Pig warned, "Master, Monkey’s miraculous body is indestructible. That monster can drop him. I think he is having a good time outside. By the way, he went out to look for the abortion spring and didn’t get it back. He was afraid that the master would blame him for chanting and hide and didn’t dare to see him."

上海419论坛,上海龙凤花千坊,夜上海论坛,上海品茶工作室桑拿会所 Pig warned, "Master, Monkey’s miraculous body is indestructible. That monster can drop him. I think he is having a good time outside. By the way, he went out to look for the abortion spring and didn’t get it back. He was afraid that the master would blame him for chanting and hide and didn’t dare to see him."

The Tang Priest said, "But it’s been a long time since Wu left, even if you’re afraid of being blamed by the teacher, you shouldn’t stay late. You’d better look for it. We’ve been here too long, and it’s time to go."
Pig Jie Nai can go to Sun Wu, but how did he know that Sun Wu could walk around casually? He stayed here and found a place to sleep. After waking up, he said to himself, "Master asked me to find that monkey, an old pig, where can I find this damn monkey?" By the way, master, if you ask me, an old pig will say that Juxian Temple looked for it, but he couldn’t be found. "
Chapter 34 Come and stay for another ten years
After pig quit, he directly thought of an excuse to tell Tang Priest, "You didn’t find enlightenment there, so where did he go?"
The pig warned, "Master, don’t worry about Monkey. Monkey is well-connected and will be fine. He must be worried about the master blaming him and hiding now. After a few days, Monkey will come back by himself. We have been here for so long. It’s time to leave. If we don’t leave, when can we go to the West to get the scriptures? Master, the overall situation is important."
Sha Wujing also said, "Master, you can’t ruin the great things by learning from the scriptures. It’s time for us to leave. We haven’t exchanged the official documents for this girl country for several months."
Tang’s monk sighed, "Let’s go and meet the king in exchange for the official biography." Tang’s monk said goodbye to his wife and went on his way to the capital of the kingdom to meet his daughter.
The Tang Priest’s master and apprentice suffered a disaster in front, which took decades more than the journey to the West in later generations. Now the Tang Priest is almost fifty people, and he is no longer young. How can the king of the daughter country look at the old man Tang Priest now? As a result, Tang Priest has lost a bullet and successfully exchanged for the journey to the west.
Tang Priest sat on horseback with enlightenment, pig ring and protector Sha Wujing sent four people away for a few days, and then they went to the girl country to seal the boundary. Among these four people, Tang Priest was not a monk and had no magic, but how could he let them pass through the boundary while sitting on horseback? The four people were stopped before they touched the boundary and could not move forward.
Tang Priest Ma asked, "What is this? We can’t move forward?"
Before pig quit, he looked for a while and said, "Master, someone has cast a spell here. The seal is blocking our way. I’m going to see if there’s a way around there."
Pig quit driving Yunfei to stay here. I didn’t know that my daughter country had been covered by the seal and flew right into the seal. A flash of thunder and fire flashed across the seal, and the pig quit was burnt and thrown to Sha Wujing. When I saw that the pig quit was injured, I rushed to save him, and then the water spilled to wake him up.
Pig ring woke up and groaned, "Teacher younger brother, this girl country has been sealed on all sides, and there is no way out. Ouch, it hurts me."
Sha Wujing anxiously took the pig ring back and said, "Master has been sealed here and we can’t get out. The second brother has also been hurt by this seal."
Tang Priest said to himself, "Are you all right?"
The pig warned, "Master, my old pig was injured and couldn’t recover in ten days and a half. We have no way to go now and can go back."
The Tang Priest said, "This place is sealed. How can we find a way out when we go back? We can’t waste the plan to learn from the scriptures. Don’t you have great magical powers? Break the boundary quickly."
Pig warned, "Master, you don’t know that this enchantment seal is really powerful. My old pig flew into the sky and was burned by thunder. Fortunately, my old pig touched the seal. This thunder fire is not very powerful. If we break the seal, we are afraid of born to die. Look at this seal. It must be a great talent. I think even if Monkey King comes, I dare not touch this seal."
Tang Priest’s eyes lit up and said, "Disciples, since this seal has trapped us here, they want to realize that they are also trapped by this seal. Go and look for it. Maybe they can find a solution when they realize it."
The pig warned, "Master, my old pig has just been burned by thunder and fire. Now where can we move? Let’s find a place to rest first or slowly find a way to see that it is getting dark. How can we spend the night in this barren hills?"
Sha Wujing said, "Master, let’s find a place to rest first. It’s also good for the second brother to recuperate, and the younger brother can’t bear the pain."
The Tang Priest looked into his arms and realized that Fanai nodded. "Well, let’s go back and find a rest place and find a way to break the seal here."
The four Tang Priests went back to the girl country to meet the king and told the Lord what would happen. There would be no men in this girl country, and the queen also wanted to keep Tang Priests for a few more days to watch and study them. Now the four Tang Priests are sealed and trapped in the queen, and they are really happy to keep four.
Fighting with Sun Wu every day is often punished by the seal. It is their Xuangong who slowly rises in this constant punishment.
Enlightenment slowly grew up at the age of ten. Although he looked like a child, his wisdom in his mind was unusual. Tang Priest Zen Buddhism, Buddhism and Buddhism, and other departments had finished learning the martial arts skills of pigs, abstaining from sand and monks. He also learned a lot. He had too little mana, but the king liked him very much and was going to marry his nine-year-old daughter to him in the future to make him king of this girl country.
On this day, there was a loud noise all over the country, and Sun Wu came back with him for a moment. When Tang Priest saw Sun Wu coming back, he was surprised and said, "Wu, you are back."
Sun Wu said, "Master, my grandson was tricked into a strange mountain by a monster, and then he was trapped in the mountain with a seal. It took ten years before the seal was broken. Master, did you ever solve the tire gas?"
The Tang Priest told Sun Wusun Wu that "Master, since this seal has sealed this country, now my old grandson has broken the seal, so we can continue to go west to learn from it now. We have spent too many days, so we should leave as soon as possible."
Tang Priest rejoiced, "Yeah, it’s ten years later, and we should get off the road. Let’s pack our bags and prepare for the road."
The Tang Priest is leaving, but she is very reluctant to take away the Enlightenment Queen. But they are not daughters after all. Although the Chinese have lived here for ten years, they still have to leave. The Queen personally sent the Tang Priest five people away.
Tang Priest never met the seal after the five-person journey. It was at the beginning that the seal just isolated the pipa cave in the poisonous enemy mountain outside the enchantment. Now these five people just hit the pipa cave in the poisonous enemy mountain from their daughter country. The scorpion essence is this scorpion essence, not the scorpion poisoned in the Journey to the West. This demon is the way when the male body is in the wild.
When the five Tang Priests came to this poisonous mountain, the scorpion essence immediately knew that Tang Priests were coming, and took advantage of Sun Wu’s departure to explore the dark wind and swept away toward the four Tang Priests.
When the black wind came out, the world was dark and I couldn’t see the surrounding situation clearly. The pig ring and Sha Wujing couldn’t realize the law, and the shallow roots couldn’t protect the Tang Priest, so the scorpion could easily hand it.
Sun Wu, the scout ahead, caught the Tang Priest in his eyes, but when he didn’t see it, he still searched for it. After a while, Sun Wu went home and pretended to look for the monster abode of fairies and immortals.
After Sun Wu found the pipa cave in the poisonous enemy mountain, he turned into a mosquito and went into the cave to explore the poisoned scorpion essence in the cave. He was happy to drink to celebrate Sun Wu’s sight of the scorpion essence for a while, then searched in the cave for a while and left.
Sun Wu just came out of the hole and stopped to become a prototype. "Why are you still following me? Is this demon still with you?"
Sun Wugang said that and then he appeared, "Monkey, this scorpion is not something you can handle. I’m here to help you."
Sun Wu smiled and said, "You and I are equal. Can you help me?" "Although you and I are good at Xuangong, that poisonous pile is our nemesis."
Sun Wu looked puzzled and smiled. "You and I are invulnerable, but that scorpion can pierce our flesh. If you are stabbed by that scorpion, you will be dizzy. Do you dare to say that you can beat that scorpion?"
Sun Wu thought for a moment and said, "I don’t think you really helped me, but you did something bad. You don’t want this monk to stay here for a few more years, do you?"
A slight smile said, "The scorpion is wild, but I don’t have the leisure to help him. But I am interested in him. I can’t beat what he wants you to help him. Besides, there is a disaster waiting for you ahead, and I don’t have the leisure to trap Tang Priest. After all, he is too old to stand up to it."
Sun Wu said, "Well, let’s go and save the monk."
The two of them went back to the Pipa Cave together and went straight to the scorpion without saying hello. Both of them are practicing Xuangong, and the melee is strong. Now they are working together. The scorpion is where the opponent was beaten by two people. It is because both of them pay attention to the scorpion and pour the horse poison pile. We can’t push it too hard at the moment.
Slowly, the scorpion was on the verge of defeat. Suddenly, two black lights flashed towards the two of them, and Sun Wu avoided being stabbed by this black light. The left arm felt numb and numb, and both of them were stunned at the same time. The scorpion hurried away.
"Oh, oh, oh, oh," a crow rang, and the scorpion was so frightened by the crow that it recovered for a moment, but it had long since become an incarnation of a rooster. Seeing that the scorpion was going to escape, the crow immediately took hold of the scorpion.
And Sun Wu was instantly numb and awake and immediately went to the scorpion. The two of them had already discussed it and wouldn’t want this scorpion to die, but the two sticks went to the scorpion and were also prototyped.
Before accepting the scorpion, Sun Wu smiled. "Thank you for your help this time. You can be careful of the disaster behind you. This disaster is your disaster, but if you handle it well, you can also make the monk suffer. Remember not to go to Lingshan. Maybe that’s where you were robbed."
Chapter 35 Four monkeys gather together
Sun Wu looked puzzled and said, "Monkey, I’ve let the cat out of the bag. If you want to ask me again, I don’t know. Remember never to go to Lingshan and ask others if you are in trouble. There is no good thing in Buddhism." Then he turned into Changhong and left.
Sun Wu recalled that there was some feeling in his heart that there was really something threatening him in Lingshan, and he finally decided to listen to a word.
The Tang Priest was rescued by Sun Wu, and five people went on their way west again. After a while, they met a group of robbers, and Sun Wu did not know that he actually shot and killed them.