"Hum! It’s beautiful to sneak up on you unexpectedly! It’s just a buffoon, but it’s not a facade move. "Blood Yang’s cool face is also condensed. Although a battle is a battle, I didn’t expect the other party to open a Samsung bucket and sneak attack at first, but it’s still such an insidious move. If it’s really pierced, even if it’s not seriously injured, it will become an idiot. It’s a good calculation for both of them, which makes blood Yang’s heart furious

上海419论坛,上海龙凤花千坊,夜上海论坛,上海品茶工作室喝茶品茶联系方式 "Hum! It’s beautiful to sneak up on you unexpectedly! It’s just a buffoon, but it’s not a facade move. "Blood Yang’s cool face is also condensed. Although a battle is a battle, I didn’t expect the other party to open a Samsung bucket and sneak attack at first, but it’s still such an insidious move. If it’s really pierced, even if it’s not seriously injured, it will become an idiot. It’s a good calculation for both of them, which makes blood Yang’s heart furious

Zizi-shaped spikes pricked the blood Yang’s mind and suddenly turned into a sharp air cone with a series of constantly rotating air ripples, and when Xiao Cone wanted to touch the blood Yang’s brain.
Peng! A blood fog suddenly and violently quivered from the blood yang body, and the blood fog formed a long wall with blood color. It was a minute away from reaching the blood yang head, but it was blocked by the sharp air cone of the blood wall.
"Hum! The ceremony is still indecent! " Blood Yang once again sneered at the bloody gas wall, and once again it suddenly and violently dispersed into a bloody hand, wrapped in the dry Yinshan’s meaning potential. Blood Yang raised touch of green’s sword, bloody sword and bloody Yang’s cold eyes went straight to the sharp potential.
"What is this bloody quarrelling that can block yourself to block yourself and the moon turns bad! What the fuck is this bloody fog? How can it hold my will! " The face of withered Yinshan is even more frightened and cold. I don’t know how many strong people have encountered such a strange situation for the first time.
As soon as the bloody fog blocked the intention to sneak up on the dry mountain, it suddenly and violently wanted to take it back, but the change was too fast, and the blood-yang reaction was too great to take back the intention, so the bloody fog grabbed the intention.
The meaning potential was actually caught in the fear of the dry Yinshan Mountain. This blood fog is definitely not quarrelling. This is the first reaction of the dry Yinshan Mountain. No matter whether it is quarrelling or the meaning potential, it is impossible to catch others’ meaning potential energy. It is the first time to see this scene. It is not only the violent mountains and Cui bars on the side of the dry Yinshan Mountain that are shocked, but Yett’s face is tight.
"Not good! Seeing this, the withered mountain will be pound-foolish. "The grasshopper’s face also rioted and took back his own trace of lying and hiding gas, hoping to sneak up on the idea by hiding it with gas fluctuations! A silvery-white broadsword was plunged into the ground by the grasshopper, and the blade trembled and roared, flashing with silver stains and yellow brilliance, and the blade quickly circulated.
"Moon knife!" Zheng! The knife suddenly rang, the broadsword rang lightly, and the locust moved backwards. The knife was cut out by the locust, and a few feet of yellow knife light was drawn out with the whistling knife wind, and a slippery yellow arc was drawn out, and the blood yang was pulled out to cut off the locust. I wanted to rescue Zhao from Wei, and I wanted to force the blood yang to save it, thus preventing the blood yang’s bloody sword mans from cutting to the dry mountain.
"Spin the moon!" A violent roar saw the grasshopper’s hand dry and the Yinshan mountain moved, and the grasshopper could block the blood-yang firm but gentle, so he had to cut through the blood-yang hand, which was firmly tearing at his own will, and the oblique long Lingjian suddenly burst into a clear-colored sword awn, which spun rapidly to form a giant sword that went straight to the blood-yang hand and cut it off.
Twittering khaki knife mans cold sword mans come at blood Yang, but blood Yang is cold and squinting at this knife and sword mans approaching. If you don’t feel it, you will call it as straight as a grasshopper expected, and the bloody sword mans will stop.
"The stain calculation is good and the two people cooperate well, but will I be as you like? Well, if you do, I’ll be welcome! " Blood Yang heart fade suddenly and violently flash face smile is extremely cold.
Poison! Boom The grasshopper and the withered Yinshan were shocked that the long sword awn with bloody eyes and yang blood actually went straight to the withered Yinshan to cut the moon, while the bloody fog hand pulled the withered Yinshan to go straight to the grasshopper knife awn. "Hey, hey, if you don’t want to encircle Wei and save Zhao, I’ll let you know!" Blood Yang face sneer more colourful.
Boom! Blood mans sword with clear light sword mans heavy hit zi zi boom together! The grasshopper’s knife and awn also cut the blood straight, and the sword and awn of the withered mountain exploded and opened! At first, all three of them are forced to explode and form a powerful storm.
Poof! I got a knife, and the withered mountain was pale and spit out a mouthful of blood. A gas grasshopper was also blocked by the blood and the sun dried up and the mountains dried up, which drove it to converge rapidly. Most of the gas swords were quarrelling and were not hit by riots.
Strong airflow rushed out of the tent! The blood robe of blood yang suddenly burst open and burst into a towering blood gas. A huge blood wall was displayed from the blood yang body and slammed in front of Xingqi Tubel! Blood Yang was hit by the airflow, but blood Yang couldn’t dodge. Because Star Qi was behind him, he couldn’t save the purple clothes root, and one side of the earth bell couldn’t stop the Samsung quarrelling and violent airflow, which had its own hard support.
The grasshopper is a physical quarrelling riot, which soon crushed the dry Yinshan Mountain. Although the spirit is hurt and the soul is not light, the soul and will of the combatant are strong. It must be said that the dry Yinshan Mountain is not seriously injured, the combat effectiveness is not lost, and the soul trauma is shocking, which stimulates the dry Yinshan Mountain and makes it even more angry and cold.
I have reached the level of master, and all of them have a proud and biting heart. There are also sneak attacks on others. I was completely provoked by others. Seeing the blood yang, I have to guard the stars behind me to save people. This weakness is that the locusts look at each other. The dry mountains are white and the other side intends to "kill!"
"Spin the moon!" A sudden roar and oblique long LingJian was divided into two by the withered Yinshan Mountain. With the anger of the withered Yinshan Mountain, the momentum of a * * surged with a thick quarrelling and roaring, and the product surged to the oblique long LingJianZi. LingJian spun out a huge firm but gentle whirl, and the firm but gentle cut the surrounding gas.
"Moon knife!" The grasshopper is also furious that he was also benefited by the blood Yang, and the silvery white broadsword was pressed to the ground by the grasshopper’s hands, and a * * khaki quarrelling was rolled up along the broadsword. A khaki knife whirled on the ground, and pieces of boulder flew out from the ground where the locust stood.
"kill!" "hey!" Locust and dry mountain are all roaring and roaring! Two giant colors of light roared out of the sky, and a roar came out from the sky. Two dragons roared toward the blood Yang and flashed their bloody paws, but the cold, murderous knife has been straight and pressed against the blood Yang and Xingqi.
"Hum!" Looking at the two people’s accumulated and concise swords, Qi, blood and Yang’s pale face disappeared, and his face became extremely dignified. He glanced behind him and saw that Xingqi was still helping the purple clothes to heal and roar at the rainbow. If Wengen didn’t move, he finally clenched his teeth and knew that he had to stop.
But it’s not terrible to block two firm but gentle swords. Following these two swords, it will be that the grasshopper and the withered Yinshan are poor but firm but gentle, and the blood-killing Yang’s face will be frozen and the color will flash, "Ho!" In the face of the roar, two dragons’ blood Yang suddenly and violently screamed, and a * * momentum spread out from the blood Yang.
Boom In the eyes of all people, the blood yang unexpectedly blew up a brilliant red blood fog cloud and opened it! Another violent roar and violent roar shook the four villas, and the blood fog must shrink rapidly, and a bloody giant appeared in front of everyone.
"bloody giant!" Looking at this bloody giant with a dozen feet, a more violent bloody giant, everyone around him was stunned, and the sword withered, the Yinshan Mountain and the grasshopper stayed for "discoloration and transformation!" What a horrible bloody giant! " Everyone’s heart is furious.
【 Chapter 54 Blood Yang Crazy Bully One 】
"I depend on this blood yang is also a soul beast!" Yette was shocked by the blood Yang’s transformation, and suddenly and violently swore. Just now, the purple clothes and Tubel had already changed their bodies, but it made sense for the soul beast to change its body. But this blood Yang living person actually changed, which made Yette wonder if the blood Yang body was also a soul beast.
Howl! Ang! Turned into a giant blood Yang Gen ignored Yette’s doubts, and opened a violent roar. Two strong air currents rushed out of the mouth, thumping like two thunders. Two explosive air bombs went straight into the locust and dried up, and all the mountains and trees passed by the air currents were thrown across.
Hum! Blood yang suddenly and violently grunted like thunder leaning sideways and squatting! A bloody giant foot pops up quickly, lifts it high and steps straight towards the running locust knife. Bang! A bucket of big arms suddenly and violently threw out an iron fist like lightning running towards the withered mountain sword mans suddenly and violently smashed out.
Boom Pedal knife, awn fist, sword, gang, blood gas, blood yang, like bloody god of war, face upwards, screaming and cracking. Cracks shoot out from the foot, and the rhinoceros is cold, firm but gentle, and the magic rubs the fist skin. Thunder and thunder burst, and the sword and mans burst out with dazzling light! The ground is concave and the residual shock wave is scattered in all directions.
Bang bang! Blood Yang turned into a giant, and actually held on to the grasshopper and withered mountain in the flesh, but the powerful shock wave and knife gas impact hit the blood Yang’s mouth and snorted and slipped back to the edge of Xingqi. Blood Yang only drank heavily and then stepped forward to stop it.
The impact of the three Samsung fights and fights is a huge fear of cloth, and the strong performance of blood Yang is even more shocking. To say that Yette suspected that blood Yang was a soul beast just now, but looking at blood Yang, it seems that Yette has already firmly believed that Yette suddenly settled her eyes and set her eyes on the giant blood Yang.
"Something is wrong! There is something wrong with this blood yang! " Yettaw suddenly said lightly that the battle was too tense just now, and the air fluctuation affected the line of sight. Now Yettaw can see the whole huge blood Yang’s face is very stupid, and his eyes are full of blood Yang’s fists and feet, and it’s not without injury. The giant hands and feet all collapsed and violently, but there was no blood flowing out.
And the broken hands and feet were covered with blood fog and recovered. Looking at this tall blood Yang Yete carefully, he felt that the blood Yang was as empty as the living flesh. "There is no living flesh and blood deficiency!" Hum! A day after day, amazing ideas appeared in Yate’s mind, which made Yate’s brain rush and his body tremble.
From the bucket division, you can put out quarrelling and firm but gentle, and with the increasing strength, the quarrelling control becomes more and more mature, and you can put out quarrelling and condense it into a sword, while the imperial master can also condense quarrelling armor. Can’t you condense people out? Yette once had the idea of quarrelling and condensing other shapes, but Yette didn’t succeed, but today she saw the blood Yang, a quarrelling giant.
"How is that possible? It’s impossible. It’s absolutely impossible. This giant is quarrelling. It’s blood yang and The Hunger’s quarrelling!" The collapse of such an idea made Yette crazy, although theoretically, but in reality, it was impossible. Finally Yette shook his head and denied
A bucket statue of quarrelling can actually coagulate * * or a giant of more than ten feet. Don’t say how huge it needs. It’s not the bucket statue level that the strong should fight, but the bucket emperor level that the strong can’t coagulate such a perfect giant. Yeats’s brain is beating fast to refute the facts in front of his eyes.
They were also surprised by the giant frame of blood Yang, shocked by the huge physical strength of blood Yang, and all of them whispered something about Yette’s sudden stupidity, which was weird and took a glance at it. They all looked at the frame of blood Yang carefully.
On the ground, scraggy was devastated and full of remnants and roots. Two huge pits emerged to one side, while more than ten zhangs of giant blood yang confronted locusts and withered Yinshan. The scenes on both sides of a huge pit suddenly became quiet and the wind swept around.
Xingqi didn’t realize that Xingqi’s energy had been devoted to the rescue of purple clothes. Two spiritual streams, deep flame and ice flame, formed a clear ghost stream, which rushed from the fingertips of Xingqi’s left hand to the purple clothes. Xingqi guided and repaired the purple clothes, but the other hand was running its own aura, injecting it into the purple clothes, guiding the purple clothes to emit aura and opening the purple clothes meridians.
The sudden calm of the battlefield just gave Xingqi enough time to shout! Star wonder’s hands are suddenly scattered with two flames, and his hands are separated from the purple clothes at the same time. Looking at the purple clothes for no reason, Zou’s face finally became gentle and nervous. Star wonder was slightly relieved.
Purple clothes, five zang-organs and six mansions have finally been cured without life-threatening quarrelling, and the meridians have also been repaired. Some people want to be unblocked, but they need purple clothes for a while, so they have achieved such results in such a short time. Xingqi has been very satisfied and stable with the purple clothes injury, but Xingqi has to stop because it is still a battlefield.
Shout finally finished the treatment. Starkey raised his eyes. Starkey suddenly got a fright. There was an even bigger meat mountain in front of Tubel, a huge meat mountain around him.