"I wanted to teach you how to split boxing, but it has been delayed because of Xue Yingying." Qu Yongshen said, "Now, if you look at your grades, it should be that neither of you has practiced Bumblebee well. You have a good talent, but forget it. I can’t teach you."

上海419论坛,上海龙凤花千坊,夜上海论坛,上海品茶工作室桑拿夜网 "I wanted to teach you how to split boxing, but it has been delayed because of Xue Yingying." Qu Yongshen said, "Now, if you look at your grades, it should be that neither of you has practiced Bumblebee well. You have a good talent, but forget it. I can’t teach you."

Fat listening to this means that Qu Yong is not going to teach him. He is a little anxious and implores, "Brother Xiaoyong, don’t. Am I expelled from my old school?"
"No" Qu Yong also wants to teach fatness in his heart, but judging from the two of them, it is obvious that he didn’t put his words in his heart, and he didn’t want to give Ma Wei. This is not to say that Qu Yong wants to shake the master down a peg or two, but since ancient times, the master must teach his disciples to be dignified and mysterious, so as to curb the young people’s hard work practice, otherwise it is better not to teach them well when they suspect that it is a wave.
"Brother Xiaoyong!" Bumblebee also worried, "It’s really our fault that we didn’t practice hard, but you know that you weren’t here some time ago. We have no backbone and we are based on the three-way pose. Please give us another chance!"
"You" Qu Yong said, "Xingyi five elements boxing’s twelve forms are simple. If I want to teach you for an afternoon, you will learn them, but that’s a flower stand. What’s there? The asana is that the purer the foundation frame, the more effort it takes. Of course, it doesn’t mean that you have to die for it. "
Chapter seventy-seven Tiantai chat
"Brother Xiaoyong," said Boss Cao suddenly, "I won’t say anything if I come to teach you boxing, but I want to give them another chance. If they can’t meet your requirements in seven days, it’s all fate. What do you think?"
QuYong glanced at Cao Boss’s eyes with a little smile, but he turned around and hid his smile with a frown for a long time before saying, "Good this time."
Boss Cao turned around with a smile in his eyes. What he said was that he saw through Qu Yong’s mind. The latter just wanted to shock a bumblebee. Otherwise, the rules were not strict, and Qu Yong didn’t discuss it with Boss Cao before. But obviously, after so many things recently, especially after Sanya, Qu Yong and Boss Cao sometimes have enough eye contact to know each other’s thoughts.
Boxing was still taught in this way, but this time Bumblebee and Fat obviously worked hard to practice the next day’s class. Bumblebee actually played a pose in class. They came and sat in the last row. Few people noticed that their legs and hands didn’t swing. Later, they actually had a class. After class, they continued to play games after school.
This made Cao boss very painful because no one had accompanied him to play games. This day, after watching bumblebee and fat on the rooftop, Qu Yong took Cao boss to one side and whispered, "Boss, I’ve been thinking about a lot of things these days, but I’ve been wondering if I want to talk to you."
Boss Cao said, "I also happen to have something to talk to you about. It’s a message from Sisi. Although she sent people to my ear, she actually said that I am a microphone for you."
QuYong touch nose way "that you speak first"
"Good," said Boss Cao. "I’ll talk about a few things slowly. First, since Sisi regained control, our family has been completely tied to her aircraft carrier, but it’s a good thing that she wants to bleach it, so it’s finally ok at present."
Qu Yong said, "Four girls want to bleach?"
Boss Cao said, "Now it’s not as bad as it was in the past years. Jingtai stayed at the junction of these three provinces in Quzhou. Fortunately, once a government in Jiangsu and Zhejiang was occupied, it would have to come forward. Fortunately, it was slowly bleaching until the four girls came back and decided to break their arms to survive. In the past few years, their thunder swept drugs and set up the government to protect their inheritance. Anyway, the situation of the four girls is still relatively good at present, but there is also a great hidden danger?"
QuYong mind skip a name "big fly"
Sure enough, boss Cao said, "Dafei escaped. He was rescued by the European Seven Colors Organization while the chain rebelled, and Xue Yingying was also rescued from prison just a few days ago."
Qu Yong already knows the news. He is not good at hiding it. Although he has experienced many things, he still doesn’t want to be false to his brother. Since Boss Cao said it, he nodded, "I already know the news."
Boss Cao was not surprised. "I also guessed that you knew. Was it when you visited Xue Yingying that day?"
"Yes," said Qu Yongqi. "How do you know?"
Boss Cao said, "I guess you didn’t see Xue Yingying for the first time, but it seems that you forgot to visit it again in the next few days. Although I felt strange at that time, I didn’t think much, but I suddenly got a guess about Xue Yingying’s prison robbery this afternoon."
Qu Yong sometimes thinks it’s terrible that boss Cao and four girls are so clever. Others often move a little or something, and they can infer things. "Xue Yingying is also a seven-color person, and I also handed them over."
Boss Cao sniffed and pulled out a cigarette in his trouser pocket and said, "Who is the seven-color bearer this time?"
"Qiu Ju is a little weaker than that childhood friend," Qu Yong said. "But they are killers who don’t talk about kung fu. They pay attention to the comprehensive quality of killing kung fu. By the way, boss, do you know this seven-color organization? I think it seems that they saved Dafei’s father and daughter more than just a commission. "
Boss Cao took a puff and said, "This seven-color organization is very mysterious. The seven killers have their own strengths. Xiaoyong Geji, the green plum, how sure are you if you fight with you?"
QuYong eyes closed and thought for a moment, "If it’s just fighting martial arts by thirty percent, if it’s a life-and-death battle, I don’t have any chance."
Boss Cao said, "I checked that this plum can rank fifth among seven people, and then it will get worse. These people are not only proficient in martial arts, but also familiar with all kinds of guns. They are also good at assassinations, and some politicians and military leaders in Europe are also in their hands."
"So powerful?"
Boss Cao was silent for a long time and said, "But this is not the most terrible thing. No matter how powerful they are, they are just seven guns in their hands. It is really terrible!"
QuYong mused, "Seven shot people and one hand was their head? Although he didn’t come forward, he manipulated the seven colors in the dark. This secret organization seems to want to save Dafei and Xue Yingying, which is also the idea. "
Boss Cao said, "It was they who rescued the four girls of Dafei, and they fell into a heart disease. She also wanted to understand the seven-color background. This is the first thing."
Qu Yong said, "Who is she going to deal with? I’m just an ordinary college student and I can’t help her."
"Really?" Boss Cao said, "Brother Xiaoyong, you underestimate yourself, not to mention your great martial arts potential. Just say that Sisi has experienced ups and downs these times without your help. I can see that she seems to have a very subtle feeling for you."
"Don’t talk nonsense!" Qu Yong quickly denied that "there are things to say."
Boss Cao’s eyes were stung a little by the curling smoke. He rubbed his eyes and said, "The second thing is that she knows that Zong Qianqian is a teacher in our school. I want you to be careful about this person. This is also my opinion. China is so big. Where can she go with her diploma? Do you have to come to Quzhou as a teacher in this mixed place?"
Qu Yong is not stupid and knows how they think, "I know I know what I know, whether she saved me!" "
Boss Cao sneered, "Sometimes saving a person is to destroy this person!"
"Let’s change the subject. I already know."
Boss Cao can sigh when he sees that he doesn’t like to discuss Zong Qianqian. "The third thing is that you asked me about the honeysuckle. After careful consideration, I have an opinion."
Qu Yongxi said, "How?"
"Set up a stall at Yueyuan Building in the school," said Boss Cao. "Now the price of honeysuckle is here, and no one will buy it at a high price. After all, this thing is not rare, but if it is sold in the school, it will be different. If you sell a small bag for five yuan and a pack of fifty grams looks very full, you can have 20 packs and count as one hundred yuan. Now the market price is good, and the price of your three-level white flowers is two hundred yuan a kilogram. Although you are tired, you can definitely sell too much money."
Qu Yong is also calculating once. Uncle Cheng said that he has three kilograms of white flowers and almost four kilograms of white flowers, because none of them are good goods. Now people come to buy at most two pieces. If they sell them themselves, they can sell seven pieces. But he is worried, "Isn’t this a good time?"
"Brother Xiaoyong!" Boss Cao advised, "Who can understand whether your honeysuckle is good or bad for these college students? For them, a cup of milk tea can’t be bought for five dollars. Think again about how big a package of 100 grams of honeysuckle is. They are still very cheap. Go and see the stall behind our Liyeyuan. A one-meter stall costs a thousand dollars. Don’t talk about those facades. What is this? It is because college students make the best money! You know, besides, we don’t end up setting up a stall in school. Don’t worry, I have you to put it casually. "
Qu Yong also knows that he is reading himself, and most of his classmates are ambitious. Just play a game and charge tens of millions of dollars. Who cares about five dollars? He finally nodded, "Boss, you always see things much whiter than me, but do you think everyone will buy this honeysuckle?" After all, this is not a coffee milk tea? "
Boss Cao said, "I’ve also figured out a way to solve this, and I’m afraid you won’t agree."
"What way?"
"Street performers!" Boss Cao said, "Just set up a booth like the previous people, brush two strokes, break a big stone in the chest, and then sell plasters. Brother Xiaoyong, many people in the school know that all your plasters will definitely have a market. This is the celebrity effect."
"This" tells the truth that Qu Yong hates this kind of busking. Although he is gentle on the surface, he has his own pride in his bones. Besides, this martial arts is a long-term teaching. If it is used to perform busking, Qu Yong also feels that he has lost his old man’s identity. "Can there be a way to stop busking?"
Boss Cao also thought of Qu Yong’s reaction. He said, "If you don’t sell, you should be able to sell it. Let’s try it first."
"Of course!" At this time, because Qu Yong said that his voice was getting heavier, he attracted Fat and Bumblebee, saying, "Brother Xiaoyong, that’s our business. Of course, we have to do it together."