Moloto smell speech sullen like water, a young inferno beside him could not help but say, "Su, you said that you are enemies with the same realm, and your tone is not too arrogant. What genius is there?" Maybe someone in the same realm is stronger than you! "

上海419论坛,上海龙凤花千坊,夜上海论坛,上海品茶工作室桑拿夜网 Moloto smell speech sullen like water, a young inferno beside him could not help but say, "Su, you said that you are enemies with the same realm, and your tone is not too arrogant. What genius is there?" Maybe someone in the same realm is stronger than you! "

Su Ying’s eyes flashed and smiled. "I just want to see this time when I entered Zhongtian’s demon land, but it’s a pity that there are some small people who besieged me in the same realm. The characters in World War I met Brother Barto today."
"Can you talk to the enemy in the realm? You have to come up with something real!"
Behind Mrs. Moloto, an inferno man stood up and said, "My name is Su, and my self-styled practice is also deified. Do you dare to fight me?"
Sue should look up at him and shake her head. "You can’t have this qualification with you guys."
Several young and strong demons couldn’t help but be furious. Mrs. Moloto suddenly laughed. "Since people say so, why don’t you join hands to see if this Taoist friend can defeat you?"
He is the royal family of Moro. As soon as the mouth is opened, the young and strong infernos dare not oppose it. A woman got up in succession and sneered, "Su, are you going to prepare for our World War I here?"
Su Ying stood still and suddenly clicked a few times to explode. Thick mana poured out, and the three arms and palms turned up and down, turning over the sky and covering his center. Hundreds of meters of gas in Fiona Fang was suddenly pumped to form a strange real force field!
That a few inferno young strong unexpectedly can’t help but fly to his palm by being dragged by the real force field!
Sue should palm force broke out several figures stuffy hum a fly out in all directions I don’t know where to fall.
"Vulnerable" Sue should still negative hand still dispersed three arms light say with smile
His personality can be said to be domineering, and the Terran Jiuli Holy City and Morotai dare to start a rampage.
This is the temperament of the inferno. The stronger you are, the more people respect you. If you are passive, Nuo Nuo will make the inferno look down on you and bully you even more.
Su Ying is so arrogant that he has no secret that he is right about the inferno, and he has no background or backer in Zhongtian Magic Field.
In this case, then he will play his temper and personality. The bigger the trouble, the more attention the middle and high-level inferno will pay to him, the more peaceful it will be.
"What are the enemies in the same realm?"
Suddenly, a voice came to the urn and said, "Does a person have anything to see if it is a realm? I am higher than you, and I am stronger than you. Even if you can fight against me with the realm, you can crush you with higher realm and mana!"
Sue should look around and see the magic gas coming from a distance, a big ship and a mass of magic gas. A huge magic body looms in the magic gas, and I don’t know what race it is.
When Barto saw this, his face suddenly changed towards Su Ying and explained, "This man’s name is Diji, but the first master of the youth of the Khrushchev clan is said to be more unfathomable than Morotai. I wonder if even he came to the holy city this time."
Emperor Ji landed from the ship like a tall and straight man. Hearing him say with smile, "Even if you have the enemy’s capital in the same realm, others can still use it to suppress you. What you said is that you only need him to compete with the younger generation in the inferno to know if you can achieve the enemy."
"It should be so"
Su Ying leaned in and laughed. "I also want to meet a young master of inferno for a while."
Emperor extremely waved his hand and said, "If you want the holy city, you will have a chance to fight. But if you want me to fight today, let’s fight another day."
When he finished, he patiently watched the indifferent magic statue of Wan Ren fight
Su Ying smiled and was not prepared to explain what Barto and others stopped to watch together.
Chapter six hundred and three The pursuit of the magic temple
On whether it is the magic statue of forgetfulness or the magic statue of Wan Ren, they are all peerless masters in Zhongtian Magic Field.
I’m afraid that hundreds of miles of Fiona Fang will be directly destroyed if the stone stage is not protected by some mysterious prohibition.
However, even so, the ups and downs still come like thunder and drums.
The master of heaven and earth has begun to set foot in heaven and earth, and he can further transcend his own morality before he can achieve the Great Sage.
They don’t stick to the same pattern when they fight against the avatar, and even their gestures are all avatar changes.
"Seven of my master brothers and sisters have a horizontal sky, and my teacher has gone to the front, but others have done worse. Unfortunately, I have never seen any of them except my master."
Bartosu should be next to him and sigh, "I have been a teacher since I was a child, and my friendship with my teacher is well known. Alas, my teacher is infatuated, and my teacher still doesn’t know whether he is alive or dead."
Su Ying smiled and didn’t speak. There were some considerations about whether to tell the news that the old devil was not dead, but his heart still had some concerns.
At the beginning, when he was abandoned in the ancient demon domain, he rescued Yokota, who deliberately abused the magic emperor and attracted the busy arrival, so that he could break the ban of the Great Sage.
And for yourself and the emperor who has a great sense of honor, I must have remembered it clearly. If you accidentally attract the emperor Chiyou to notice that you are in the holy city of Jiuli, even if you die directly.
Shook his head, Sue should still plan to wait for an opportunity to say it again.
The battle for the magic statue of Wan Ren soon became fierce, which attracted the attention of the whole Jiuli Holy City.
The rest of the four royal families, the great royal family, the monty and the ancient demons, all races gathered in Jiuli holy city to watch the battle.
Emperor Yadu Mo Luotai and other royal masters will solve Su Ying after they finish playing around the stone stage.
This young Terran is powerful and arrogant, and he doesn’t take them seriously. If you let him go so easily, where will they put their faces?
Sue should look the same, but she is thinking about the treasure house of Yokota.
This youngest son remembers himself as a magic mountain in Fiona Fang, the center of Jiuli Holy City, a treasure house of Chiyou territory.
The name of that mountain is Seven Magic Mountain, but it was originally a place where six demons became sworn and gathered righteousness.
However, the youngest son didn’t tell himself about the specific route. Just ask someone in Jiuli Holy City.
He thought about it and immediately asked Barto next to him, "Excuse me, Brother Barto, do you know the Seven Magic Mountain?"
"Seven Magic Mountains?"