"I can’t move. Just push me."


"Push anywhere?"
"Ok, try pushing."
"What should I do if I push it?"
"After pushing me to call you master, you should call me master."
Lin Cheng laughed. In his eyes, the little girl was at best a budding girl, and she felt funny betting on winning or losing Lin Cheng with a master of chemical strength.
Lin Cheng’s figure is relatively tall among southerners, and his skin color is slightly black, which has an indescribable male charm.
This little girl is only 10 years old this year. She is the daughter of Hu Xiaoxiao, the owner of the contemporary Hu family. When she was a child, Hu Tongtong was full of women, and at her age, she was curious about men. But when she was in Hu’s house, she was full of manly men. This kind of man, like women in Jiangnan water town, took a submissive route.
Is it still called a man when a man takes a soft route?
Anyway, Hu Tongtong hated that kind of man who was not manly at all since he was a child, or that kind of man in her heart can no longer be called a man.
The first time I saw Lin Cheng Hu Tongtong, I looked at him with a little dark complexion and that clever look, especially the soft belt in boxing, and Hu Tongtong couldn’t help but want to flirt with this uncle.
Lin Cheng is twenty-seven this year. In the eyes of ten-year-old girl Hu Tongtong, he is an uncle, but isn’t it popular now? Since childhood, Hu Tongtong has supervised the practitioner qigong by his mother Hu Xiaoxiao, and has broken through the stage of free exertion and stepped into the stage of free pore closure.
What is the level of dark strength? If you are still an ordinary person after practicing hard, then the dark energy is equivalent to a little high hand, which draws a line with the ordinary people. Many things of the dark energy are difficult for ordinary people to understand. Of course, the most important thing is that kung fu has made great strides and can reach the level of beating people.
Hu Tongtong’s self-confidence has been greatly enhanced in the comparison of ethnic groups and classmates in school. Hu Tongtong, the strongest boy in school, can throw him a fork at the touch.
"Then how are you? I want to push you." Lin Cheng gave Hu Tongtong a warning to indicate that he wanted it.
Hu Tongtong made a sudden step. If you don’t bend your legs, this step is very stable. No matter who you look at, Hu Tongtong’s step is very casual and seems to be powerless. But Lin Cheng can feel that Hu Tongtong has now worked hard, especially his blood and blood are sinking in his legs, which is like taking root in a tree deep in the earth.
"All right? I really pushed? " Lin Cheng gave Hu Tongtong another warning.
Hu Tongtong was about to open his mouth to answer Lin Chengyi’s push on her shoulder. When everyone didn’t react, Hu Tongtong fell sideways.
"You heels!" Get up Hu Tongtong shouted Lin Cheng Lai Pi.
In fact, just now, Lin Cheng did make some clever efforts to make the breath of Hu Tongtong’s mouth leak instantly and violently, and Lin Cheng’s push part happened to be the most unstable part of Hu Tongtong’s position. If you push it forward or backward, it will not have such a good effect.
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? In fact, only pedestrians who don’t understand will shout Lin Cheng Lai Pi. If an expert comes, he will certainly praise Lin Cheng Gang’s ability to grasp both strength and timing.
What are strength and timing? This is the key factor to win, and it is a fatal blow at the right time. This is something that only excellent boxers can master and only the best boxers can grasp well.
What is the skill training? That’s it. practicing strength can hit the body strength part to a point in an instant and release it. This is strength.
What is listening practice? That’s it. I can grasp the timing of the other side’s power. What’s the timing of the other side’s power? No, it’s better to do it yourself before the other side does it. This is the time.
However, apart from tourists, the people present are the family businesses in the periphery of Hu family in Fu ‘an town. They are not good at Kung Fu, and no one can see the mystery of Lin Cheng’s trick.
And Hu Tongtong also kept yelling Lin Cheng heels.
However, everyone can see clearly that people just push it gently. Just push Lin Cheng with one finger and one finger. Everyone has seen it.
Many people also regard Hu Tongtong’s yelling as a child’s teasing.
"My name is not heels. You should call me master, but you said just now." Lin Cheng smiled and showed his white teeth.
"You were a rascal when I wasn’t ready." Hu Tongtong was a little coquettish. She was going to show Lin Cheng her great kung fu. I didn’t expect to be broken by this rascal inadvertently. There is nothing more humiliating for Hu Tongtong, a child’s mind.
"Haha, even if you are not ready, you can’t blame me. I asked you twice if you were ready, and you said yes."
Hu Tongtong’s angry cheeks are bulging, but she can’t say a word to refute Lin Cheng’s words. Her eyes are staring at this black uncle’s heart. "Hum, you wait for me and dare to provoke me. I don’t think you want to mix up here."
As soon as Hu Tongtong thought of the mixed problem, he immediately thought that he hadn’t figured out whether this black uncle was coming to travel or staying here. "Uncle, I was wrong just now, so let me ask you, where are you from?"
Lin Cheng saw Hu Tongtong’s eyes turn straight and he guessed Hu Tongtong’s heart. This little girl must be holding back the salt of the earth.
"Don’t, don’t, don’t call me uncle. You should call me master. We just agreed."