He didn’t refute anything, but turned his face to bring some tenderness and coquetry to call a sister. I’m hungry.

上海419论坛,上海龙凤花千坊,夜上海论坛,上海品茶工作室约茶品茶工作室 He didn’t refute anything, but turned his face to bring some tenderness and coquetry to call a sister. I’m hungry.

Chai Wanying just woke up from a dream and suddenly got hungry. Then I’ll make breakfast for you.
Egg gently let go of her hand and watched her move slightly when she fled to the kitchen. He knew that she was not used to them talking like this.
In my sister’s heart, I should never be so aggressive.
She always felt that he was the same child who snuggled up in her arms a month ago and asked her to protect him.
Although she has grown up, she doesn’t feel protected by herself.
Today, when he spoke like this in front of his sister, it was more shocking than anything in her heart.
But she has to get used to it because he is her man.
He is also the strong one of them, and it is his duty to protect her.
If today’s sister is better than him, he will be willing to accept her protection and love. This is the basic law of wanting to live long and hope to cherish and love each other.
It seems that there was a precedent in his subconscious that a woman was protecting a man.
Unfortunately, the influence is not clear, and he can’t think of it.
Judging whether those people in the depths of consciousness are his parents or not
Chai Wanying didn’t put the bass on the opposite side until she walked into the kitchen. Li Kefu said, you can go. Although this is your room, I don’t think you want Wan Ying to know this.
Li Kefu suddenly got up from the sofa and his expression changed again. How do you know?
How do I know I won’t tell you about the ninth floor? You’d better ask someone to redecorate it without delaying the construction period. I don’t mind living in this room every day, but I’m sure you want me to get out of your room quickly, don’t you?
Tourmaline, who the hell are you? You were in that room yesterday. You heard the man in my property talking.
Likov can think of this possibility.
Because he clearly knew that he was present when he said the renovation yesterday, it was impossible for others to know that his property was owned by two people.
But in front of him, the boy said lightly that his property was only known by two people. Obviously, there is a second possibility except that he is also hiding in that room.
Do you think it’s possible? That room, this room, is the same. Everything has been smashed. Do you think there is still a place to hide a big living person in that room?
Li Kefu face hesitated a.
It is true that the room has been smashed and you can see the department at a glance. It is a place where there are no Tibetans.
And now he is Wan Ying’s boyfriend. Even if he really saw his property in that room, he didn’t hide. On the contrary, he needs to explain that he is in the middle of the night. Now Chai Wanying’s room is himself.
Such a thought that Li Kefu vetoed the previous one again.
But how on earth did he know that his property had been discussed?
What else do you know?
I know there are many things. I told you, if you are well-informed, don’t pester me. I’m not interested in taking care of your affairs, but if you are still so, well, you will suffer.
Li Kefu stared at him with a calm voice and full of anger. You won today, but remember that you won’t forget it. I will dig up your identity. I want to see why you are so arrogant.
The arrogant person is you. After all, knowing people always does.
You can leave. You’re not welcome here.
Egg is not in the mood. He went on talking. Finally, he said coldly, mark my words and don’t bother Wan Ying again. She is not a coveted person you can miss.
Chapter 133 Holding hands
Fifteen minutes later, after Chai Wanying dawdled in from the kitchen, Li Kefu had already left.
She has her hands at the kitchen door.
Eggs have long expected this, because although the house is decorated and ready-made, there is no food in the kitchen of this new house
The refrigerator is also in a state, and what can my sister do to make breakfast for him?
He gave her a chance to avoid the conversation she didn’t want to hear, that’s all.
I got up slowly, waved at her, then raised my face and smiled. Did my sister go to the supermarket to buy something delicious?
Chai Wanying smiled at him, but she was drunk for a second. She came over with a somewhat serious look.
What’s wrong with sister?
Egg, you’re not telling me, are you?
Sister, don’t think too much. Actually, it’s nothing important. I don’t want you to worry too much. I didn’t say anything. It’s okay now.
Egg smile naive and deeply attractive amorous feelings.
However, Chai Wanying was not completely distracted by his small movements this time, but some authentic eggs were blocked by his heart. Didn’t you say that there is no secret in empathy? What, now you can read my mind completely, but I can’t see you?