Yan Hao can imagine what the school forum will say about himself after today.

上海419论坛,上海龙凤花千坊,夜上海论坛,上海品茶工作室品茶论坛 Yan Hao can imagine what the school forum will say about himself after today.

I can also think of how far the reputation of Luyuan School will spread in the sight of this battle.
YanHao watched Liu Yuan return to the team and couldn’t help but start looking forward to it.
Maybe he witnessed the birth of ten seats in a wild future today, or maybe …
No, it’s not possible.
Lu Yuan has shown his strength and potential, and he will definitely be one of the ten seats in the wild in the future.
And unlike those who barely get into ten seats, ten seats are different
People like Lu Yuan will almost certainly become one of the ten seats.
Lost to a future ten seats …
Think of this YanHao suddenly found himself as if also not so uncomfortable.
The special position of ten seats in Wild College is not among the students.
Even the position of ten teachers is very special.
Because the minimum standard of ten seats is the real gold strength.
Except for a small number of special teachers, the remaining bases of Dahuang College are all gold-level strength.
That is to say, the strength of ten seats is at the same level as that of teachers.
In the face of the strong at the same level, teachers will naturally straighten their attitude.
It can be said that Wilderness College instilled the concept of the strong and the strong into the whole college, including the teaching staff.
So although it was lost to the students, Yan Hao quickly adjusted his mentality.
Is it shameful to lose to the strong and lose to the next ten seats? This is not a shame!
After thinking about these YanHao, they quickly walked to the students.
He first glanced at Liu Yuan, and then looked at his classmates with a smile.
"Students and teachers, I’m so embarrassed today that a gold-level animal bender unexpectedly overturned in the hands of two auxiliary students."
"I guess I’ll be laughed at for a while when things go out today, Teacher Yan."
Listen to Yan Hao’s slightly relaxed joke, the students also know that he didn’t rest assured about what just happened.
Pei Luyuan and Tina Yu also admire this rough-looking teacher in front of them.
This is really picking it up and putting it away.
"The students have just fought, but they still show the importance of helping them learn the fighting skills."
"Do you think that if others among you can have the strength of Lu Yuan and Tina, can your enemy still pose a threat to you when the enemy is close?"
"So I still say that the auxiliary animal bender can’t have strong fighting capacity, but the auxiliary animal bender … can’t have no fighting capacity!"
Speaking of this, Yan Hao seems to have remembered something. He turned to Lu Yuan and Tina and said with a smile, "By the way, Lu Yuan’s classmate Tina, have you ever known anything about our freshman program in Wilderness College?"
Lu Yuan asked doubtfully, "The Neozoic Project?"
Seeing this Yan Hao, I knew that he didn’t know what the freshman project of Wild College was.
Liu Yuan gave Liu Yuan and Tina a ponder look in Yan Hao’s surprised eyes.
Smiled and said, "Our Great Wilderness College Project is … Freshman Qualifying!"
"There are two types of qualifying, the first type of single qualifying."
"The second category … ……2v2 team qualifying"
"In previous years, students who assisted in qualifying did not participate in single qualifying."
"And even the i2v2 team qualifying is also joined by other combat students."
"But this year, the two of you are out of qualifying … interesting."
Chapter 167 When practicing in Wild Tower
"Freshman qualifying?"
Hear this noun Liu Yuan consciousness asked to come out.
Not only Lu Yuan is curious, but other students around him are also curious.
They looked at Yan Hao and waited for Yan Hao to explain to them what the qualifying session was all about.
Yan Hao looked at the crowd and said with a smile, "Things are not complicated in the new qualifying."
"It should be clear to all that our Wild Animal College has a special teaching mechanism."
"That is, many cultivation resources in our school need credits for exchange."