Miranda turned to hold Shen Nuo’s hand and said earnestly, "Shen Nuo sometimes has to know how to cherish and cherish it so that you won’t regret it!" "

上海419论坛,上海龙凤花千坊,夜上海论坛,上海品茶工作室喝茶品茶联系方式 Miranda turned to hold Shen Nuo’s hand and said earnestly, "Shen Nuo sometimes has to know how to cherish and cherish it so that you won’t regret it!" "

Shen Nuo looked at Miranda’s natural and unrestrained leaving back and couldn’t help feeling a little.
Lu Hughes sent Miranda away and came back to see a face of embarrassment. Lu Hughes could see that Shen Nuo had something to do.
"What’s the matter with you?" Lu Hugh went to Shen Nuo and pretended to ask casually. In fact, some people were worried that Shen Nuo might be uncomfortable.
"I’m fine" Shen Nuo refused to help Lu Xiusi and wanted to try to get up.
Lu Xiusi saw that Shen Nuo was so decisive that he refused to stick his hot face to his cold ass and watched Shen Nuo quietly to prevent her from any accident.
Shen Nuo just landed on his feet, but because he was lying too long, leg cramps didn’t lean forward steadily.
Hughes, Lu hugged Shen Nuo as soon as he saw Shen Nuo.
"If you can’t walk, why are you still trying to be brave!" Lu Hugh thought some frowned crossly and held Shen Nuo up as soon as he got there.
"Lu Xiusi, what are you doing? Let me go!" Shen Nuo was very embarrassed to see that Lu Xiusi behaved so intimately, so he angrily beat Lu Xiusi’s lean chest and tried to get him to let himself go.
"How can you walk like this now!" Hugh Lu looked at his arms banging Shen Nuo is very unhappy.
"I … my legs are numb!" Shen Nuo shy said
"Where are you going? I will send you directly! " Shen Nuo recognized that Lu Xiusi’s tone was obviously unhappy and afraid that Lu Xiusi would do something bad to himself, so he didn’t have the strength to fight back, so Shen Nuo stopped resisting.
"Go … go to the toilet!" Shen Nuo wrote this sentence in his novel.
Lu Xiusi saw that Shen Nuo no longer resisted, and when Shen Nuo was not paying attention, her mouth smiled slightly and she carried Shen Nuo into the toilet.
"You … why don’t you go out!" Shen Nuo looked at her at the gate of Lu Xiusi, who was ashamed and annoyed.
"I’m going out?" Lu Xiusi teased Shen Nuo. "If I go out and you faint in it, I can’t help it! "
Lu Xiusi also particularly irritating stand stand hand.
"You … Lu Xiusi, shame on you!" Shen Nuo angry, pointing to Lu Xiusi.
"I am ashamed? I don’t know how many times I’ve seen your figure … Well, that’s all! " Lu Xiusi was very resistant to smashing his mouth.
"You … I’m not going!" Shen Nuo looked at Liu Xiusi, who didn’t walk, and there was really no way out. He just got up his pants and went back to the hospital bed.
"Okay, I surrender!" Lu Xiusi looked at Shen Nuo’s lovely sample and took the lead in leaving Shen Nuo’s sight before he could not help laughing.
Lu Xiusi remembered at the door the intimate behavior of the two people just now, and he couldn’t help feeling a little happy and finally felt some old love.
Shen Nuo finished the toilet and wanted to sneak back to bed while Lu Xiusi didn’t pay attention to himself, but Shen Nuo was caught off guard by Lu Xiusi and picked up again.
"How come this set again!" Shen Nuo looked at Lu Xiusi with anger and annoyance.
"people adhere to the attitude of doing good things to the end!" Lu Xiusi’s face is full of pride. Shen Nuo is really disgusting
So Shen Nuo by landing Hugh gave her carefully on the bed Shen Nuo looked at the table glass suddenly thirsty.
However, careful Lu Xiusi saw Shen Nuo’s eyes fixed on the table cup at a glance, so he simply took the cup and handed it to Shen Nuo.
Shen Nuo was surprised to see Lu Xiusi. How did he know he wanted to drink water? Although Shen Nuo was skeptical, she didn’t ask because she didn’t want to have too much contact with Lu Xiusi.
Shen Nuo looked at Lu Xiusi’s handsome face as if he had no worries and remembered Chen Haoxuan’s words with him. Shen Nuo couldn’t help but waver, but Shen Nuo’s reason told him that he would divorce Lu Xiusi after he went home. People like him are not to be taunted.
Just when Lu Xiusi looked at Shen Nuo with tenderness in his eyes, Lu Xiusi’s words rang.
Lu Xiusi looked at the mobile phone and smiled with satisfaction. It turned out that it was Mr. Wang.
"Do you want to? Mr.wong "Lu Hugh calm dialogue that Mr.wong said.
"Manager Lu, I’ve thought about it. I’m at the hospital where designer Shen is now. I’ll be there in a minute!" Mr.wong’s tone over there is no longer flattering or domineering.
Section 135
Lu Xiusi hung up and said to Shen Nuo with great peace of mind, "Mr. Wang will come and make amends to you in a minute. Just accept it when the time comes!"
Shen Nuo looked at Lu Hughes and listened to what he said. Shen Nuo was also attributed to Miranda! "
Lu Xiusi was a little jealous when she heard Shen Nuo talking. She did everything by herself, but Shen Nuo still thought Miranda did it, but the final result was good, so Lu Xiusi stopped saying anything.
Mr. Wang finally faltered. When he saw Shen Nuo lying in bed, he plopped down on his knees.
"Shen designer, I am so sorry for you!" Mr. Wang is very guilty, his face is very painful, and he doesn’t know if it’s true or not.