After sitting so quietly for a long time, Hu Yingxue couldn’t help but say, "I have some wisdom fruits to sell to you."

上海419论坛,上海龙凤花千坊,夜上海论坛,上海品茶工作室喝茶品茶联系方式 After sitting so quietly for a long time, Hu Yingxue couldn’t help but say, "I have some wisdom fruits to sell to you."

Qi Wu will take away the tea in front of Hu Yingxue and change it into a cup of freshly brewed green tea. "Of course, the level is better and the quantity is more, otherwise it will not be good for us to sell it to the outside."
Hu Yingxue took out a wisdom fruit. "Should it be able to meet your requirements in this way?" Hesitated a little "one thousand"
Qi Uighur stretched out his hand and took it from Hu Yingxue’s hand. "If it’s all like this, it’s really a good deal. Wait a minute. I’ll call Zhao Qian, who is in charge of purchasing here."
It wasn’t long before a man with a big dark gold abacus walked into the teahouse and saw the wisdom fruit in Qi Wu’s hand. He said, "Generally, the current price of wisdom fruit is ten three low-level lingshi, so it should be about ten seven low-level lingshi. After we buy it, we will sell it to the outside world. The purchase price is naturally lower than the normal price."
Hu Yingxue gave a little thought, "I must have taken out ten five-piece low-level lingshi of this quality?"
Zhao Qian glanced at Qi Wu, and saw that he was half-drooping, and he was a little more concerned about it. "This can’t be done. Qianyuan Pavilion has always been fair in business. If it is quality, it should be ten six low-level Lingshi."
"Do you sell spiritual plants here? If I sell it, can I fold it into a spiritual plant? " Hu Yingxue, no matter what the other party doesn’t keep the price down, she goes on if they are willing to give it to her.
"Of course, I don’t know what kind of spiritual plants this little friend needs?" Zhao Qian’s habitual fingers fiddled with a few abacus beads, and when he could depress the price, he might not make any profit in Zhiguo, and then he would make a profit if he converted it into a spiritual plant.
"How many kinds of low-level spiritual plants can you buy if you buy five 600 low-level spiritual stones for each kind?"
If Qi Wu hadn’t called him over, Zhao Qian would have recognized that Hu Yingxue deliberately ran to the dive pavilion to make trouble, and those low-level spiritual plants were all bought in tens of millions, so it was the first time that he had encountered such a small purchase quantity.
Low-level spiritual plants generally refer to one spiritual plant species and some two spiritual plants, which are often used to add heads or favors because of their extremely low prices. Even though there are 700 kinds of low-level spiritual plants in Qianyuange, the total price of each species is not more than 20 low-level spiritual stones in five words.
Seeing his eyes again, Qi Wu saw that he was still half-drooping. Zhao Qian once again made an abacus in his heart. "It seems that Xiaoyou is going to learn to cultivate low-level spiritual plants. Even if we give Xiaoyou a gift from Qianyuan Pavilion, the Lingshi obtained from selling wisdom fruit will be converted into two and some third-level spiritual plants. If Xiaoyou feels that it is cheap to plant spiritual plants in the future, consider selling them to Qianyuan Pavilion first."
Qi Wu finally raised his eyelids as Zhao Qian wished. "Come on as you say."
Mu Tianxuan gave Hu Yingxue a brief introduction before meeting Qi Wu. The distracted elder spoke, and she naturally could not brush his kindness. When he finished, she took out one thousand wisdom fruits, and neither Qingyang nor water light and elegant gift bags could give people a heap of them.
A bunch of fruits are red and crystal clear. It looks tempting to see them. As Hu Yingxue said, Zhao Qian’s eyes flashed and his eyelids drooped. Qi Wu quickly pressed his heart to be curious and put away those fruits and went out to arrange people to prepare for spiritual planting.
There are one and two kinds of plants in the pavilion, and some three kinds of plants are packed. A total of 1,137 kinds of plants are packed. Just get five of each kind as Hu Yingxue said. Zhao Qian has prepared a set of fairly good tools for planting and picking plants.
When Zhao Qian came back, Hu Yingxue and Qi Wu were still sitting opposite each other with tea cups and sipping tea as before. The difference is that this time Hu Yingxue was not looking at Qi Wu, but Qi Wu was looking at Hu Yingxue. The reason why he came here was to see Hu Yingxue.
Among the six realms of God, Fairy, Demon, Buddha and Fan, there are tens of millions of worlds. There are many people who have the ability to shuttle through the big and small worlds or because of accidents, but there are fewer people like Hu Yingxue and Mu Tianxuan who can’t see the frontier. Generally speaking, there will be such a situation that someone covers up the secret, that is to say, there are well-connected people.
Mu Tianxuan doesn’t know, so let him owe the cat door a cause and effect to help him calculate the self-attack suffered by Qi Wu when Hu Yingxue fell, but let him not get up for three whole days. This time, it was quite worthwhile, not only to achieve his goal, but also to make a break and then stand up. He, the head of the cat door, broke through to the distraction period.
The realm is a little more stable. Qi Uighur came here. Just when he arrived here, he met Hu Yingxue as expected. Hu Yingxue is also a chaotic front and a difficult back, but there is one thing that makes him more entangled in the causal line. This incident surprised him and made him not only worry a little.
Seeing Qi Wu looking at himself, he frowned slightly. Hu Yingxue put it on the tea cup in his hand. "Is it because the elder frowns that I will encounter bad things in the near future?"
"There will be a big storm, but it’s not a bad thing for you. You have a good chance to pick up your fortune and spread your wings." Speaking of this, Qi Wu turned to look in and then quietly stood at the door. Zhao Qian "You must take two people to send her back to fenglin town."
Qi Uighur so specifically told Zhao Qian which dare to have a slight neglect? The horse was arranged to wear a lark with golden wings. Don’t say that he and he told two people to speculate in their hearts that Hu Yingxue had a hidden identity. When the lark with golden wings appeared in fenglin town, many people were surprised. It is said that they came to send Hu Yingxue home and were getting up from bed and rolling to the bottom of the bed.
Chapter 14 Serious "Day"
Depending on the surroundings, Hu Yingxue followed the news and greeted Hu Qingwei. She sent Zhao Qian away, accompanied by Ziyan, and went back to her bedroom. Ziyan took a group of little girls to help her take a shower and change her clothes. After packing, she said to Ziyan, "I’m a little tired. Don’t let people bother me before dark."
Ziyan took the little girl in the room and went out. Second, she appeared at the door of Hu Yingxue’s bedroom with some gold in her mouth. The door creaked. Hu Yingxue turned around and saw a big head with a small nursing dog reaching in. She patted the second big head and rubbed the second little head with some gold to help me keep the door.
Smell speech two shrank his head back and turned to squat at the door of Hu Yingxue’s bedroom. He twisted a few body dexterous claws and hooked his neck. Like a little monkey, he jumped from his mouth to his head, and then squatted on his head in the same posture.
Outside, there are two little girls who have no horses and are separated from Ziyan. When they turn around, they become a little Lengli. Their eyes shrink and their necks shrink. They immediately make a quick chase to wait for them to go far away. Hu Yingxue went to the bed in the bedroom, although she knew that other people’s gods were sweeping away, she could know whether she was in the room or put a bedspread as a cover.
Climbing to the bed, Hu Yingxue flashed into the secret mansion, and she swooped into her arms when her feet were not stable. "Master whined and killed me every day."
Hu Yingxue looked up and looked at a pair of eyes with somewhat inquiring eyes. The owner was a very attractive handsome guy, frowning slightly and sipping his lips. It looked like a serious person with a slightly crooked head. "Mi Ri?"
"Mi Ri will tighten her eyebrows and loosen some. Before, she bowed to Hu Yingxue and made a ceremony." Mi Ri met her master. "After she got up, she reached out to Mi Xing to see if she wanted to catch people.
Mi Xingma jumped up from Hu Yingxue’s arms and changed to lie prone on her back. "Mi Xing ignored Mi Ri, and the bad guys knew how to train people when they saw him."
Mi Ri immediately screwed up his brow again. "Mi Xing, you are really promising. Your appearance is getting smaller and your sex is getting smaller."
Mi Xing stuck his head out from behind Hu Yingxue and made a face from Mi Ri. "I’m so happy to piss you off."
Hu Yingxue stretched out his hand to pull Mi Xing to the front and knocked on his little head. "Mi Xing, do you talk about Mi Ri every day and quarrel with him?"
"It’s Mi Ri who wants to quarrel with Mi Xing." Mi Xing has a flat mouth. "Mi Xing has done nothing wrong."
Miri sighed, "I would do the same for you if I were to help the master fit in with the new body, but you have gone too far, which not only makes you shrink, but also makes the master more unnecessary trouble. The master is an active and energetic person, and the hidden dangers will break out when the master is fascinated by the complete integration of his body."
"Is there any way to remedy it?" What happened to Hu Yingxue’s white hair? Simply put, Mi Xing did something bad with good intentions, which made her add a trouble that would threaten her life.
Miri replied, "Gan Kun’s precept is a cover-up, but the master is too weak to hide it now. If you want to solve this hidden danger, the master will condense the elixir as soon as possible, and then the master can communicate with the secret government."