The fifth chapter charming girl missing


Xiaoying woke up at that moment, and after years of training, she immediately understood her situation without even being in a trance.
Personally, she is tied to the chair so tightly that she can’t even move her fingertips.
A window lock in a hall swings. A man laughs brightly in spring. Although his left eye is purple and blue, it damages his triumphant image at the moment. Although he suddenly became short by a large margin, he can’t tie it up so that he can see something different before wearing his hair casually. But he is indeed the culprit who was stabbed in the center of the knife and made Jeju City panic.
Are you awake? Did you sleep well?
Grace, you’re all right. Xiaoying moved excitedly and found that she couldn’t move her face. Grace was confused immediately.
Don’t you think it’s too hard to stop acting if you stretch your index finger and shake it? According to many stories and experiences I have read, at a special period, a special person suddenly saved a beautiful girl, and that beautiful girl Ji will not be a simple person. I really want to believe that you are grateful to me and want to commit to my life.
But the fact is the fact that you didn’t rush to stop the knife, but let me avoid your hand to catch the knife at the first time. Instead of stopping the knife for me, I deliberately used the moment of catching the knife to drive the knife potential to change. However, your hand catching the knife has both advantages and disadvantages. Because the knife was caught by you, Liu Feiyan didn’t feel sensitive enough. The knife didn’t stab me, but she didn’t notice it. Similarly, because you didn’t hold the handle, you caught the blade with your hand and were cut by the knife, and your fingers felt insensitive enough. The fact that I didn’t feel
If you cleverly hide the truth that he is dizzy and unconscious, and smile leisurely, I will play along and pretend to be half dead. Your Lord is very proud, isn’t he? He is angry with me and inconvenient to let me die. Even if I don’t die in vain, others will certainly suspect that I have just made enemies with him. If I can die in the hands of Liu Feiyan today, I can’t involve him. He has also taken a bite.
Xiaoying’s son wants to deny it, but if the details are so clear, she has to smile bitterly. In this case, what can I say?
She stopped talking, but she gritted her teeth and then tried her best to open her mouth to the maximum retching.
I’m sorry if you have a long laugh. According to my experience, when ten insiders are caught and forced, five will be killed, and the other four will kill me. Let people guard the doors and windows, and no one will come in to kill you. Then I’ll search your body for debris, and then I’ll needle your meridians, so that you can break your heart, and then change the poison in your mouth into Huang Lian pills. Don’t be afraid of suffering. Can’t you still be everyone?
If you rub your hands and squint your eyes, you are always trying to survive, and you can’t ask for death. You can’t handle everything by me. Would you like to say something? I want to be obedient.
Xiaoying’s face turned white bit by bit and finally slowly closed her eyes and didn’t talk.
If you sit down and ask me if my wife is in your master’s hands
Xiaoyinger said nothing.
If you slowly say, do you know that human skin is very beautiful? It is not easy to peel a perfect skin. You must bury a person in the ground, expose his head, and then draw a hole on the top of his head and slowly pour mercury into it. People will run around and jump around because they can’t stand the pain. It should be very precious to leave a beautiful skin.
Xiaoying son body trembled slightly.
If you say that you don’t eat duck’s paw after the peeling punishment, the duck must keep walking around burning red iron bars, but the sole of the foot is still a little cooked. I don’t know what it will be like to roast the duck’s paw
Xiaoying bit her lip and her blood flowed quietly because of too much force.
If you get up from your seat and walk to Xiao Yinger, bend over and stare at her. Are you a whip rope or a candle very abusive in my hometown? Many people think that it will be very beautiful to make stripes on a perfect body. Sprinkle salt and sugar on all the stripes of blood and throw them into the ant pile. Look.
Xiaoying son sad smile grind again.
If you find something wrong, don’t shout. Don’t be in a hurry. If you can’t find anything else, put your finger in Xiaoying’s mouth.
Xiaoying’s son is going to lisp. I didn’t expect that if I put my finger in my mouth, I wouldn’t want to bite.
If the pain even screams, with a wave of his right hand, a silver light sweeps up.
Xiaoying’s eyes closed for death. I didn’t expect that if she was loose, she would have cut her rope.
When Xiao Ying’s hand came back quickly, he saw that the three fingers of his right hand were bloody. He was even more twisted with pain and looked angrily at me who was still in a daze. Xiao Ying’s son, why did you bite me if you couldn’t kill me? I should have knocked out your teeth to see how you could kill me.
After saying his word, he held his hand and cried sadly. He cried for half a day. Xiao Ying still sat in a daze and didn’t stare at her. Why haven’t you seen a killer more stupid than you? Why don’t you walk and sit?
Xiaoying son gawk at him.
Is your ear inconvenient?
Xiaoying’s son just woke up and you let me go.
Why not let you go? I’m not interested in killing people. You’re not afraid to kill yourself. I can guess who your master is. I’m not interested in your organization. I’m not interested in your organization to arrest my wife. Don’t you know what I’m doing with you? Or will you bite me again? If you hold your hand in the other hand, your face is full of anger.
If you don’t want to go, frown and forget it. I guess third brother doesn’t mind marrying a concubine in room 23.
I walked XiaoYing son jumped up and quickly rushed to the hall door.
hold one’s horse
Xiaoying’s heart sank and stopped.