Stretched out his hand and moved Yanxi’s little face directly, and then his warm lips ignored it.

上海419论坛,上海龙凤花千坊,夜上海论坛,上海品茶工作室品茶论坛 Stretched out his hand and moved Yanxi’s little face directly, and then his warm lips ignored it.

A kiss can have many meanings.
I feel that my breath was violently swept away by a man. If it weren’t for the slight tingling of my lip, I’m afraid Yanxi hasn’t realized what Zhou Zichen is doing to her.
The sound of "Ni Wu" is fragmented, but at the same time it gives the other party a chance to drive straight into the hot tongue.
Attacking the city is like being immortal. The mint aroma in Zhou Zichen’s mouth keeps pouring into Yanxi’s mouth with the intersecting lips and teeth
He kissed impulsively, and he kissed deeply.
The slim back pressed against the back of the seat. Yanxi raised her hand to pat a man’s head, but when it really moved, it turned into touching his hair.
The body is soft and the spirit seems to be cut out.
I can’t make it without a little strength.
In the confusion, she closed her eyes uncontrollably.
The storm swept into a gentle peck, and I felt that the little woman obeyed Zhou Zichen, tightened her eyes and kissed him, and gradually softened.
"di di di"
Harsh horns whizzed past. Because Maibakh stopped at the end of the viaduct and blocked the lane behind, those car owners could choose to honk their horns to express their anger and switch their cars to the next lane.
The stars are bright and the moonlight is bright
There are not many cars on the road at night, let alone the viaduct.
Zhou Zichen dared to make a decision on parking danger, and naturally he thought everything over.
"Zhou, you’re not killing yourself." Panting eyes blurred, the man finally let Yan Xi go. What he did at the first time was not to investigate the responsibility but to consider his own life.
"Even if you don’t want to live, don’t drag me." Put your hands against each other’s solid chest and your lips have swollen. Yanxi is really afraid that she will try again.
I didn’t pay attention to anything before
at present
She’s not going crazy with this gentleman.
"Ann, I don’t want to die like this." There are eyes staring at his wife Yi Shaoqian and
"You don’t want to die, but you just park on the elevated road." I stared at Zhou Zichen with a kiss and Yan Xi with water in her eyes. At this moment, it was really charming and beautiful
"Husband measured" rubbed Zhou Zichen’s words on Yanxi’s head. The more he said, the more ridiculous Yanxi felt.
"What’s wrong with you? You just got hit in the head by Yi Shaoqian." The face is hot and the lips are burning. It’s not the first time that Zhou Zichen kissed himself so inexplicably, but this time it’s not too rude, is it?
"Little darling, I’m your husband."
"I can kiss you if I want."
It’s not that I didn’t notice Zhou Zichen’s recent abnormality. It’s just that Yanxi’s subjective attitude towards the heart can’t believe it.
After the atmosphere was a little silent, Yanxi said nothing and Zhou Zichen did not speak.
Until the car entered the villa area south of the city where Zhou’s mansion was located.
"That I was kidnapped by Yi Shaoqian, do you and Brother Gui know about it?"