"This favor is remembered by Wang."


Wang Xuan arched his hand and then looked at Liu Shun and said, "What’s the situation now?"
Liu Shun dequeue fuels hand way "this time the Wei sent a team of one thousand chosen men led by Wei Cheng personally, and I came to the Yongan Lingyuan government army with a total of six thousand people who have strangled each intersection for the time being without conflict".
Speaking of which, his face looks a little ugly. "Those people in the Wei family drank all night and were full of foul language, and the soldiers were full of anger."
"They did it on purpose."
Mo Huai idle shook his head slightly. "If they move against adults, we will follow up with the storm and don’t want to take a reason, but they are holding people and goods …"
A sergeant entered the camp and handed over, "My Lord, Wei Cheng, a surname in Liangzhou, asked you to talk about it when he left the camp."
They smell speech at Wang Xuan in succession.
Wang Xuan shake shake a garment unlined upper garment "is there anything else to talk about when you hit the door? You have to deal with a need to say this …"
After some advice, Zhang Heng smiled and left the account.
Outside the array, Wei Cheng stood on horseback and looked at the Yongan army chatting and fiddling with his fingernails.
This layout is due to Wang Xuanming’s soaring fame and the fact that the military must suppress the momentum of the Taiwanese side.
Geomagnetic dragon crystal is incidentally
Even Wang Xuan can be easily removed.
Thought of here, he sighed and murmured, "The trend is stormy together, and all families will be laid out in the next hundred years. It’s really reckless of you to dare to participate in this little captain …"
Just then, I saw a ride coming out of Yong ‘an camp.
Wei Cheng’s pupil shrank and his face became gloomy.
It’s not Wang Xuan!
He was just about to speak. Zhang Heng stared at the leopard’s eye ring and thundered, "Hey! You are a demon who dares to enter our state and make trouble. Sign up quickly! "
Wei Cheng’s eyes flashed "Wang Xuan has gone too far! Do you think my Wei family is good at bullying? "
"Liangzhou Weijiafu Army?"
Zhang Heng played the fool and snorted coldly. "You said yes, yes. The imperial court ordered the government troops not to leave the country without authorization. Take the transfer order to see what if it was a demon?"
Wei Cheng was silent for a while and suddenly laughed. "Very good!"
Say a cold look at the cross and turn to leave.
Zhang Heng touched his head. "Hey, I almost forgot one thing. I have a batch of geomagnetic dragonflies in Yong ‘an that were robbed by thieves, but it’s very dangerous. If we are injured, the dragonflies will explode …"
Wei Cheng suddenly turned and his eyes were cold. "Does Wang Xuan have this courage?"
Zhang Heng smiled with a simple and honest smile. "My adult said that it’s just a matter of killing a few thieves."
Wei Cheng bit his teeth and turned to go.
When he got back to his account, he slapped the desk and said, "This Wang Xuan sent a stupid goods. I’m importunate!"
Say will tell the story again.
"Transfer order?"
Haizhou Gong Luo Fengnian’s folding fan flicked thoughtfully and said, "It’s really negligence, but it’s better to get along with Liangzhou report san huang, and it’s even more important for the Wei family to have a few letters to be sent quickly."
Wei Cheng nodded his head and quickly ordered people to inform Liangzhou of the secret law letter.
In less than three hours, a spirit bird fell from the sky and grabbed a bamboo tube, which was the Liangzhou command.
Wei Cheng looked at the sky and smiled. "It was a mistake for Wang Xuan not to let the falcon intercept it. It depends on what he said!"
Immediately rushed to ride away from the camp.
It’s still Zhang Heng holding the command and looking left and right. "Why does this thing look a little fake?"
Wei Cheng suddenly became angry. "Stare at your dog’s eyes and see clearly. Hu said that the official can cure you immediately!"
A cross-eyed glance sneered, "It’s a pity that you have made such a big prestige in the wrong place."