"topped let go of elder brother six ~!"


The scraping gas of iron bars resounded through my ears again. This time, they were disorganized. Six people swung their sticks and knocked directly at Jianghan’s head.
"These fools!"
Not far away, pay close attention to the trend here. The big fellow in the black vest was livid and denounced
He’s a jerk, but he’s a senior jerk. He’s a few grades higher than a minion like Xiao Liu. Although he’s already converged and started a serious business over the years, he’s also dark in his early years. He’s been drinking blood in the Jianghu, and he’s been practicing hard. In recent years, he’s not retreating but advancing!
From Jiang Han’s hand, he knew that he was wrong about this topped!
He has never heard of anyone in the aisle who can crush someone’s wrist with a pair of meat palms, or even worse, Xiao Liu, a perennial social fringe, makes a living!
At this time, the black vest had already begun to give up. He didn’t recognize that he had brought these six people. They could crush the small six-wrist earthen bag with this seemingly watertight but motionless!
At the same time, an undeveloped mound 100 meters away from the roadside exposed a dark sniper muzzle! If you get closer, you will find that there is a strange shadow lurking in the hidden place of this overgrown mound. A man is paying close attention to what is happening next to the car through a sniper rifle scope!
"Call the snake king, call the snake king, the fish has been frightened, and the best time has been lost. Cobra requests to retreat!"
The man’s mouth is fretting and he calls into the headset in a low voice.
"Keep waiting for the best time yet!"
A man’s headset produces a very magnetic male sound!
"Cobra is not white! Please show me the snake king! "
"You know that startle the snake but don’t know that startle the snake will further relax its vigilance. The most dangerous and rebellious is also established! If you continue to lurk, you will kill him with a blow! "
"Cobra white ~!"
"If necessary, get rid of it together with a few guys who are in the way!"
A luxurious old house in Star City, an antique secret room, a middle-aged man with elegant appearance let go of his words, but the face that looks close to people is a bit awkward and cold!
"Jiang Wenxuan Jiang Wenxuan forbear for twenty years finally unbearable? It’s a pity that your last chip can’t walk out of this star city alive today! "
The original one fought seven group fights, but in the end it turned into a one-on-one fight, and it was crushed one-sidedly.
These so-called gangsters have been in the rivers and lakes for more than ten years, and Jianghan’s eyes are just jokes.
A punch broke crew cut’s nose, and Jiang Han knocked down the six fierce youths one by one. Of course, they took some interest, such as breaking a few fingers with one hand. In general, all seven people are half-dead.
It’s not that Jianghan is violent, it’s that they said they wanted Jianghan to live half-life, and Jianghan happened to be able to read lips, so it’s fair to leave them half-life!
After solving the last young man, Jianghan noticed that the big fellow in the black vest was moving towards him to launch a jeep and was preparing to escape!
"Yo-ho ~!"
Jianghan was a little surprised to look at this black vest, but he was a bit bloody, but he didn’t think that his head was bright, so he didn’t want to throw a few malicious words at himself, but Cong ran away directly!
Jianghan gently shook his right foot from the ground and provoked a young man to take out a dagger and shake hands in the fight just now!
At this time, the jeep cross-country has started to turn around and run away!
Jianghan’s face was slightly stiff, his shoulders were heavy, his elbows were bent, and there was a surge of heat in his right arm. When he tried his best to throw the dagger, it suddenly stopped until the jeep disappeared from his sight.
Before Jianghan, it was the jeep’s right front wheel that suddenly stopped, not because he had no confidence in his aim. On the contrary, it was a piece of cake for Jianghan to be able to shoot birds with small stones at the age of 18!
The road is a busy area, and there are many cars coming and going to pedestrians, but the former black vest group looks too fierce, and most of the ordinary people are carrying things and hang up their indifference attitude. Jianghan was not hindered by external forces when he hit people, but Jianghan knew that if he went out with this dagger, it would not be as simple as being ignored today, and maybe the population would be relatively dense, and the road would cause a series of car accidents. At that time, there would be a car accident, and the consequences would be unimaginable.
Jianghan never thought he was a good man and wouldn’t do Nader’s stupid thing to complain, but he still didn’t have to do this evil thing that brought disaster to people for no reason, even though someone had done it to him just now!
There is a faint police car whistling and approaching Jianghan’s position. It seems that there are still some people with justice in the group of people who ignore passers-by
Jianghan dagger wiped a handful of fingerprints and dropped the dagger.
"I owe it first, although I don’t like this inexplicable feeling of being watched for the door, but there is still plenty of time ~!"
People really can’t be too kind. This is what a red star said to the public not long ago, but this moment has become Jianghan Contemporary Newspaper!
Just as Jianghan was about to leave the scene quickly, his heart suddenly shrank, and his body suddenly tightened, and an unprecedented feeling of palpitation filled his limbs!
Jianghan didn’t want to bow his feet and suddenly jump to the farthest place like a human-shaped meat bomb!
"Boom ~!"
Just before a loud roar, a Volkswagen suddenly exploded beside Jianghan, accompanied by waves. It almost drove a Toyota, which instantly turned this section of more than 10 meters of highway into a sea of fire!
Jianghan doesn’t want to hurt Gu, but things always go against his wishes!
Jianghan can do some flying skills, and his body has been rolled several times in confusion. This is the escape from this life-and-death danger, and his face is scratched and bruised, and his pain is dull.
Mess Jianghan a face of indifference eyes are full of cold.
If the previous hooligans can be regarded as small-scale, then this time it is obvious that the bureau will be killed endlessly!
Getting out of danger for a while Jianghan didn’t stagnate, but fled savagely, not because he wanted to escape, but because he had to!
"Bang ~!"
Jianghan ran past a highway stone fence and was directly shot through!
"Bang ~!"