Windson, a mecha operator, of course, is very familiar with the knowledge of war. The energy beam emitted by the current energy weapon is actually very refined. It is almost impossible to concentrate one percent at present.

上海419论坛,上海龙凤花千坊,夜上海论坛,上海品茶工作室品茶论坛 Windson, a mecha operator, of course, is very familiar with the knowledge of war. The energy beam emitted by the current energy weapon is actually very refined. It is almost impossible to concentrate one percent at present.

"Even with this energy, there are no plane coordinates and there are countless planes in the universe. Now we don’t know where the original plane is. How can we go back?" Tess continued to pour cold water on Lin Feng’s heart.
Just when Lin Feng was about to collapse, an idea suddenly came to his mind and he asked like a drowning man grabbing the last straw, "Tess, have you ever heard that there is a life planet in the meteorite desert layer?" Do you think this planet will actually be on our current plane? " If so, Lin Feng may find his parents.
"You mean that life on that planet can cross the plane at will?" Tess immediately understood windson’s idea. He thought for a moment and then replied, "I don’t think so! I remember the former boss said that there was indeed a planet with a high degree of life in the meteorite desert layer. He went there alone once when he was young, but he didn’t want to cross the plane. "
"Really ….." At this moment, Lin Feng’s heart was in despair, and Zhen Yuan’s body was gradually disordered. He didn’t expect to actually confirm the meteorite desert layer in a living planet from Tess’s mouth, but even if this information is confirmed at the moment, what’s the point? He may never go back to his original plane.
"By the way, I’m suddenly interested in field study now. I want to study it. Can you ask the boss for me?" Tess see windson a face still indifferent hurriedly added "maybe I can work out a way back?"
I heard that windson barely shook the spirit and asked strangely, "Isn’t it up to you to decide everything except the research project designated by the head?" What do you want to study? "
"No," Tess explained shyly. "Actually, my hands haven’t been enough recently. Before I came back for the first time, some of my hands went to visit relatives, and now they are all in their original positions."
"So what do you want to do? In addition to you and your hands, there are almost no high-tech talents in the group. "Although Lin Feng doesn’t quite believe that Tess can really work out a way to come back, it is also good to be a dead horse and have a ten thousandth hope."
"Hey, hey, of course I know those guys in the group are idiots, and I didn’t want to pick anyone from them."

"What do you mean?"
"Didn’t you read the report from the reconnaissance ship?" Tess Yinyin laughed. "There is a life planet in a place ten days away from us. From the pictures taken, this life planet is full of intelligent creatures and high-tech buildings. I think …" Speaking of this, Tess laughed even more lewd.
On second thoughts, Lin Feng immediately understood the meaning of Tess. After all, pirates were used to robbery, but Lin Feng was also very interested when he heard the news. On the one hand, he decided to step on the planet in person. On the one hand, he hoped that the planet could cross the plane at will, so he could know at the first time that on the other hand, he also wanted to go for fun, or sooner or later he would be defeated by the fear of not being able to go home.
Think of it and act. Lin Fengma informed Palin that he was going to step on the spot and let the war fortress stop in its place until he came back.
Like Tess, after the initial panic, Palin and most of the other pirates calmed down. They didn’t lie in which plane they were. Anyway, they grabbed where they went, and there was a war fortress to protect the pirates. They were very confident
Palin was even able to get rid of the control and pursuit of the Golden Scarlet Empire. Fortunately, when he heard that Lin Feng was going to step on the spot, he raised his hands and agreed to get ready for a big job!
When all the replacement is finished, windson alone manipulates the purple light and flies towards the life planet.
Ten days’ journey is not long, but the loneliness all the way makes Lin Fengyue fear that he can’t stand the pain of living in a foreign land and never seeing his relatives again.
After returning from the underworld, Lin Feng’s powerful soul has created a gap with the original, which requires long-term aftercare to be perfectly integrated again. However, in this period, he just killed Jinjiao and was seriously injured. Although it looks fine on the surface of Dan Medicine’s help, the injury has caused further conflict between the soul and the body, and the evil spirit has taken advantage of it at this moment. Recently, Lin Feng’s state is actually very dangerous.
Of course, Lin Feng has a "spirit net inflammation" guardian, and when A star smashed Dan for the first time, he got a huge jade crystal energy even though he didn’t know the situation. Both "spirit net inflammation" and jade crystal energy have a very strong resistance to the evil spirit. It can be said that if he is calm, his soul is in physical conflict, whether it is the evil spirit or the root, it won’t have much influence on him.
However, as the saying goes, the greater the hope, the greater the disappointment. When Lin Feng finally killed Jinjiao, he confidently manipulated the small war fortress into the meteorite desert layer to get information about his parents, but he never thought that he would be sent to another plane. Here, he not only could not find his parents, but even returned to Earth, which was a kind of extravagant hope. Facing such a huge blow, Lin Feng had a nervous breakdown.
Ten days later, when the beautiful planet that looks as blue as the earth appeared in front of Lin Feng, Lin Feng immediately remembered his hometown and suddenly one mouthful blood gushed out and gradually fell into virtual consciousness …
Chapter one hundred and sixty-one Harrier type
Ann took a deep breath and knocked on the door.
"Please come in!" Lieutenant General Rand looked up from the document in his hand and immediately saw a document coming in. He immediately reached out his right hand and tapped his forehead. Some Nai said, "Angel School, if you still want to say that, you don’t have to. I will never approve it!"
"What?" An An said excitedly, "I can understand the second time you said that the situation was deadlocked, so you didn’t approve my action. But now? Now that the Federation has attacked Huang Yuanxing, how much interest can be gained? In this case, I don’t think my actions will affect the Federation. "
"Angel School, I know that you feel guilty about the disappearance of Chief Warrant Officer Lin Feng, but this incident can’t really blame you. Anything can happen on the battlefield," Lieutenant General Rand earnestly urged. "I admit that Chief Warrant Officer Lin Feng is a genius, and his disappearance is also a federal loss, but you are different. You are the top ten ace mecha pilots in the Federation, and your responsibility is heavier. You should think about the problem from a federal perspective. The Federation needs you and the military academy needs you!"
"But …"
"There is no buts!" Lieutenant General Rand categorically interrupted Anan’s words, "I said it wasn’t your fault. Besides, Chief Warrant Officer Lin Feng is missing and has not been confirmed dead. You should continue to stay in the military school and train more mecha operators instead of venturing into the treacherous meteorite desert to find a missing soldier!"
Silent for a long time in peace suddenly presented the file in his hand.
"What is this?" Rand will pick up the past.
"This is our application for retirement!" Ann said lightly
"What?" Lieutenant General Rand was taken aback and looked up into Ann’s eyes and asked, "Do you know what you are doing?"