"Shuai had already thought about this problem before going to war, so he left Wang Feng in Datong and Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces with a full 20 thousand well-equipped butch and leopard troops …"

上海419论坛,上海龙凤花千坊,夜上海论坛,上海品茶工作室桑拿会所 "Shuai had already thought about this problem before going to war, so he left Wang Feng in Datong and Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces with a full 20 thousand well-equipped butch and leopard troops …"

"Not only so handsome, but also gave Wang Feng a key moment. We will stay in Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces with 20,000 elites. We can also cooperate with the local garrison to further expand our territory and let the court lose its wife and fold its soldiers."
"Do you think that the left-behind troops in Shaanxi and Shaanxi provinces can’t stop the court from sending more than 100,000 attack force?"
"Absolutely stop it …" Zhao Yun, who is full of confidence in the fighting capacity of the butch army, answered without thinking.
"Not only can you stop General Wang from having a big appetite, but you can also take this opportunity to destroy several elite teams sent by the imperial court, and according to the guard, you will make Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces expand our territory …"
Weizheng nodded and affirmed, "Handsome is the result …"
"The imperial court intends to put us together through this attack. That handsome man can also put the imperial court together through this counterattack, so that the imperial court can’t say how bitter it is …"
"If we can win this counterattack, face the heavy losses on the front line, face the powerful front of the northern army, and the court will never be willing to really compromise with us."
"Then we can ask the court to kill these ungrateful civilians."
Chapter four hundred and thirty-six Fake play really do it
After two days of waiting, staying in Taiyuan, Wang Feng and Kelly Y Zhou did not disappoint Wei Zheng.
Because in just two days, they annihilated and attacked 40 thousand loyalist elites in Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces and captured more than 29 thousand loyalist soldiers at all levels
Not only that, but the government troops also lost more than 20 thousand people when they attacked Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces from other directions, and then they had to take care of themselves because of the losses of the attacking troops and retreat hastily
In the face of this result, Wei Zheng’s face directly showed a heartfelt and relaxed smile.
On the front of the same face excited zhaoyun tone easily said …
"After the war is over, it is to see what kind of reaction the court will have."
"But we can’t watch the left-behind troops eat meat on the battlefield while we stop here motionless and can’t even drink a hot soup …"
Zhao Yun’s eyes shot out two hot eyes quickly when he heard this sentence.
Looking forward to Wei Zheng, he asked: "The guard stayed at the border of Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces and fought a great victory. Should we give the loyalist opposite …"
"As far as the late generals know, the 10,000 loyalists who are defending the opposite side of us have been equipped with the imperial court to imitate our grenades and flintlock rifles. This is just the case through a battle to see whether we are equipped with flintlock rifles or they are equipped with flintlock rifles and grenades."
Wei Zheng shook his head and refused: "We did take action in the next few days, but we didn’t attack the official army opposite."
"A few days ago, Shuai said that now we haven’t really replaced the imperial power. If the imperial court doesn’t turn against us, we can’t stand firm in front of the people. We can’t attack the loyalist first and destroy the imperial court. This negotiation has become the culprit for undermining peace."
"But if the imperial loyalist defies us first, we will not hesitate to call back …"
"In a word, if people don’t make me, I won’t be a prisoner … if people make me, I will be a prisoner …"
Zhaoyun fiery heart slowly calm down to ask Wei Zheng …
"In that case, the guard said," Let’s levy the northern army to take action … "
Wei Zheng replied with a serious face: "It’s very simple to pose a situation for the opposing loyalist that we are about to launch a retaliatory attack. At the same time, I told the military camp court negotiator that the troops staying in Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces have successfully repelled more than 100,000 loyalists’ attacks.
Two days after we levy the northern army to the court, the court must give me an account of the Tiger and Leopard Army and severely punish those loyalist officers who did not listen to the imperial edicts and sent troops to Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces without authorization. "
"Otherwise, I levy tens of thousands of elite northern troops, which is no longer as simple as stopping here, but further attacking the capital to the foot of the capital …"
I heard that Zhao Yun calmed down and his facial expression became excited again.
So carved zhaoyun has emerged in my mind a few court negotiators heard loyalist shanshan provinces again after the defeat, a face of ashes like pig liver color facial expressions.
Who collected the grand report of Datong, and at the same time, the last ten miles away from the northern army station, the capital also received the news that tens of thousands of loyalist elites were captured by the remaining troops of the Tiger and Leopard Army.
Faced with this news that shocked the ruling and opposition parties, hundreds of thousands of people in Beijing were frightened, knowing that their guilt could not escape, the Ministry of War hanged the house itself before Emperor Chongzhen Xuanzhaozhao waited.
I hope my death can leave a way for my family.
Not only that, several officials in charge of the Ministry of War also hanged themselves with the Ministry of War Shang …
In the face of this result, Emperor Chongzhen was full of anger because of the defeat at the front line. It was like being slapped again with a loud slap, and he was suppressed and could not say a word …
See the court also shocked by this column of news cabinet minister chongzhen had to suppress his heart shocked to break the court more and more dignified atmosphere first said.
"Talk ah … tens of thousands of soldiers who were defeated at the front line were captured less than a hundred miles away from the capital, and tens of thousands of elite troops of the northern army also assumed a posture of imminent massive attack … More importantly, the Ministry of War organized the attack and committed suicide by hanging themselves, giving such a big rotten stall to the court to finish …"
"You are all my great courtiers, my humeral ministers, and I hope you can come out and solve this rotten stall with me …"
Emperor Chongzhen’s words plunged into the hearts of these ministers like a thorn, which made them feel painful and full of shock, and their faces also showed a heartfelt shame expression.
Emperor Chongzhen looked at a minister with a pair of clever eyes and had to bite the bullet and say …
"Positions veteran court must immediately stop and butch army military confrontation and butch army for real negotiations instead of the so-called delay …"
"Real negotiation …" When Emperor Chongzhen uttered these words, he said that his voice had been unconsciously amplified several times.
Then it’s like an angry lion growling at the minister: "You mean let me pretend to do it … let me let the court really compromise with the tiger and leopard army to defend the levy …"
Seeing that several ministers showed their silent facial expressions, Emperor Chongzhen was angry again and refused without thinking: "No, absolutely not … I am a great emperor and I must not bow to a rogue minister and thief …"
"Although the court reached a negotiation with the Tiger and Leopard Army a few days ago, it was only a temporary compromise. It was the court’s plan to slow down the war so that the court could defeat the Tiger and Leopard Army from the military for a short time and the court’s face and dignity would continue to be preserved."
"But once this negotiation becomes a reality and results, I and the court’s face and dignity will never be found back. Only this one thing will discredit the whole court …"
"I can’t imagine that even if we negotiate with the butch army to end this conflict, I and all the people and civil and military officials in the whole court have no authority at all … I have no authority in the imperial edict of the whole dynasty …"
Chapter four hundred and thirty-seven See the situation clearly
Sitting on the throne, Emperor Chongzhen became more and more angry when he just spoke and was refuted by Emperor Chongzhen. Wang Zhongying, the cabinet minister, came out again.
At this moment he also can not consider what the imperial court face with emperor chongzhen anger bluntly said …
"Please calm down. I have a word to say. I hope you can think it over carefully …"
"Negotiating with the Tiger and Leopard Army will really hurt the prestige of the whole court."
"But if we don’t negotiate with the butch army, the butch army will levy the northern army to attack directly outside the capital city and then negotiate with the butch army, so that the court and its positions will be more humiliated. Not only that, but the court will pay more in the negotiations …"
"I hope that the positions can lose tens of thousands of elites at the front line in vain. In addition to the garrison and defense, the golden cavalry and the border army have no strength to compete with the butch army …"
"Want positions don’t want to be a great national subjugation monarch to see the capital being breached by the butch army, then there will be negotiations with the butch army to temporarily compromise with the butch army …"
"Not only that, but the veteran also wants us to calm down with the butch army. The sooner the court will pay less … so it is definitely the most favorable time for the court to negotiate with the butch army now …"
After Wang Zhongying, the cabinet minister, said, he also recognized the situation clearly, as if he had discussed it. At the same time, he said, "I’m seconded by you. Please consider this discussion carefully in the future …"
Minister’s words are like a pot of biting cold water, which douses the so-called self-esteem and confidence expectation in Chongzhen’s heart and then has to face the reality again.
The whole hall also became silent at this moment …
As far as all ministers are concerned, their eyes are constantly changing. When Chongzhen is waiting for Chongzhen’s reply, he is full of unwilling exclamations and shouts directly from Chongzhen’s mouth.
"I don’t want to … I really don’t want to …"
After hearing Chongzhen full of unwilling roar, the ministers unexpectedly gave me a smile.
Because of the roaring of Chongzhen, I have told them that Emperor Chongzhen has agreed to negotiate with Tiger and Leopard Army from the bottom of my heart. The requirement is that Chongzhen still has unwillingness in his heart …
In that case, all the problems will be solved if Emperor Chongzhen is unwilling.
In the face of this situation, the old cabinet records directly came out, and Emperor Chongzhen was full of doubts and expectations … Complex eyes stared at his old voice and answered.
"Wang Daren, a veteran of the position, has just made a good analysis … the earlier the negotiations with the butch army go on, the less the court will have to pay. In this case, the more the court will recover its strength and strength after the military confrontation …"