"Hum! If a mortal can’t be a fairy, it may not be impossible. You deserve to be a lifelong brother with such a narrow vision and no broad vision! "

上海419论坛,上海龙凤花千坊,夜上海论坛,上海品茶工作室品茶论坛 "Hum! If a mortal can’t be a fairy, it may not be impossible. You deserve to be a lifelong brother with such a narrow vision and no broad vision! "

Listening to many registered brothers talking about Chen Shaobai’s heart, he has already had some discretion, and he is more and more interested in really entering the Qing Xuanmen Department and more cautious.
Today, there are 10,000 registered brothers who have come to participate in the examination. The weakest among them is also the peak of swordsmen. There are many middle-level swordsmen, but these people all have a common interest-they are nervous and have no chance to pass the examination.
"I’d like to see if the assessment of the outside door of the Qing Xuanmen can be difficult for me!"
The more difficult it is, the more excited Chen Shaobai feels that he has not come to the wrong place.
Holding the entry order has a certain priority over those who are waiting for the registration of their younger brothers to come to Chen Shaobai. He quickly passed through the crowded people Hao and came to the front of the hall.
The three Chinese characters "Fade Fanyuan" are like wind elements, which flow endlessly and have an elegant smell of dust.
The word "fade away" cancels the intention of fading away and becoming immortal.
It is said that the courtyard is actually an extremely wide top hall. If this building is put in the Shang Dynasty and seen by the emperor’s old son, it must be robbed directly regardless of face.
After handing over the entry order, Chen Shaobai successfully entered the retreat.
Stepping into it, I feel a sense of fishy smell coming from the pavement. It seems that there are many murders and ghosts’ grievances condensing here.
"Many people have died here!"
Chen Shaobai keenly noticed that except for a few people who were supercilious and couldn’t see their identity, most of them were well-dressed young people, almost all of them were princes, nobles and princesses. They wore few swords, and they were also at the level of 500 water-cut swords in the Shang Dynasty. What’s more, their waist swords shone brightly, which seemed to attract and communicate with the aura of heaven and earth all the time to strengthen themselves.
"Sword! This is a good thing to kill the enemy after shedding blood to recognize the Lord! " Chen Shaobai see retailing heart secretly speculation by royal fencing blessing every sword can be comparable to these swords.
Everyone who comes to examine the youjīnger brothers is young and middle-aged. Everyone is full of j and ng, and the heaven is full of luster. Although the temples are bulging high, you can’t see the swordsmanship on the outside, but they have a good practice in self-cultivation
Perhaps to relieve the pressure, many candidates from extraordinary backgrounds are talking about it.
"How are all young people? Isn’t the skill swordsmanship getting deeper and deeper? Although the physical strength of the elderly will deteriorate, but the trick is fierce and vicious, it should be more confident to pass the assessment! "
"Before the age of 50, people’s qi and blood are the most vigorous and full, and their potential is the strongest. After the age of 50, their physical strength is weak, and their roots can’t afford to refine their own environment. The last step [J and jīng’s soul is extremely changed] is to draw blood to refine the method, not to mention breaking through the secret realm of quenching gas. There is a saying that fifty can’t enter the quenching gas for life! Take my Dagan dynasty as an example. This time, we won 13 places to be assigned to state pastors, secretariat officials, government officials, and there are only a few of them. Are you willing to give them to an old man with no potential? "
"Dagan dynasty? That’s one of the five dynasties that I led in Qing Xuanmen! Is it that hundreds of small countries have thirteen places compared with giants? This is not right! We have hundreds of countries in Qing Xuanmen, but there are tens of thousands of people coming to participate in the assessment today, right? "
"Hum! Those potential, no background tube he strength tong xuan! If we can’t break through the secret of quenching gas and become magical, we will have to endure five years less, and the sect will contribute to cultivate loyalty. We people have entry orders to try and take the external examination directly, and the rest of the examiners have endured five, ten or twenty years of qualifications! "
Hearing this argument, Chen Shaobai felt that he had benefited a lot and joined in.
Although he was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth, the will of God Ziyó uj and ng was there all my life, and even the emperor could speak freely face to face. He regarded equality and practiced sword for a long time to keep his body healthy, and he had a natural and unrestrained chivalrous temperament. No one came out to provoke or complain when he joined the group.
Just like Chen Shaobai read a sentence in his previous life-"If you don’t dress up as a pig, no one will step on you as a pig."
For him to join those princes and nobles, there is not only no resentment, but some taste of sweeping the couch.
After all, in the jīng Xuanmen, the status of secular potential is gone, and it is too great to have more information and helpers by holding together at the same level, so as not to be plundered and bullied and insulted by others. Not all of these official brothers, who have been educated by emperors’ minds since childhood, are as wan-ku as Cao Burning.
Soon Chen Shaobai got acquainted with a small group of five people.
Everyone is talking about it, but a young man dressed in Xuan Jin Se silk is holding a jade fan and keeping his mouth shut. He is quite graceful and handsome, and his majesty and bearing just match each other, which has great attraction for girls with H ū n.
His name is Zhou Jinyu, and he is san huang of Dagan Empire. Although he is a bit of an official, through short communication, Chen Shaobai feels that this person has a pure mind and some compassion. He is an interesting guy.
"I said that before I became a younger brother, the Qing Xuanmen were not allowed to take servants to tidy up. Do we have to deal with food, clothing, housing and transportation in person? How can there be a banquet … practice? " If I hadn’t known Zhou Jinyu a little before, I would have been drawn to the ranks of Wan Ku.
Hearing this, Chen Shaobai outlined a smile at the corner of his mouth. It has been five days since he came to this Qing Xuan door. With the help of more than a hundred classmates and friends, he got more information than these princes and nobles, so he patiently explained it.
"If you want to be admitted to another sect, you will send out all kinds of charms to ward off evil spirits, to separate fire, to avoid water, to heal water, and so on … For example, if you take the dust-removing charm on your body, you can ensure that it is clean, fresh and spotless all year round, which is even more comfortable than if your servant helps you change clothes every day. Every meal has a wonderful medicine to change blood, nourish your body and nourish your soul … You can ask Wu Jun"
Hearing Chen Shaobai’s words, a girl in red picked her eyebrows. "It’s okay to bluff with these identities outside. It’s worthless in the Qing Xuanmen. If you don’t want to see me make a fool of yourself, just call my name."
The name of Wu monarch is Wu Muqin, but the Tianzhou monarch of Dayan Dynasty is equally extraordinary.
She is wearing a crimson floral skirt with thin lips, eyebrows, apricot eyes, high nose, fair skin and tall figure. No matter how picky she is, she will think that she is a peerless beauty.
Wu Muqin looked up at Chen Shaobai with great interest. "I have inquired that you are not a member of the five dynasties, and I don’t know where you got the news. It is a hand-eye sky."
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Chapter 17 Kunlun Titan
Hand-eye sky?
Being so shaped, Chen Shaobai gave birth to an absurd feeling and shook his head. "It’s just that some brothers at the bottom are high in firewood."
Wu Pei’s promotion to true brother directly brought hundreds of students from Fengzhou University to be registered brothers in Qing Xuanmen. These people were scattered in the sects and found a lot of information. Song Sansi always sorted out and filtered this information to Chen Shaobai, which also directly caused the illusion of these princes and nobles.
"When people gather firewood, the flames are high … if we can get into the outer door, we must also huddle together to share resources and information, so that we can have more opportunities to become magical powers."
Zhou Jinyu waved a fan and thought for a moment, then took out five small stones from her pocket and handed them to five people in the small group one by one. "If you can break through to the extreme state of J and jīng soul, these Lingshi may be helpful."
Lingshi says that the soul marrow of Lingyu is worn around all the year round, which nourishes the body, nourishes the soul and prolongs life. The deeper it is, the more wonderful it is. It can be used not only for cultivation but also as hard currency. Such a small piece can be put in the secular world to get a small city with tens of thousands of people. It can be said that it is priceless, and it can also get many precious elixir resources in the Xiandao Sect. Although it is expensive for san huang, it is not easy for Zhou Jinyu to get these five Lingshi.
A lingshi is two inches long and two inches wide. Yan sèrǔ is white and warm, and a delicate and realistic blue Se cloud is engraved on the floor, which means that this is the standard lingshi cut by Qing Xuanmen. Once Qingyun disappears automatically, it is absolutely impossible to be short of weight.
Play with Chen Shaobai, the stone in his hand, and you’re welcome to put it in his arms and thank him for "thanking Brother Zhou"
See Chen Shaobai move three other people hurriedly put LingShi noisily stand up all the thousands of thanks vowed to repay such a time these pedestrian actions in peacetime also nothing important, but compared with Chen Shaobai supercilious attitude is somewhat flattering.
Wu Muqin, who has a panoramic view of everything, cut the crimson skirt and explained it easily. "If you have extra lingshi, you can also apply for a better room for travel … I can get you two whistling white tigers as mounts. Wan Li is ten million times better than a secular maxima depending on the terrain."