Han Chengyi, a soft man in her arms, turned into a pool of water.
"What’s the matter? Why are you crying like this? " Asked while remembering that Hang Zegao had just come to detain stare big eyes and hold Le Xuewei’s cheek "Is Hang Zegao pressing you?" How did he force you? Did you force you to confess? Relying on the president of a country to do such a’ torture’ thing! Xiaoxue, you cry so much … Did he hit you? Where did I hit you? Speak! Are you worried to death? No, I’ll get you out now! "
"No, no … don’t mess around!" Le Xuewei shook her head in a hurry for fear that he would do something impulsively to know that he was important, but deep down, she didn’t want him to have a conflict with Hang Zegao.
"Then what’s the matter with you? He just came here, and you cry like this? Still clamoring for a name change? " Han Chengyi clutched Le Xuewei and didn’t know how to coax her.
Le Xuewei sobbed stupidly. Did she just say that? I’m really confused. I mumbled, "No, nothing. I just don’t want my last name, but I want my father’s last name."
The child’s angry words made Han Chengyi feel surprised. The palm of her hand fell on her head and gently rubbed two handfuls of "children … so when you grow up, how can you think so when you are still a child?" Because I feel that I have been wrong about my father for so many years? "
"Well …" LeXueWei dumb voice nodded at Han Chengyi said, "I really don’t understand before."
"Uh …" Han Chengyi paused to pinch his wife’s small nose. "Don’t blame you, aren’t you small? It is normal for children not to be sensible. "
"You are a child!" Le Xuewei held a small fist and punched Han Chengyi in the chest, frowning and angry. "I am the mother of the child at home!"
Han Chengyi grabbed her hand and smiled. "Yes, yes, yes, you are a child’s mother. Do you have this strength to tickle?" But you’re so bold that you’re not afraid at all. You’ve made a big deal! "
Le Xuewei listened to the silence and had no strength to simply lean into Han Chengyi’s arms. "I’m not afraid of anything without you."
"…" Han Chengyi satisfied with a hook lip. Now he can be sure that his wife is really grown up.
"Xiaoxue" Han Chengyi bowed his head and kissed Le Xuewei. "Hang in there for two days. They can’t keep you for a long time without proof."
"Hmm" Le Xuewei should remain silent. She is not worried now. Maybe she can go out in less than 4 hours. Hang Zehao won’t let her be in this place.
"It’s getting late. Go home quickly!" Le Xuewei pushed Han Chengyi. It’s so humble here. Even if she suffers alone, there’s no need to pull Han Chengyi with her.
Han Chengyi didn’t seem to hear the lift being held by Le Xuewei and lying down together complaining, "Is this bed so small? How does Ni Jun handle affairs? Ah … I didn’t expect the government conditions to be so poor. I should have given them more money … Anyway, it’s not cheap for you to go out in the day. I won’t let you in again after this terrible place. "
"Chengyi" Le Xuewei listened to his chatter, and his heart was warm. This man may be cold-blooded but he gave her what little warmth was enough to drown her.
"Light snow I accompany you pay attention to a night … well …"
President Han Da’s mouth was completely blocked. Le Xuewei hooked his neck and tie and pulled people closer. She is experienced in such things as strong kissing. Of course, the object is limited to the president in front of her.
"Light snow?" Han Chengyi surprise inexplicable lingering gap murmured.
"Don’t make so much noise. Can’t this stop you?" Le Xuewei took the initiative to attack, which killed Han Chengyi!
It was a kiss, and Le Xuewei was going to give him a kiss. How nice it is now! Hang Zehao won’t stop them from being together again. No one and no reason can stop them from being together in this world!
But Han Chengyi’s fire is not so good when it is lit.
"Light snow light snow …"
Breath mixed together gradually can’t tell each other’s skin together. Han Chengyi stretched out his hand to hold Le Xuewei’s back and head, and brought people into his arms. When he was close to Le Xuewei, he realized how this person really … didn’t have a little concentration. She didn’t do anything. He was like this?
Le Xuewei stretched out his hand and rejected Han Chengyi "Chengyi Chengyi, what are you doing? Not here … Stop it! "
"Stop what?" Han Chengyi ignored her and continued his hand.
Le Xuewei couldn’t bite his neck hard, and a bright pink tooth print immediately highlighted it.
"psst!" Han Chengyi ate the pain, and Le Xuewei covered her neck and looked at her with injustice. "Light snow?"
"Does it hurt?" LeXueWei unhappy pout "pain is honest! Don’t look at what this place is really … "
Han Chengyi nodded. Although somewhere in the body is very uncomfortable, at least the left chest is comfortable here. "Yes, yes, I was wrong. Bite well … Are you hungry? Yesterday, you said you wanted to eat shrimp dumplings and brought them to you today. "
"hmm!" LeXueWei snorted a leer from the nose Han Chengyi "don’t you move? Do you want me to do it? "
"Oh, yes" Han Chengyi shook his head and smiled gently. This little girl is really conscious, but he is also willing.
When Han Chengyi came out of the prison early the next morning, how could the tooth marks on his neck be blocked? The neckline of his shirt was very disdainful, and everyone outside looked at Nijun Nijun with great concentration.
What’s even more surprising is that Han, who is wearing a tooth print, is always in a surprisingly good mood and is not afraid of being seen. How do you look at it like that? How do you want to be seen?
NiJun sobbed corners of the mouth andao three less you convergence! We all know that Third Mistress bit …
Han Chengyi left the Ministry of Justice with Ni Jun’s front foot and secretly received a "presidential pardon" to release Yuan Jingjing.
Although no one in the whole department knows what the reason is, who can doubt that the’ presidential pardon’ is here? So Le Xuewei had a thrilling trip from the French company and came out again.
Section 22
Things go around in a big circle, as if God is helping Le Xuewei, a silly girl, and all her stupid thoughts and unspeakable things have been displayed by God through this incident.
As if she had an accident this time, let Hang Zehao know the truth about her Canghai legacy.
But for her, life has not changed. Without her consent, Hang Zehao will not expose her identity. She is still Qiao Wandong’s daughter. The only advantage is that no one will force her to leave Han Chengyi again, and the Korean family crisis has been lifted.
Le Xuewei came out of Fasi and accidentally met Hang Zegao waiting outside.
"Xue Wei’s father …" Hang Zegao didn’t sleep well all night, and it was easy to wait until he issued a presidential pardon early in the morning and rushed to the Ministry of Justice to see his daughter come out.
Le Xuewei looked at Hang Zegao’s conspicuous bag and his heart ached … What is this look like Qiao Wandong’s? Don’t look away from Hang Zegao. "Don’t talk casually. I told you that my father is a big principal."
"…" Hang Zegao looked embarrassed and smiled and changed the subject. "How about your father taking you back to Han’s house after suffering?"
"No" Le Xuewei rebuffed Hang Zehao’s "Chengyi will pick me up"
When he said that he bypassed Hang Zehao and lifted his leg, he walked out. This scene shocked all the people present. What the hell is this?
Le Xuewei took two steps and suddenly stopped to look at Hang Zehao. She hesitated and said, "Can you promise me one thing?"
"What? You said, "Hang Zegao nodded like a garlic," Dad promised you. "
"Don’t be hard to bear." Le Xuewei was embarrassed to bite her lip. She admitted that it was a bit unfilial to deny her father and all kinds of demands, but she had no better way.
As soon as Hang Zegao heard the promise, "Yes, my father has signed the news, and Han Chengyi will be released immediately. How can it be difficult for my father to be his son-in-law …"
Le Xuewei listened to him bite by bite, a "father" and a "son-in-law", and her heart tingled and she stepped out.
She called Han Chengyi as soon as she came out.
"Hey, Chengyi, it’s me … you let someone pick me up. I’m coming out."
"Huh?" Han Chengyi leng with mobile phone will listen to white to come over. Her words mean busy letting go of things. "Light snow, are you out? How can it come out? "
Le Xuewei was vague. "I don’t know. Anyway, they let me go when I woke up in the morning. Don’t ask … Will someone be sent to pick me up?"
"No!" Han Chengyi replied categorically that Le Xuewei was in a daze but heard him say, "Don’t touch me there!" "
"Ha ha" hang words LeXueWei smiled.
Looking up at the sky for so many years, it seems that the sky is not as beautiful as it is at the moment. The blue tiles are clear and the white clouds are a little closed. Le Xuewei actually has some impulse to cry. Who said that good people are not rewarded? See, she’s still happy.
When she sat on the steps of the sacred law department to welcome Han Chengyi’s Rolls Royce, she laughed and ran towards Han Chengyi with three jumps.
"Come? So fast! Ha ha … "
Han Chengyi’s breath is a little breathless. God knows how many heavy things he threw at Ni Jun’s poker face. Anyway, I can’t see that "let’s go, the sun is red in the face."