The other side decided to bet on the river city and fight a decisive battle with themselves.

上海419论坛,上海龙凤花千坊,夜上海论坛,上海品茶工作室桑拿夜网 The other side decided to bet on the river city and fight a decisive battle with themselves.

If you can’t play field cavalry, you won’t have such a great advantage over infantry. Yan Hong’s neighbors won’t be so stupid. Mobile elite troops will fight a war of attrition with a large number of Guangfu troops
The idea of letting the Guangfu Army and the defenders of the river city consume each other’s strength was shattered. Yan Hong’s neighbors felt that they could not wait any longer and had to start a war as soon as possible to give full play to the mobility advantage of cavalry and do something.
We can’t let the Guangfu Army really drag the time to the river city. Even if there are no living people, even if we can defeat them, his strategic goal will be failure
The Guangfu Army wants to fight a war of attrition in Hecheng, so …
Just cut him off, rob him of his grain route and destroy his grain reserve, so you can force him to come out and fight a strategic decisive battle, right?
So Yan Hong’s neighbor decided to send troops around to do something behind Sun Yi’s army.
On November 13th, Yan Hong’s neighbor dispatched two thousand fine riders from Mozhou South to bypass the main force of Hefu Guangfu Army and turned a corner in the south. There was nothing to guard against, and the situation smoothly rushed to Hefu South.
Then they tortured the grain and grass camp of the Guangfu Army by capturing the soldiers of the Guangfu Army.
So two thousand fine riders rode starry nights to attack the grain and grass camp of the Guangfu Army.
Although the garrison of the grain camp was not lax, it failed to carry the 8 Jin Army. After a fierce battle in the early morning, the grain camp was almost wiped out and a large amount of food was burned
On November 16th, 2,000 Jin Jun rode by the north.
On November 10th, 2,000 fine riders drove prisoners of war to the rear of the Guangfu Army Camp in Hefu, causing violent vibration in the Guangfu Army Camp.
The grain and grass camp was destroyed and the back road was cut off. There were seven rations in the camp that could not last long.
At the same time, Yan Hong’s neighbors also appeared with the main force of 8 Jin J. Two thousand commandos in the north of the river formed a north-south attack potential, which formed a loose encirclement of the Guangfu Army camp, but it was also the same.
They simply set up camp, as if waiting for the Guangfu army to take the initiative or starving to death after a few days.
Sun Yi was shocked when he learned this situation. He didn’t expect that his posterior route would be cut off by 8 Jin J cavalry and the hay camp would be destroyed. He regretted not sending more troops to guard the hay camp.
But there is no such thing as regret.
Sun Yi knows that if he can’t fight his way out in seven days, waiting for himself will be wiped out.
So he decided to take a risk and send his elite troops to attack the south of the camp with 5 thousand troops in formation, trying to get through the south road and re-open the supply line
However, if the Guangfu Army attacks the 8 Jin Army, it will retreat. If the Guangfu Army attacks the 8 Jin Army again, it will retreat or not. The Guangfu Army is hanging far away from the battle.
They just don’t fight, or they just keep retreating and hanging far away.
At the head of this elite riding team is Du Yongtao, Sun Yi’s favorite general. He is tall and brave, and he is praised as the first brave general of Sun Yi-hui, with outstanding achievements.
But in the face of the cunning 8 jin j, he also made it difficult, but he unconsciously went deeper into the south and left the barracks, forgetting that Sun Yi must never stay away from the barracks.
Yan hong’s neighbor immediately sent three thousand cavalry to quickly maneuver and detour directly to the rear of Du Yongtao’s legion, cutting off their way back to the camp, which frightened Du Yongtao and immediately returned to the north.
The floating morale of the army gave the 8 Jin Army cavalry a good attack condition.
This time, 8 jin j didn’t back down, but launched a very sharp attack, and 3,000 cavalry in the rear followed, and 6,000 cavalry surrounded 5,000 Guangfu Legion.
They repeatedly attacked and shot arrows and arrows, and the troops of the Guangfu Army went back and forth several times in an attempt to exhaust their physical strength.
Du Yongtao gave instructions when the army array of the Guangfu Army was greatly shaken, and it was only then that the army array was stabilized.
Du Yongtao knew that he had been calculated, and the situation was not good. If he was not careful, the army would be destroyed. Once the army was destroyed, everything would be over.
He made all the crossbowmen in the army array export fire and continue to strike.
Because the infantry crossbow has a long range, it still has a certain deterrent effect on the cavalry, so the 8 Jin Army cavalry did not achieve very favorable results at the moment, but did not retreat and continued to repeatedly attack and harass.
Du Yongtao was so upset that he couldn’t sit still. He began to try to command the army to move northward, slowly advance the 8 Jin Army and retreat, trying to get closer to the camp.
However, aware of this military action, the 8 Jin Army cavalry began to launch a more active attack.
Many soldiers of the Guangfu Army poured arrows at the Jin Army, and many cavalry of the Jin Army were hit by the counterattack of the Guangfu Army and fell off their horses and trampled into a pile of rotten meat.
At this stage, the two sides suffered mutual damage, but the Guangfu army had already moved northward and was held back by the 8 Jin Army.
Du Yongtao saw this bullet and simply made the army stand still, waiting here for reinforcements from the camp to save him.
Counter-attack force A small number of cavalry were protected, and the infantry array was ready to fight together to maintain the counter-attack force when reinforcements arrived.
He believes that at this point, the camp reinforcements will not come here, so it is also possible to wait for reinforcements here.
Indeed Sun Yi saw Du Yongtao’s legions trapped and immediately organized troops to leave the camp to meet them.
Another brave general, Xue Li, led another 5,000 men to attack and prepare to meet Du Yongtao’s men, but before being led to Xue Li’s army, he was also surrounded by an 8 Jin Army cavalry and gave it directly for nothing.
In this way, two 8 Jin Army cavalry attacked the besieged infantry army, and the Xueli Army was struggling to support it like the Du Yongtao Army.
Chapter 211 Be turned around
Sun Yi is in a very difficult situation when he sees that his two lovers will be surrounded by 8 Jin J. He is very anxious and will continue to send troops to attack.