It’s a skill to cut without even looking at it.


Simple violence!
Although the strength of this force is a little different from that of the blade force, it is not much different.
Su Yu is in distress situation.
It seems that Lu Bu is really going to compare with Wang Chuan, commander-in-chief of Blade Force.
But that’s not bad.
At present, the blade army, the army of the Chinese Empire, can be said to be the leader of the group. It is necessary for someone to give them a little pressure before they can pursue stronger.
Nearly thirty minutes have passed.
Yanhuang army, this Xinghai battlefield is sweeping all the way!
There are bodies of government soldiers everywhere.
There’s no pressure at all for a million people to raid 19 thousand and turn to Niegen
It seems impossible to go to war, but it is so easy for the army of the Chinese Empire.
Millions of soldiers and sharp weapons, laser cannons, offensive guards, and the advance troops of the army were beaten and cried.
There are many government soldiers who don’t even know where the enemy is, and their heads have been cut off by the soldiers of the Chinese Empire.
Trooper boat generals one by one is panic.
There are many veterans with war experience, but they have never encountered such a situation. These enemies are not afraid of life and death! Don’t give the enemy the slightest reaction and layout!
It seems to them that the invasion of the Yellow Emperor is not a desperate struggle, but they have never seen such a planned and desperate rebuttal
Ambush attack also forget it, incredibly still cut off the enemy power system!
Did they think they would win at the beginning?
In fact, the Chinese Empire has achieved the goal of the butler, and the defeat of this advance force has been decided.
In theory, they are like hungry wolves, soldiers, tigers and mountains, and their offensive has made these generals vain. At first, they were doomed to failure.
They really underestimated the strength of this unknown imperial power, the indigenous power, and it was not as low as their territory.
"Abandon the ship and retreat, so there is no chance of winning. After all, our main force is still behind!"
An old man dressed in an official legion system looked at the red light flashing outside the window and let out a sigh.
He is the official nine elders and the only saint of this advance team.
Although he has the strength of a saint, he knows that relying on his strength alone is the way to save the defeat.
After many years of fighting, his intuition told him that not only they might be the main force, but also they would fall into the hands of the Chinese Empire.
But this is an intuition after all. He doesn’t believe in intuition. If he believed in intuition every time, he might have died in the battlefield.
Judging from the scale of the battlefield, the strength of the Chinese Empire should be about the same as theirs, with 10 million people at most.
Although this battle was a huge loss for the regime, he believed that the Yanhuang Empire would also lose a lot.
Not far behind the housekeeper’s main force, 30 million troops and 13 saints are enough to crush it.
This Chinese imperial army is doomed to failure.
Through this battle, he saw the potential of the Yanhuang Empire to rival even the butler.
The Emperor of the Yanhuang Empire was suspected to be a very good ruler.
But one drawback is that he is too anxious and too arrogant.
Whether a powerful force is strong or not depends to a great extent on the powerful force.
The ruler of Yanhuang Empire is a quasi-saint himself, and there are hundreds of quasi-saints in other departments.
And there are nearly a thousand quasi-saints in the troops behind the butler
This strength also dare to confront the butler?
It’s really overreaching.
Thought of this, the nine elders flashed a terrible cold and said, "If I give you a little more, you will definitely surpass the official, but since you have angered us today, no matter how great your potential is, you will turn dust into a negative example of the small forces in Xinghai!"
Having the strength to defeat the vanguard forces of the regime does not mean that the Yanhuang Empire can also defeat the large forces of the regime!
Battlefield gunfire roared, and laser cannons kept killing those butler soldiers with a surprised face.
After hearing the order of the Nine Elders, the remaining troops of the regime abandoned the ship and retreated and fled.
But Su Yu didn’t order the Yanhuang fleet to recover, so that all troop carriers could continue to attack with laser cannons.
"Junction forces! Take a quick break! Here to meet the official main force! " Su Yu ordered the Chinese fleet, "I want to see whether our guns are strong or their heads are strong!" "
Su Yu knew that a battle might be a little difficult at the beginning of the war, but once the 20 million Niejiu soldiers and nearly 5 thousand quasi-saints of the Chinese Empire arrived, it would be the end of the regime!
He’s not going to make any circuitous tactics!
The circuitous tactics can’t play the imposing manner of the Chinese Empire.
Su Yu wants this battle to tell everyone in this star field to provoke the Chinese empire field!
Chapter 667 The decisive battle is coming!
Su Yu, the owner of the Yanhuang Fleet, ordered to return to his original troop boat!
The firepower system of the butler’s troop transport boat is like chicken ribs. The Chinese fleet’s troop transport boat has not suffered much damage. On the other hand, the abandoned butler’s troop transport boat has already been hit by laser cannons.
Sometimes it is insignificant to the practitioners of science and technology, but when technology develops to a certain extent, it will change a lot.
This battle is the best example!
Because the scientific and technological strength of the butler is not as strong as that of the Chinese mainland, it is burned by the laser cannons of the Chinese Empire.
However, Su Yu thinks that a laser cannon alone is not strong enough, and the development of Xinghai weapons in the Yanhuang Empire still needs to be strengthened. It would be great to make a fleet like the one in the past sci-fi movies.
It wasn’t long before the soldiers of the Yanhuang Empire returned to their original warships.
Each troop carrier counted a number of casualties and the results came out, which made Su Yu feel a little surprised.
Killing nearly 9 million people lost less than 100,000 soldiers and a quasi-saint.
This damage is negligible, almost negligible.
This is a great victory!
If this loss is known to the enemy, I am afraid they will vomit blood with anger.
Isn’t the official family too useless? ! Or am I a warrior of the Chinese Empire who is stronger than I know?
Su Yu has a feeling that he can eliminate the so-called main force of the regime without reinforcements.
If 20 million reinforcements arrive, it’s not to mention that this piece of Xinghai virtual will be dyed red with the blood of the butler’s 30 million army!
It’s time to say reinforcements.
However, Su Yu, the reinforcements, imagined that there was less than 20 million and even no head.
Because all the troop carriers made by the manufacturing city were driven out by Su Yu, it was those Su Yu who didn’t drive out the star trek boats.
Star trek boats can have many people, but troop carriers can have many, many fewer people.
Several interstellar roaming boats brought 20 thousand people here.
But Su Yu didn’t feel too disappointed and felt that it was enough.
Among the twenty thousand people, there are nearly five thousand people who are almost all quasi-holy and strong in the Yellow Emperor’s team!
And the rest are top-ranking and powerful.
This is the result of Su Yu’s long-term development of territory and cultivation of fighters, the dual cultivation of the human world and the four continents, and the accumulation of a large number of people’s hearts and minds.
It can be said that these people are Su Yu’s family!
Su Yu firmly believes that this group of people has changed a battlefield pattern!