But Po deserves to add a black beard template.


It soon found itself a new target.
That is, the strongest pet beast in Cheng Luyuan’s team is the leader of his pet beasts.
Eye Liu Yuan pet beast Tam strength is the most powerful.
But Tam is easy-going and feels like a big brother.
However, Po is definitely not domineering about Tam’s attitude.
It’s very cool to be the head of this group of beasts by joking!
You should be more domineering and arrogant!
Anyway, Po thinks that if he reaches the position of Tam,
Will definitely show a little more prestige.
After all, Po, it seems that the potential of Tam’s pet animals will definitely become a diamond level in the future.
And can become so many diamond pet beast boss than his former bear Terran heads down a peg or two.
Po has been practicing hard to achieve his ambition.
In its own words, it will work hard quietly and surprise everyone.
Influenced by Xiaobai’s hard cultivation, all the pets of Liu Yuan began to burst into amazing cultivation enthusiasm.
Looking at all began to practice hard pet beasts Liu Yuan mood is also very good.
But the science of uniting belongs to the science of uniting, but the war of heavenly kings will continue
Then in the battle of Tianwang, Lu Yuan met several opponents with good strength one after another.
But the strength of these opponents is not compared with Augustine, and even Wuheng is a little inferior.
Liu Yuan can easily defeat them by sending Xiao Guang.
With the first stage of the Tianwang War approaching the end, the situation began to become more and more prosperous.
It is clear at a glance who is the king player in the six divisions and who is the champion king player.
However, there is not much difference between the performance base and the network ranking of these players.
The only change may be that some players who are likely to become kings have more names of contestants from non-six universities.
However, with one exception, all the champions are from six universities.
This also made everyone look forward to the day when the strongest in the six regions collided together.
Fighting will definitely be more interesting than now …
Chapter 715 Finish the body door!
As time goes on, the first stage of the King’s War is coming to an end.
The first stage of the Heavenly Kings Competition aims to select four Heavenly Kings from six competition areas.
Among these four kings, one more champion will be chosen.
In the second stage, the six champions will fight.
The goal is also simple, that is, to choose the strongest of all the heavenly kings.
It is said to be the strongest among the kings, but it is actually the first person of the younger generation in the league at this stage.
However, unlike the first stage, not every king can participate in the second stage of fighting.
There are the first two kings in each division to compete for the last chief king position.
So I sent two instead of letting the champion king play.
Because there may be more than one champion in some competition areas.
If a certain division is very strong, there are many players with championship strength.
However, due to the quota problem, it is somewhat unfair for them to be able to send a word that caused some Chinese players to miss the championship.
Similarly, if a division is too weak to send a champion because of the quota, it is suspected that it takes a lot of luck.
The league held this heavenly king war to select the strongest and most potential six people.
What they want is to be able to come from deus ex without luck and relying solely on strength.
Only with such six people can they cultivate value.
The number of champions in the sixth division of Luyuan Institute is still very significant.
Because from the beginning of the battle to the present, Lu Yuan is the only one who has never lost.
And Liu Yuan has the opportunity to compete for the second place.
I met Augustine before Lu Yuan.
Although Augustine seemed a little wronged in the battle with Tam
Didn’t come up with anything decent, but was suppressed by Tam terror Bijyudama, ending the battle in a mess.
The alignment gap is obvious.
It also set off Tam’s powerful strength from the side.
After all, Osgooding almost always crushes other players.
At the end of the Tianwang War, Osgooding’s record was also firmly in the second place.
However, it’s a pity that the gap between him and Lu Yuan didn’t make up for the possibility, so Osgooding could finally lock in the second place.
In the sixth division, in addition to Lu Yuan and Osgooding, the two players who were selected to participate in the final champion, the King of Heaven, were selected.
Also elected his two ordinary kings.
Although he is an ordinary king, the king is still far more powerful than the average person.
One of the heavenly kings is Wu Heng.
But Wu Heng is the weakest among the four men.
The same is true for the other five divisions.
The four heavenly kings in his division don’t mean that these four people are at the same level.
The gap between the same kings may be bigger than that between the kings and the general platinum level.
And the representative of the king is a platinum-level strong man around the age of 30.
But there are still many platinum-level strong people beyond this age in the league.
Not every king can do it. Lu Yuan and Fierce Inflammation can reach the top level in the platinum level.
Most heavenly kings can still reach the platinum level.