"Oh … how? ! Zhaimen is not, we just want to be invisible and sneak in! " Nine heavy at that time, lost in thought!
"Hey, hey, boss, look at Zhaimen!" Xia Dongdong suddenly tong tong tong nine heavy way
Nine heavy smell speech looked up "yo-ho really really want to what to what! The treasure of providence will eventually belong to the old man ~! Come on, take your medicine quickly! !”
People are stealth method, and then with the nine heavy touch quickly to the front of the village, I came to the front of the village in a short time. At this time, Bai Goro has led a large group of people to count out of the village gate, and the horses are about to close. They quickly trotted off in front of the door and rushed into the village!
The buildings in the main mountain village of Dieyunfeng were nine times before, and the mountain villages they had passed through were completely different. The dozens of mountain villages in front were all like shacks, so don’t be so simple, but the buildings in Bayunzhai were like a paradise, with pavilions, pavilions, carved galleries, painted buildings and style!
However, people are not in the mood to appreciate these things. Now it is urgent to touch the situation here first. It would be ideal if we could find Shirgoro’s vault while he is not at home!
Half an hour passed quickly when all the soldiers were exploring in multiple ways, and all the people just turned over the cloud village, but it was depressing that they didn’t even find a hair!
Everyone was depressed when suddenly the shanzhai door opened again, and Bai Wulang led the crowd to escort the three-two carriages into the village!
Jiuzhong saw a pat on the head. "It’s really a pig’s brain that always forgets this stubble!"
Chapter 19 Even the nest end
"Which quarrel?" Xia Dongdong asked
Jiuchong said, "It must be a robbery for Bai Wulang to take such a large group of people out. Since it is a robbery, you must grab something back and put it in their secret treasure house! If we don’t find him ourselves, we will lead the way! "
"Aye, yes!"
"Don’t move here. I’ll follow them to step on the spot and call you back later!" Say nine heavy quietly with the white five lang team turned to the back of the cottage pond will see white five lang stretched out his hand and pressed a row of stone pillars by the pond, one of the stone pillars relief longan moment the water in the pond a tumbling in a short while a square stone cabinet rose to the surface!
The slate on the surface of the stone cabinet rises to the surface of the water, and a direct channel to the center of the pool appears on both sides. Bai Goro ordered the number of carriage boxes to be carried in!
"Shit, I said, why can’t I find it? Feelings have put the vault in the pond!" Jiuzhong didn’t leave at this point and observed it for a while until Bai Goro and others came out of the treasure house in the heart of the pool and pressed the longan to close the treasure house and left to make sure that the treasure house was wrong before returning to find everyone!
"How the boss found their treasure? !”
Jiuzhong made an "OK" gesture "Come with me!"
They followed Jiuzhong all the way to the pond behind the village and learned to press the stone pillar longan as before. As before, the stone cabinet surfaced to reveal the passage to the treasury in the heart of the pool!
"Darling treasure old ~! !” Nine heavy forced not to wait for the first rushed into the pool heart vault, followed by all followed in!
Pick up the steps and come to the underground pool. Seven Catharine walked through a tunnel and finally entered a relatively spacious cave. Three iron gates appeared in front of everyone!
Xia Dongdong looked at the three iron gates in front of him. "There are three doors where the treasure will be?" !”
"Roots don’t need to know!" Nine heavy grinned and shook his head. "Hey hey … whatever is behind those two doors that didn’t put the treasure, it’s definitely a good thing to put it with the treasure! Since I’m here, just walk by and don’t miss it. Give me the things in these three doors one by one! "
Said the nine heavy going to the front of the first door, and the word is good. I cracked the iron gate with several punches in a row. I smashed it out of the hole and got into it to have a look at your son’s strange and varied materials, medicines, minerals, hides and so on.
"Hey …!" Jiuchong rushed to summer, winter and winter and waved, "Dongdong, your food is here!"
"My food? !” Xia Dongdong was curious to enter the secret room through the hole. When he saw the saliva dripping out of control, he giggled, "Hehe … that’s my dish!"
Jiuzhong patted Xia Dongdong on the shoulder and said, "Dongdong is here for you. Be quick!"
Xia Dongdong nodded heavily. "You can trust me!"
Nine heavy from the chamber of secrets came to the door of the chamber of secrets. There was nothing to be polite about. It was a few punches and the door was violently smashed. The dazzling and dazzling color light was transmitted from the chamber!
Through the colorful light, I saw a mountain of gold, silver and jewelry in the secret room, as if I had not seen a lover for many years, and I was almost in tears. "Oh, my darling, I finally found you ~!"
Say a hungry tiger pounce on food rushed into the door without saying anything, and began to dance out a piece of ghosting. I stuffed the jewel mountain in front of me into my backpack and didn’t forget to greet others. "Come in and help me! !”
Feng Dance and Luan Er and others heard that they entered the secret room and saw a mountain of gold, silver and jewelry in front of them. They said they were not excited. That was a lie. "There are so many people in …?" !”
"Don’t be there leng to pack! !”
"oh oh!" At this time, the phoenix dance also forgot to fight with the Nine Heavens. Together with Luan Er and their bodyguards, they swarmed around and gnawed at this golden mountain in front of them!
As the saying goes, many hands make light work, which is true. Although the scale of this golden mountain in the secret room is indeed not small, it can’t hold more than a dozen people crazy. In less than ten minutes, the gold, silver and jewelry in the whole secret room will be searched!
"Shout … cool ~! !” Thoroughly digest Jinshan in front of you and breathe a sigh of relief. My heart is finally steadfast!
After a short rest, a carp jumped up from the ground and said to everyone, "You have a secret room to rest here first. I’ll go and have a look!" Before drilling out of the hole and coming to the third chamber of secrets, it was still the same as before. I smashed a hole and drilled into it. I saw dozens of weapons neatly placed in the chamber of secrets. All kinds of colorful doors were cold and bright!
"The armory in the treasure house is naturally not ordinary goods!" Jiuzhong casually picked up a sword and saw "Boy, fine gold weapon!"
"You’re welcome now that you’ve driven away the old man ~!" Say, "Nine winds swept the fallen leaves and involved the weapons department in the secret room in the bag!
At this time, Xia Dongdong has also cleaned up all kinds of materials in the first chamber of secrets, and all of them joined together to come out of the chamber of secrets. "How are you sure you haven’t missed anything?" !”
"Don’t worry, it’s absolutely spotless!"
"OK, withdraw!" So they left the pool heart treasure house and went outside to press longan again to close the pool heart treasure house again
Xia Dongdong said, "Boss, we have this treasure. Let’s go back to the city, shall we? !”
Jiuzhong waved his hand and said, "Don’t worry, I still have one thing to do!"
"What is it? !”
"I’m going to end this cloud village!"
"Eldest brother, there are a lot of people in Yunzhai who are pulling out, and the level is a lot higher than ours. I’m afraid it will be terrible for us, right? !”
"Who said anything about killing all the people in Yunzhai? I want Bai Goro to be the first to pull out the heads of the main leaders in Yunzhai!" Jiuchong said, "The imperial court hates this White Goro, but if I can bring the White Goro’s head back, it will be a great achievement. Maybe the first time I am happy, I will be promoted! In this way, the old man will save some money! "
"What a miser!" Feng Dance said, "We’ve already taken their coffers. Can’t we even afford this money? !”
"It’s easy to talk! Did the wind blow your money here? !”
"Isn’t it? !”
"Of course not, this is an old life!" Jiuchong knocked on his head and said, "I don’t know how many brain cells died after this treasure!" "
"Go to hell!"
"It’s impossible to die, but it’s very likely that Alzheimer’s disease will happen in the future!"
"Ha ha … hum!" Phoenix dance was amused by Jiuchong and couldn’t help laughing. To react, she pursed her mouth and twisted her head to one side.
It has been decided that Jiuzhong will sneak into the building with all the people. The building of the cloud-pulling castellan is a six-story tower building, and the gang leaders such as Bai Wulang are in the highest tower!