Talking to push the wood bamboo.


Next to the ghost brake like god also hurriedly got up and let out the seat.
Looking at the ghost master and the ghost brake, SIRS Godfather was livid, too fighting, and he scolded him in the heart. "Even if Hong Jun calculated that this small strength is getting worse and worse, he actually called me to wait for the calculation. This Muqingzhu Mo Xie is a chance, but it’s a pity that he was beaten by the ghost brake like a god. What a bastard! Motherfucker! "
Looking at Muqingzhu Mo Xie, look at all the people in the field. At this time, all three thousand guests have already arrived at Qiyu Duxiu and smiled. The corners of the mouth slightly tilted "Shut the door and preach …"
Chapter 2346 Regret intestines are clear.
Jade Duxiu preaches very simply. Everyone has his own avenue, and everyone hears Jade Duxiu’s avenue. For example, the ghost Lord hears reincarnation and the source of darkness, while the Twelve Demons hear the array of the Twelve Gods. It is too easy for the Godfather to hear the fate and too difficult for the Godfather to hear the stars.
As time goes by, 3,000 years pass quickly, and this sermon is over.
Watching everyone gradually digest and realize that all the karma in their own body is gone in an instant, Yu Duxiu smiled with unprecedented gentleness. "There are three sermons in the seat, and the seat is about to close in a few days. Are there any questions?"
"Dare to ask Zuhe Dao?" Taiyi looked at Jade Duxiu.
Yu Duxiu smiled. "Since then, I am a heavenly man, but heaven is not a hung-chun. There is a heavenly man, hung-chun, and I am a person again."
"Hoo ~ ~ ~"
After listening to Yu Duxiu’s words, all the twelve fiends in the East have bright eyes, and there is no more Hongjun in the world, but there is a heavenly Hongjun. Isn’t that to say that the big stone that weighed on my heart has been moved away?
It’s a good thing for the two of them to join hands. Isn’t it the biggest force without Hung-chun holding down the demon clan and the protoss?
"Dare to ask if the ancestors are holy?" Ghost brake suddenly opens its mouth
Jade Duxiu slowly stretched out his palm only to see seven HarmonyOS purple air turns. "This perfect world sage has 99 extremes. When nine saints were born to be in charge of the perfect world! In the future, the perfect world will not be a big event! "
There is a huge wave in the jade show. If Hongjun is part of the law of the integration of Taoism, it means that Hongjun can’t make moves at will. At this time, there are saints who have been managing the perfect world from generation to generation, and that saint is the most powerful person in the perfect world
Even a fairy is hard to let go!
Feeling everyone’s disordered breathing, Jade Duxiu continues to stimulate everyone. "There are nine purple spirits in HarmonyOS. I have seven unique ways to be holy, master the pole, mobilize the power of heaven to master the perfect law, and all beings worship!"
Jade Duxiu’s words fell on a pair of eyes and scanned the crowd, only to see that everyone’s eyes were qi qi towards the palm of their hands. It seems that the eyes are hot and seem to be glue.
Jade Duxiu took his time and looked at Taiyi, Taiping, Taidou and Tai Su. With a wave of his hand, HarmonyOS purple gas flew out and circled in front of the four people. "You four have Huigen, and this HarmonyOS purple gas is willing to accept it?"
"willing! Yes! " Before nodding again and again, the four godparents thought it was a big pit, but they heard that Yu Duxiu became a part of heaven after he joined the road, and they couldn’t go out at will. The four godfathers felt that this was definitely a beautiful job, and Hong Jun joined the road to heaven and made a difference. This perfect world was given to himself and others, but everyone dreamed of it.
Jade Duxiu nodded and looked at the four people who received the purple gas from HarmonyOS and the purple gas from HarmonyOS. It was called the ghost headquarters alliance broke down.
"Mu Qingzhu and Mo Xie, since you can come to Zixiao Palace, it’s a great chance. Can you prove the throne?" Jade Duxiu looked at Muqingzhu Mo Xie.
"My brother is willing" Mu Qingzhu and Mo Xie repeatedly nodded and Yu Duxiu sighed with regret "If the western land was not implicated in the Second World War, you two would not be eligible to enjoy the purple gas in HarmonyOS. You will need to live and prosper the great cause of the West in the future when you get the holy position."
Two people should be a qi qi.
While looking at the HarmonyOS purple gas like a ghost brake, his eyes are red.
While the twelve fiends of the Eastern Emperor are even more dangerous in their eyes, according to Jade Duxiu, even if everyone is in a big position in the future, there are saints holding up and they are always inferior.
Looking at the last HarmonyOS purple jade in his hand, he looked at Kun Peng and nodded. "You came to get this thing by chance, but since you got a seat, this purple gas has you."
Talking the last line of HarmonyOS purple gas into the hands of Kunpeng.
"Please also ask Daozu to take charge of the unification of heaven and earth and act on behalf of heaven and earth, and also ask Daozu to give treasures." The East Emperor suddenly fell to his knees.
Jade Duxiu shook his head. "It’s a pity that HarmonyOS’s purple spirit has a destiny. After seven days, this saint naturally has a saint in charge of the demon race of heaven and earth when he quits the Great Unity."
This remark is like lightning, which will make the East Emperor dizzy and I don’t know what to say.
Looking at all the people with different expressions in the hall, Yu Duxiu said, "Maybe some of you are my old friends and some are my enemies. It must be very strange. Some people say that I am too proud to look at everyone …"
I saw everyone listening to Yu Duxiu with their ears propped up. "Actually, you are all wrong. What I am doing now is to observe God’s will and enforce heaven’s will. If you want to give birth to me, I will never do anything to you. If you run out of luck, it will be time to die!"
Speaking of this, Yu Duxiu sighed lightly, "If you can sit down, you really don’t want to join hands and join hands, and then you will never be hung up again. This person has only heaven and earth. I’d rather be a saint. HarmonyOS’s purple gas can be seen, and you should know that Taoism is precious and not light."
Jade Duxiu’s last sentence was to say to seven poor guys