studied professor Teng low asked
"I had a drink with my relatives last night, but he couldn’t drink it. He drank more when he was in a good mood, and then his heart felt bad today," Professor Yuan said.
"Don’t drink after that uncle. In fact, drinking is really not good at all. Sometimes my father wants to drink at home himself, so I just take the bottle away from him. If he steals it at night, I promise I will throw it into the trash can for him. He will never secretly drink again." An Lirou said that the appearance really made people a little drunk.