But I don’t know how far to fly. There seems to be no road in front, and there is a way out around it. Bai Qi manipulates the attack ability of’ Taiyi Jinlin Boat’ and shoots an arm with thick white light at the end of the wall, but it also shoots a three-inch deep round pit. Seeing that the wall must be as hard as steel and the texture seems to be non-gold.

上海419论坛,上海龙凤花千坊,夜上海论坛,上海品茶工作室约茶品茶工作室 But I don’t know how far to fly. There seems to be no road in front, and there is a way out around it. Bai Qi manipulates the attack ability of’ Taiyi Jinlin Boat’ and shoots an arm with thick white light at the end of the wall, but it also shoots a three-inch deep round pit. Seeing that the wall must be as hard as steel and the texture seems to be non-gold.

They don’t know that when they re-enter, suddenly the dust and sand in the tunnel and Mars are gathered around, and the walls are all similar to topaz. They don’t know that there are many changes in this earthen palace.
In fact, the wall of the place is the real way to wear it directly to where they go.
But at that time, when they looked at the general plan, they neglected. Now, they didn’t think about it. Huang Chen got lost and went to the wrong place. Now, when we look back, we can see that there are many passages on both sides. The general plan didn’t remember how to go, and Song Changgeng didn’t give him a promotion. Bai Qi didn’t have to choose a smaller tunnel to fly forward.
It’s not that Song Changgeng doesn’t help, but that he doesn’t want to help. When he wants to come to the South Pole, he will take the lead. Now everything has to be hidden by themselves. It is to borrow these people’s blessings to cross the normal axis. At this time, there is no need to guide them. Just let them run everything by themselves.
On the trip to Taiyi Golden Scale Boat, I saw from the mirror that there seemed to be a golden pavilion in front of me, which was the center of the Golden Palace for the first time. As soon as I entered, I could see that the official position of the sun, the moon, the stars and the seven stars was in front of me, and it turned out to be a golden pavilion with a yellow light all over it, which seemed to be made of gold.
However, the pavilion rises in four directions, and there is an extremely long tunnel on each side, which is the cross-shaped intersection, and the’ Taiyi Jinlin Boat’ flying tunnel is one of them.
Bu Tiantong saw that he couldn’t see the direction until he entered the pavilion, so he discussed with others that he and the dry spider would go out together. They flew out from the bottom hatch and came to the pavilion separately to see which way to go. Suddenly, they listened to the dry spider exclaim and retreated. Bu Tiantong looked back and suddenly disappeared from the east aisle. A great day came out and thousands of golden lights flew from the north from far and near.
After a long distance, he felt that the strange heat burned more fire than the middleman, and it was strong in his heart. He couldn’t help but be frightened to return with the dry spider. But although they returned quickly, the sun wheel came faster. They just left the pavilion and haven’t flown into the’ Taiyi Jinlin Boat’ to hear a thunderbolt.
The sun wheel was like a huge fireball, which had passed through the pavilion from the original tunnel, and the pavilion had disappeared into a golden wall at once. Finally, they escaped the danger of flying and avoided the speeding sun wheel without being hit. Although they were powerful and had a magic weapon for self-defense, they were almost smothered by the heat.
After that day’s flight, the Japanese ship didn’t come back and disappeared into the south aisle. Fortunately, the Taiyi Jinlin Boat was not hit in the west aisle. At first glance, they wanted to find another way to fly back to Taiyi Jinlin Boat, but when they looked around, the surrounding terrain changed again, and there were more divergent paths. How could they fly back without seeing the direction?
Where the sun wheel disappeared, suddenly there was a dark shadow, and the air conditioning slowly flew in. The previous sun wheel had already made them taste badly. I’m afraid this is what Xuanyu said. The moon shadow is afraid of giving birth to other changes, and they don’t want to fight against the busy, so they fly into the’ Taiyi Golden Scale Boat’ in the west. Everything is still safer by magic weapons.
The maze wonderland outside changes at any time, and both of them naturally saw it. When Bu Tiantong and the dry spider hurried away, Bai Qi saw the pavilion-like gold wall and suspected that the end wall was made of jade. He planned to let Bu Tiantong and the dry spider try to hit it and maybe walk over.
At the same time, he saw that the shadow air conditioning came slowly. He was also a newborn calf. He didn’t know the stakes. He saw that Bu Tiantong and the dry spider flew back and just wanted to fly. It happened that the aisle changed again. A very long aisle on his left hand suddenly swelled with yellow dust and then turned into a wall to block the front, just like what he saw for the first time. And he just hit the pit with white light.
His heart moved around’ Taiyi Jinlin Boat’, and the bow diameter just changed to the left. The wall shot white light crazily. It was really hard stone. Bu Tiantong was born in a civil island, and he was most good at civil spells. He probably meant to run wooden spells and never closed the hatch.
The five elements have a mutual respect,’ Taiyi Jinlin Boat’ belongs to the golden white light, and it doesn’t respond to the wall. However, Bo Tian’s Tongmu spell is restrained, and a green light flashed across the wall. At the sight of the effect, Bo Tian’s Tongmu spell immediately stepped up its operation, which has been cited. If it stops, it will give birth to other changes.
Finally, once Bo Tian Tongfu’s mind tried out the truth, it did not retreat from the anti-wood spell to expand the crack in the wall and stop it. As a result, the earth palace was lost and eager to produce changes. To be continued.
The forty-fourth volume Wan Han Ling Chapter four hundred and thirty-seven Pro agent bound way
People were overjoyed when suddenly the wind, thunder and water came in the distance, and all the sounds were loud. Even the tunnel they were in shook as if the tsunami and landslide were about to explode. The four of them, Spider Gan, A Tong, Bu Tiantong and Bai Qi, either had a teacher or were well informed.
They know that this is an ambush in the palace that should be touched, and that the stone wall in front of them must be the real entrance. Although there are no obstacles to move on, it is the happiest thing to find a way out, and thus we can realize that the mystery of the law in the palace can better cope with various crises. Anyway, it is to act according to circumstances in front.
When Bo Tian’s Tongmu spell expanded the wall crack and stopped it at about ten meters, Bai Qi estimated that after the Taiyi Golden Scale Boat passed, he directly drove the Taiyi Golden Scale Boat and rushed in. They had just penetrated into the stone wall for a few feet before all kinds of explosions of wind, thunder, water and fire suddenly stopped.
At the beginning, everyone was preoccupied with how thick a stone wall could be. They were determined to go straight for the stone wall. I didn’t know that the stone wall would not change, but the future was surprisingly deep. I didn’t know how deep it was. The Taiyi Jinlin Boat flew for more than ten meters and reached the end. Bu Tiantong had to continue to use wooden spells to deepen and stop the crack in the wall.
He felt that the front wall was as hard as steel, as if it were about to freeze gypsum, and as if it were very thick gum, it would be squeezed in. If his magic hadn’t just restrained the earth and stone here, his mouth would have been filled immediately. A Tong, the spider of God and Bai Qi also saw this situation, especially after Bu Tiantong advanced more than 30 meters, it seemed a little weak.
A Tong quickly released the Buddha’s mask and dried the spider on the Taiyi Golden Scale Boat. He also released a large area of spider webs to support Bo Tian’s Tongmu spell out of the passage. Bai Qi could not cast wooden spells because of the Taiyi Golden Scale Boat, so that he could drive four people carefully to defend himself. Because Bu Tiantong had to take care of the road, the back wall was closed after the Taiyi Golden Scale Boat entered.
In front, it is getting more and more difficult to pass because of the poor strength of Bu Tiantong, and the pressure is gradually increasing. Although everyone is still hurt in the’ Taiyi Golden Scale Boat’, they all feel that they are struggling to see it abnormally. The’ Taiyi Golden Scale Boat’ seems to be solidified here. Four people know that if they are so motionless, they will be buried here.
All muster up their strength and no longer hide their strength. At that time, the Taiyi Golden Scale Boat rushed forward and saw the golden light shining, the green glow and the extraordinary splendour flying everywhere. The outer walls were swept away like a crazy wave of stone pulp. Although the Taiyi Golden Scale Boat was still closed after passing, it was much faster than before.
The’ Taiyi Jinlin Boat’ is also easier to fly than before because of the pressure from all sides. I don’t know how many times it has been flying. When the four people see that the future is endless, they feel that the road is not straight. Pay attention to the direction several times and want to go straight ahead. When they want to come, they always try their best to get through, but they can’t get through smoothly unless they follow the stone.
Song Chang-geng suddenly remembered that when he was in Jiang, he had given Bai Qi the magic weapon that could manipulate the earth’s force, Wang Yin, and the golden magic weapon, the White Tiger and the Tenchu Order. But he should have thought of it here. He quickly said to Bai Qi, "Wang Yin!"
Bai Qi immediately remembered that he could manipulate the’ Taiyi Jinlin Boat’ while taking this magic weapon road. When he took the magic weapon, he listened to Bu Tiantong’s way. "This is not only the entrance of Tugong, but also the way that our hearts always arrive. It seems that there is a right way, and if you don’t follow it, there will be resistance."
If we break in, there will be many wonders as before. Now everyone has to work harder for a while. If not, we will take turns to come to Tong and the dry brother to support the passage in turn. I will be in charge of the road. "
Bai Qi took out the fist from Gankun’s bag, and the yellow jade texture of the earth was’ Wang Yin’. "I have a magic weapon that can be manipulated here. I don’t know if it can be used. If there is a way for us to rotate," she said, putting the magic weapon out of the hatch and running it. She manipulated and saw a circle of yellow light, and the fist was released in the center of the big jade seal.
The yellow light passes through a passage with a diameter of more than ten meters. Everyone can’t help but breathe a sigh of relief when they look at this magic weapon. But the passage has a few meters long and flies not far. Bai Qi feels that the true spirit is not followed. Hurry to change the hands of Bu Tiantong. Although it is hard, four people take turns to travel far away. They are all famous brothers. Naturally, if this law is strong, the consequences will be very serious.
If they can be strong, they would have blown out all kinds of thunder methods, but they know that once the thunder is in the array, unless your skill is higher than that of this array, it will inevitably bounce back. If they are now mistaken, the road in the stone will not be broken, and then the five elements in this array will lose order more than it will cause a catastrophe.
nebsp; After flying for a long time, the four people were exhausted and knew how to walk by. They couldn’t tell the east, the west, the north and the south. They rested for a long time and walked. Everyone had lost confidence. When it was Bo Tian Tong Road’s turn, he just felt that the stone in front seemed to be getting soft and his heart was moving. He tried his best to release a spell.
Seeing a dark green light rushing forward, everyone suddenly felt that the stone wall in front seemed to become a very thick yellow shadow. What they saw at the beginning of the burial palace was similar. The four people Qi Li tried to make a big hole’ Taiyi Jinlin Boat’ and rushed out to feel that the front was bright, and then it seemed that it had already rushed out.
Looking back behind them, everyone saw that Huang Chen was rolling and the sand was flying like a tide, but the route was a complete stone wall. The four of them couldn’t help but let go of their mouths until they finally finished the earth palace, and then they looked around except for the route. The path crisscrossed and the winding loop was as dense as a spider’s web. At first glance, the tunnel was very long and there were doors at the end.
When they saw that there was no danger for the time being, they didn’t care where it was. Song Changgeng also saw the general plan of the law just now. He remembered and understood more naturally than these four men. According to the general plan he had seen before, he carefully read it in his mind and quickly saw the five houses and five elements.
Looking back, the four of them couldn’t recover for a while, but Ji Jinchan, Shi Sheng and Zhen’s brothers fell to the side. The four of them had already passed out of a coma, so they flew out alone to find their way. He was also anxious to get out of here, but now he just figured out that once he walked around, he was immediately in danger, either because of the sudden anger of the golden knife, fire and water, or because of the storm.
Even more, the five elements of divine thunder, together with the images of the five-color light beams, attacked each other biochemically. Song Changgeng was not careful to retreat, but he was almost trapped. Fortunately, his collar was also high-strength, and this was the only way to ensure that he had the strength of the fairy. In this way, he still suffered a little false alarm before he was saved.
Not once, the sun wheel and the moon shadow were almost attracted, but he also knew that the five elements of life, grams and seven stars were running with wonderful interest and interest, and the stronger the magic weapon spell, the greater the rebound pressure of the array. Later, the superposition of layers would trigger the array power to attack everyone together.
Fortunately, he was alert to the situation, and everything never went deep into the hinterland, except for the short route of four or five feet and a dead tunnel on the ground. Every time he changed, the terrain would change, and there would be more tunnels. He kept thinking about the tips of Xuanyu’s guidance and seeing the general plan comparison, and made several small risks, and gradually understood the secret of this law.
After finding the right channel, he immediately flew back to the’ Taiyi Jinlin Boat’ invisibly. At this time, Bai Qi had not woken up for a while before they finished meditation and restored the seven successes. Song Chang Gung quickly told Bai Qi the right way to go.
Bai Qi knew how to get there when he heard the teacher’s words. According to the teacher’s words, he drove the’ Taiyi Jinlin Boat’ and didn’t say anything to others. He flew into a tunnel on the right and flew three feet six feet. Sure enough, there is a small tunnel on the left. He still didn’t know how to fly forward according to the teacher’s words, waiting for the ambush in front and then returning to that tunnel.
At two feet and one foot, another tunnel appeared on the left side, and then changed to retreat. As before, the ambush was triggered first, and then the new tunnel appeared again. Then I walked in and walked in this antlers-shaped tunnel. Sure enough, all the way seemed like this. After seven times, Bai Qi was skilled and gradually entered the smooth road, and it was much smoother to fly forward.
A Tong, the three of them saw how smoothly Bai Qi walked, and he had already realized that he had just seen the general plan road and didn’t know that Song Chang Geng was helping in the dark. So after more than 360 roads, they now passed through a long spiral winding road, and the circle was getting smaller and smaller. Only then did they know that they were going to reach their destination.
Sure enough, after a few more turns, the Taiyi Jinlin Boat has just taken a turn, and everyone will see a black pavilion in the mirror, which is about nine feet high and about an acre high. Sure enough, a round hole in the center of Xuzheng is hidden in the side, and Song Changgeng has felt that the lower the terrain is, the less it is estimated that it will be thousands of feet off the surface of the sea.
Look at the hole in the center of the Black Pavilion, which is 300-400 feet deep. If you know that the surface must be connected with the earth’s axis, you need to go deeper. It is necessary to approach the polar noon line or introduce the yuan magnetic qi to your magic weapon. Fortunately, this’ Taiyi Jinlin Boat’ has a magic weapon’ compass’ that can manipulate the geomagnetic field, otherwise it will be attracted.
While he was thinking about it, he suddenly heard someone talking with a familiar voice. Bai Qi and four people also heard the voice. Four people knew that when they got to the farm, they just discussed how to fly by the dry spider and the boy. When they were just about to land, they saw a green light flying in with a red-faced chubby old man. Song Changgeng recognized that this person was Lingqi’s father Lingwei, who was to be continued.
The forty-fourth volume Wan Han Ling Chapter four hundred and thirty Xuan ice crystal eggs
The strange father Lingwei Sou put his hand on the arch without saying a word] They flew in the aisle to dry the spider and Boy. When they landed, they saw Lingqi holding a small crystal bottle with a middle finger in his hand and a box with a palm for storing magic jade. Although they looked a little nervous, it seemed that they had not suffered anything.
This makes several people suspicious. I don’t know what it means to be trapped in the bodhi old zu. At the same time, they also wondered how Lingwei could appear here, and why they and others came to save his son and flew away without saying a word. But they didn’t delve into it, so they flew back to’ Taiyi Jinlin Boat’ with Lingqi. A Tong just wanted to take the panacea to Ji Jinchan, and Bu Tiantong also wanted to ask him what it meant to be trapped in the bodhi old zu.
Lingqi has looked anxiously and said first, "You can wait until later. Please drive the Taiyi Jinlin boat quickly and avoid it with me. Then we will talk about it not later than just now. If my father borrowed the opportunity to start the palace law, he came to see me temporarily stop the ambush nearby, otherwise all the ambushes will move as soon as you get here. Now let’s enter the aisle first."
Then go to the console and look at the’ mirror’ for Bai Qi to guide the road. Everyone has a look at Lingqi. It’s so hard to worry. The ambush must be terrible. Bai Qi is busy driving the’ Taiyi Jinlin Boat’. The situation is a square black pavilion with a diameter of more than 100 meters and a diameter of more than 100 meters. There is an oval ice crystal egg with a diameter of more than 20 meters.
It is located in a jade Jing Zuo with a diameter of more than 10 meters. The oval ice crystal egg has a big head and a small body, and the concave and convex are smooth and translucent with a faint silver light. It can be seen that the jade Jing Zuo at the entrance of the tunnel where it is located is also integrated. People who don’t know the details can never tell whether it is the entrance of the tunnel or the oval ice crystal egg base.
As soon as Taiyi Golden Scale Boat flew here, it was deafening to hear the howling sound from the outside, which was much more violent than the sound they heard when they first entered the earth palace. Everyone knew that it was terrible. Lingqi quickly called out, "Please ask Bu Daoyou to break Xuan Bing’s egg, and now the bodhi old zu has to start the palace power to help the array move fast!"
Bu Tiantong didn’t say much when he heard Xuanyu say that it would take earth or wooden thunder to break this mysterious ice crystal. When he heard Lingqi’s words, he flew to the bottomless hatch of Taiyi Jinlin Boat. The hand quickly took out three yellow broad beans and big thunder beads from Gankun bag and threw them out.
Seeing that three yellow Guanghua just flew out, it turned into three big yellow lights, but as soon as it touched the mysterious ice crystal egg, Bu Tiantong suddenly exclaimed, "Oh! Not good! " Before everyone could react, they saw that the mysterious ice crystal egg had just touched the yellow light and suddenly’ boom!’ As soon as the ground turns into a brilliant light, if silver phosgene rises.
Just then, the five elements of thunder outside the pavilion seemed to be overwhelming, and the jade Jing Zuo also immediately gave birth to a reaction. At this time, the four sides shook together, and even everyone in the’ Taiyi Jinlin Boat’ was swaying. At the same time, the Xuan ice crystal egg turned into silver phosgene, which spread like an arrow and rain, to dazzle the whole pavilion and turned into a silver sea of light.
When people listen to Bu Tiantong’s exclamation, they will know that it is wrong, for fear that he will lose his job. Spiders and A Tong will try their best to fly to the cabin door as soon as they fly near there and suddenly feel a strange cold invading the bone. Immediately, they will almost freeze them when they see it in an instant. At the same time, a silver light rain has poured in from the bottom hatch and filled the cabin in an instant.
Just then, a pale blue cold star flew out of the silver light. Several people suddenly remembered that Xuanyu had said that this Xuan ice crystal egg is the condensation of Xuan Bing elite spells, and this cold star is even more severe, which is the elite of the elite.
Lingqi and Bai Qi hidden beside Song Changgeng knew that it was not good. They were hard to avoid but didn’t want the mysterious dry spider, which had been quiet for a long time, to have a slightly stiff body. Immediately, a gray-white net flew out to cover the cold star that Peng wanted to fly in, and immediately the net was densely sealed with a round bottom hatch, temporarily blocking the cold.
However, a boy, the little monk of God, was a little quick, but he couldn’t help but be surprised by the cold. He tried to retreat, and the optical network of the dry spider had flown to the front, so that it wouldn’t be sprayed into the cabin and the hatch was sealed. Looking around, he saw that the situation had changed greatly.
Cabins are filled with the silver light just now, and now the arrows are pouring into the rain, and the little monk A Tong is barely resisting the Buddha’s light, but look at his face, the ice has obviously been invaded by the cold, and Bu Tiantong has been stiff because of the first impact, where Bai Qi and Ling Qi are located near the bridge.
The photomask covers it.