"Now" Gu Yanchen raised his eyebrows and looked at Xie Jiacheng.

上海419论坛,上海龙凤花千坊,夜上海论坛,上海品茶工作室桑拿会所 "Now" Gu Yanchen raised his eyebrows and looked at Xie Jiacheng.

"Now" Xie Jiacheng nodded firmly. Just wait at the door where he is, trying to make things clear.
"I woke up and she was still waiting for me to sign it and send it to the emergency room for rescue." Gu Yanchen’s eyes were unabashedly sarcastic. "Are you sure you want to wave?"
"I’ve already signed it," continued Xie Jiacheng, who had no ups and downs. "That is to say, she was rescued in the intensive care room at this time and couldn’t get out for a while."
"Then there is no need for me to stay here." Gu Yanchen turned and left. He came to sign. Since someone did it for him, he ended up relaxed.
"Wait a minute" several strode around to Gu Yanchen’s face. Xie Jiacheng was full of guilt. "When I arrived, grandma was really seriously ill. The doctor was afraid that grandma would not wait for you to sign. I signed it. If you think I shouldn’t sign it without authorization, I apologize."
"You don’t have to apologize," Gu Yanchen said indifferently. "It is only natural that you are the signature of her relatives."
Xie Jiacheng’s eyes were full of painful teeth, and he said sincerely, "It’s been more than three years since the incident hit us to pieces. I’ve always wanted to talk to you, and I hope you can give me this chance."
Looking at Xie Jiacheng, they used to be best friends. Because of things three years ago, he dropped the freezing point. When he was young and frivolous, he pursued female classmates together. After graduation, they all entered Guggenheim for so many years. The brotherhood can’t be broken.
After a few seconds of silence, Gu Yanchen finally nodded and Xie Jiacheng smiled with a sigh of relief.
Yuan Xixi’s biological clock is very accurate, no matter how late she sleeps and how miserable Gu Yanchen is at night, she will wake up at 6: 30 in the morning for half an hour to freshen up and prepare, including having breakfast and leaving for school at 7: 00 on time. This is her early arrangement from Monday to Friday. Today is Saturday and she won’t go to school.
The body is very tired, but the brain is very awake. It is not surprising that she looks at the side. Is there anyone like this? She has long been used to it, but the first thing to do when she wakes up every day is to turn to look at the side.
Habit is a terrible thing.
Holding back my aching body, Yuan Xixi walked into the bathroom wrapped in sheets and came out of the shower. She changed the sheets and pillowcases together and threw them into the washing machine to wash.
While Yuan Xixi was preparing to make breakfast in the laundry stall, her stomach had already sung the city plan. Last night, Gu Yanchen waited until she fell asleep. When he came back, she saw his white shirt lipstick print and knew that she was not qualified to ask or care, but she just couldn’t help herself to care.
Beating the food in the refrigerator is the result of her busy work last evening. She hasn’t had a bite herself, and he hasn’t come to have a bite.
After breakfast, Yuan Xixi tidied up the house again. It’s time to wash it, dry clean it, pack it and send it to the dry cleaner when you go out.
Walking behind the sidewalk with a bag, the car horn rang. At the first time, Yuan Xixi didn’t care. At the second time, she heard someone calling her to turn around. Li Ruichang just stopped and came towards her with a smile.
"What a coincidence!" Li Ruichang approached Yuan Xixi and greeted him with a smiling face.
"It’s either coincidence that I’m here or your driver. You don’t have a class today, and I’m still not going out." Naturally, Li Ruichang took Yuan Xixi’s bag and asked, "Why don’t you call me if you want to go out?"
"I didn’t want to disturb Brother Li’s weekend when I wasn’t in a hurry" pointed to Li Ruichang’s bag, Yuan Xixi, and said that he had arranged to "send clothes to the dry cleaner first and then visit the library"
"If I hadn’t come so far to the library, would you like to walk?" Li Ruichang looked at Yuan Xixi disapprovingly.
"How is it possible to go by bus on foot?" Yuan Xixi glanced at Li Ruichang with his side eyes and asked with a smile, "How did Li Dage come?"
When "I" stopped talking, Li Ruichen shook his head and casually told a lie, "I was told by my mother at home and ran out to take refuge."
He came here today to ask her if she cared about what he said when he left yesterday. He hoped she would give him an answer. Now he can’t ask when he sees Xixi’s warm smiling face.
Xixi is still with the president, and his confession will bother Xixi, and the president knows that he may even lose his job as a driver for Xixi, so that he can stay with her and see her every day. He must carefully put away his feelings for Xixi so that no one can see it.
Especially in front of the fine president, be more careful.
Li Ruichang decided in his mind that he didn’t want anything else. He just wanted to be with her once in a while. He saw Yuan Xixi’s bright forehead with a band-aid. Li Ruichang asked, "Why did you remove the gauze yourself? Did the doctor say that the gauze could be removed today?"
"Don’t worry," Yuan Xixi smiled and pointed to his forehead and made an insensitive expression. "It’s no big deal to be wrapped in gauze. I decided to wonder if I would go to the store with a gauze head again and not be arrested as a mental illness."
"You ah" I don’t know that Li Ruichang, who is good around her, can smile vertically and is full of nai.
Two people walked side by side on the sidewalk, chatting without a word. No one was talking yesterday. Li Ruichang was not sure if Yuan Xixi heard him. He dared not rashly ask Yuan Xixi if he hung his head and didn’t know what he was thinking.
Li Ruichang accompanied Yuan Xixi to send dry laundry and drove her to the library. They spent most of their lunch in the library, and then they went into the library to see it. They didn’t leave the library until half past four.
When Yuan Xixi worked in a bar, it was a full three hours from five o’clock.
When she changed her job, Sister Ban Li saw Xixi calling her to the front and asked, "Didn’t your family call for leave?"
Yuan Xixi is one leng family. Where does she come from?
"Going to a smoky place like a bar is not good for your wound. Obediently stay at home for three days and Monday remains the same." Suddenly, Gu Yanchen said that he pretended to be her family to call Li Jie for leave
The answer is definitely that no one can help her decide things except Gu Yanchen.
"What’s the matter" didn’t get an answer from Yuan Xixi. Sister Li asked "What’s the matter with you?"
Looking up, Yuan Xixi asked, "Sister Li, what did you just say?"
Sister Li saw Yuan Xixi’s bangs forehead band-aid at this time and suddenly reached out and dialed Yuan Xixi. Sister Liu Haili frowned and asked, "What’s going on? How did your forehead get hurt?"
"Thank you, Sister Li," Yuan Xixi said with a little smile. "I’m fine. I just accidentally hit one. It was the day before yesterday and I’m fine."
"It’s okay, what are you doing with a band-aid?" Li Jie didn’t good the spirit stared at Yuan Xixi. As soon as she saw Yuan Xixi, she believed Yuan Xixi’s words.
"Covering up the Ugliness" Yuan Xixi’s mindless answer confused Li Jie because she was usually nice to Yuan Xixi. Li Jie unexpectedly reached out and knocked on Yuan Xixi’s forehead. "It’s ugly to put a band-aid on her smooth forehead."
I really can’t figure out that a band-aid can cover up your ugliness, which is unheard of.
"Oh," exclaimed Yuan Xixi and ran away quickly.
When Yuan Xixi left, Sister Li’s face smiled gently, and her eyes looked straight ahead. If he knew that Xixi was injured, would he come to the bar?
It’s better to do more than less. Anyway, Xixi didn’t do anything. Sister Li turned and walked into her office.
People are not as good as days. When Sister Li walked into her office, something was wrong with Yuan Xixi’s hind foot.
"You can’t walk with your eyes long." The female pointed abuse looked at her white dress dyed with a strange color by blue liquid, and she was furious. She reached out and pushed the perpetrator to the ground, holding her high and disdaining her. "Do you know how expensive my dress is? You can’t afford a year’s salary, and you ruined it for me."
"I’m sorry, I’m sorry" was pushed to the ground. Yuan Xixi closed her eyes tightly and trembled to apologize. When the wine spilled, a few drops splashed into her eyes and stung her, making her unable to keep her eyes open.
"I’m sorry, what’s the matter?" The angry eyes of the female seemed to want Yuan Xixi to be in the year.
"Yes," she bowed her head and apologized. Yuan Xixi suddenly stopped because someone helped her up. Her breath was still familiar to her: