Chu Jianing felt black in front of her eyes. She took a step back and leaned against the washbasin to stabilize herself. In this way, he never told her that if he had been a little nicer to her, she would not follow her father’s arrangement and get engaged to a rich second generation.

上海419论坛,上海龙凤花千坊,夜上海论坛,上海品茶工作室约茶品茶工作室 Chu Jianing felt black in front of her eyes. She took a step back and leaned against the washbasin to stabilize herself. In this way, he never told her that if he had been a little nicer to her, she would not follow her father’s arrangement and get engaged to a rich second generation.

Is she not persistent enough? She shook her head not because she was afraid that Chen Jiuhan was helping her get close to her famous uncle at that time!
She watched Chen Jiuhan pick up Ye Beiqi and strode to look at his tall and handsome back. Chu Jianing couldn’t help crying like rain. It’s really sad that she didn’t know that she had never been loved by him until now. She was the one who approached her uncle to please her uncle.
Now that he is successful, he naturally won’t care about her chess mood! Well, Chu Jianing wiped the tears from the corner of her eyes, stared at Chen Jiuhan fiercely, held Ye Beiqi away and swore that she would not make you comfortable!
The trial ended soon, and Ye Beiqi said according to Zhang’s instructions. Finally, after deliberation by the jury, the final verdict was to award Ye Beiqi 1,000 yuan in compensation for Chu Jianing’s mental loss.
A thousand dollars?
Ye Beiqi almost laughed when she heard this number. She pinched her lips tightly and looked at Chu Jianing. It was nothing more than seeing that Chu Jianing was as pale as paper. Her proud chest looked really angry.
After coming out of the court, lawyer Zhang went back to the office, and they said goodbye at the court gate. She and Chen Jiuhan took a taxi back at the court gate.
He held her hand and his thumb kept sliding on her hand. Ye Beiqi was a little puzzled and embarrassed by his move.
She pulled back her hand, clasped her hands together, and asked him, "It’s 30 years old. Should we go to the supermarket to buy something?"
Chen Jiuhan nodded, "OK, but let’s go back to the car first. That’s more convenient."
After a short silence, Chen Jiuhan suddenly put his hand on Ye Beiqi’s knee and squeezed it. Ye Beiqi cocked his head and asked him what he wanted to do.
His eyebrows were frosted with frost, and his voice dropped to her ear and he asked, "What else did she say to you?"
Ye Beiqi’s eyes rolled several times, so she didn’t know how to ask "Who?"
He pinched her knee and stepped up his efforts. He said coldly, "Play dumb again. Believe it or not, I crushed you?"
"I said!" Ye Beiqi have it both ways immediately soft.
"Well said"
"She said you wouldn’t like me."
"She also said that she knows what your favorite woman poses for … hmm"
Ye Beiqi glared at a pair of frightened eyes and looked at the handsome face at hand. His sudden visit to kiss made her unresponsive.
He kissed her until she collapsed in his arms and let go of her lips. He bowed his head and rubbed her forehead and said in a low voice, "Don’t listen to her nonsense."
Ye Beiqi gently "well" one has been able to hear from uncle tone deep hatred.
Although she is young, she knows how to forget the past and look forward to the future. It is not good for anyone to cling to the past blindly. Just now, when Chu Jianing said that she was deliberately angry with her, she didn’t think much and didn’t get angry with her uncle.
Who hasn’t passed? Besides, it’s normal that uncle is so handsome and talented and favored by women. Blame them for knowing each other too late. Blame you for giving birth to me!
In the supermarket, Chen Jiuhan pushed the shopping cart with one hand and held her hand with the other. Although she said she didn’t care, his face was tense.
After purchasing the necessary ingredients, he said, "I haven’t had a good year for a long time!" "
He turned his eyes to her face and raised his eyebrows and asked, "Is there someone to accompany after the New Year?"
Ye Beiqi’s little face slowly piled up a bright smile in his expectant eyes. She pursed her lips and said with a smile, "That depends on your performance. If you are not good to me, I can run!"
"I think I abuse you abuse or light! I should have told you not to come to bed! "
December 30
As Chen Jiuhan said, he finally got someone to accompany him for the New Year this year. Although this girl is very stupid, cutting vegetables and cooking, including dumplings for the New Year’s Eve, she is busy and helpful. Not only Chen Jiuhan is still willing to get a big table of dishes, but she also licensed this girl to drink wine and eat enough. Ye Beiqi leaned back on the sofa and fell asleep watching the Spring Festival party.
Chen Jiuhan always glances at the person curled up on the sofa wrapped in dumplings. This is the most tired 30 years in his memory, but it is also the happiest 30 years for him.
Section 47
It’s a happy place here, but it’s a nervous place there at Longtan Mountain Villa.
Lin Wen and An Shujiang also made a table for their daughter and son-in-law, who loved to eat food. But when the food was ready, they didn’t find Ann Luo and Ni Haodong coming to eat Lin Wen’s apron. They wanted to go upstairs and ask them to eat. Then Ni Haodong appeared on the stairs.
He came over to Lin Wen and found his face uneasy and worried. He went to worry and asked, "Where is Luoluo? Not comfortable? "
Ni Haodong’s face was more anxious when he heard this. He nodded, turned his head and looked at the floor. He shook his head and said, "I have been wilting since noon. Now I’m lying down and said I don’t want to eat and want to sleep. I want to take her to see a doctor. She said I have to wait for the day."
"This child!" Lin Wen shook his head and said, "Since Luoluo said that the day will go to heaven, the child has the discretion to let her lie down and have a rest."
Just after midnight, Anluoli grabbed Ni Haodong, who had just fallen asleep, and cried out in pain, "I’m in pain."
Do you know how dangerous it is!
Ni Haodong woke up in his sleep. He sat up from the bed bomb and looked at the light. The broken hair on her forehead had been soaked with sweat and looked miserable.
And her hand was clutching his pajamas so tightly that the joints turned white.
"What’s wrong with falling? Is it necessary to give birth? "
Ni Haodong saw that she was nervous and afraid to the extreme. When he saw Anluo, he closed his eyes and cried out that he was hurt. His consciousness was lifted and he found that she was wearing a robe and was soaked.
Although he has never experienced such a thing as giving birth to a child, he has heard something about it. He guessed that his amniotic fluid must have broken!
Therefore, he immediately ran upstairs to call for a warm forest. In the past few days, he was afraid that he would suddenly fall into bed. When he slept, he always wore long autumn clothes and trousers. If he suddenly had a stomachache, she would be able to follow him to the hospital.
Hearing Ni Haodong’s anxious knocking at the door, Lin Wen and An Shujiang got up. After Lin Wen agreed, he hurriedly put the chair pants on the bedside and ran to the floor. An Shujiang also wore clothes and walked back and forth to the living room, anxiously waiting to hear the news.
Lin Wen came out in a panic in a few minutes and said to Ni Haodong and An Shujiang, "It’s not good that the amniotic fluid is broken and the child’s feet are exposed!" I have to send it to the hospital quickly! "
Ni Haodong hung up and said, "I have contacted the doctor. Now Yang Bai has gone to the doctor’s house to pick up the doctor and go to the hospital. Let’s go to the hospital at once."
When I got to the hospital, the doctors and nurses were ready to fall all the way, and Ni Haodong’s arm was taken as a wooden stick to relieve the pain. When the lights were on all the way in the hospital, the sleeves of his light gray sweater showed a dark red.
He paid no attention to the pain in his arm, which was nothing compared with the pain of settling down now.
It’s a special situation to settle down. When the doctor said that the baby should be gently pushed back before cesarean section, Ni Haodong trembled all over.
He wanted to go to the operating room to accompany her, but Ann refused. She asked Ni Haodong to wait for her and the child outside the operating room, and he dared not listen.
Twenty minutes later, the baby came crying from the inside. Ni Haodong suddenly tightened his eyes and looked at the closed operating room door. A few minutes later, a nurse came out with a newborn baby in her arms.
Before she could ask who the father was, Ni Haodong had already jumped in front of her. He didn’t look at the child but stared at the nurse’s face nervously and asked, "Where’s my wife? Is my wife all right? "
The nurse paused and shook her head. "The parturient is fine, everything is normal, and now it is being stitched inside. When it is finished, it will be pushed out."
"Oh" NiHaoDong listened to this just relieved eyes moved from the nurse’s face to her hand holding the baby’s face.
The nurse lifted a small quilt wrapped around the baby’s body and said with a smile, "Congratulations on being a little boy."