Liu Yu’s pupil glanced over a shiny corner and a stone successfully caught his attention.
Chapter 559 Gambling until your face is green
"So soon? Xiao Yu, you must be serious. We can’t lose this shot. We must aim at it. Aim at the attack! ! Must be the loudest gun. "
Zhong Yan was surprised that Liu Yu found it so soon?
He didn’t even touch a stone.
Liu Yu pointed to a stone in front and then yelled, "Somebody come and pay the old man!"
Immediately, a young man came out and collected the stone according to the price tag mentioned by Liu Yu, and then sent two strong men to move the stone out
"It’s a surprise that you should also choose? I won’t just look for it if I’m afraid of losing … Oh, you stone, hahaha! " Glanced at the supercilious look, Liu Yu first mocked and then suddenly froze when his eyes touched the stone.
Liu Yuxuan’s stone is full of rugged pits, and its shape is very ugly. It looks disgusting and far away from black. I didn’t expect this fool to choose this stone.
Are you sick?
"Have you never seen a stone?" Liu Yu sneer at a way
It’s a big treasure in it, and he also looked at each other’s stones, but it’s … Oh, forget it. It’ll be wonderful to cut it later.
"seen ha ha" old bet stone really have never seen such a spicy chicken opponent.
Instead, he’s the winner. That chick tonight, he’s sleeping!
This kind of stone is a waste stone. What good goods can you cut out? Even Yellowstone appears, I’m afraid it’s a blessing.
"Then you still smile like that idiot?" You didn’t discuss Liu Yu’s tit-for-tat
"Good" white rock is not angry.
It’s a matter of time before you win or lose. Just now, Mr. Wolf said that there must be a source in this stone. It is enough to have a guarantee. And judging from the overall smoothness of this stone, it must be buried deep underground and brewed by goblins. There is a great chance that Luyuan will be born.
"Let’s cut first"
With a wave of his hand, Baiyan walked to the edge of the stone and personally manipulated it. When the layers of stone skins were cut off, the eyes of the public widened and the breathing became heavier, I felt that cutting stones was my own.
Gabaiyan’s coquettish move of cutting stones resonated with everyone.
"Ha-ha, Ma Dan Lao is going to be the biggest winner tonight."
After dozens of cuts, the boulder was immediately cut from the size of an elephant to the size of a watermelon.
The white rock was wiped with sweat. Judging from the fineness of the stone skin, it was gray, and there were’ annual rings’, which usually happened. Ten percent of them would be active.
He cuts again.
Finally, the watermelon stone immediately left the fist-sized white rock cold sweat, and finally a little bit of a risk. Your sister, are you kidding me? If you don’t get out of Lvyuan Lao, it’s really a big loss
But if it’s Luyuan, even if it’s the size of a thumb, it’s priceless
"Oh my god out of the green! !”
Everyone else is extremely nervous. It’s going yellow when it’s cut from that size to the size of a fist.
But Baiyan won’t give up.
As soon as he cut it, a white luster burst out.
Out! !
Many people are shocked, but what is white light? Lvyuan is green, even Huangshi is yellow. What does this white light mean?
Baiyan people are also stunned. What is white light?
But a ray of yellow light directly made him sit on the ground full of doubts about life.
Yellow light-that’s Yellowstone?
Click, the stone cracked.
Thumb-sized Lvyuan is not as big as Thumb-sized Huangshi has a piece.
Their most precipice is to hit a record low.
What is it?
No matter how ordinary Yellowstone is, it’s a fist. But this big Yellowstone thumb … Is it awkward? The thief is embarrassed.
He just wants to ask, is such a small Huangshi worthy of your tonnage stone skin?
Liu Yu smiled unkindly. "So this is your confidence?"
"get out! He, you have something to cut out! " Bai Yan became angry from embarrassment, and his mind would turn green, but he made a whole face.
But he looked at Liu Yu’s stone, and he still felt that he could win.
It’s a little comfort that I can’t get out of Lvyuan and sleep with a beautiful woman tonight.
"Well, I’ll show you what despair is."
Liu Yu raised her knife brush in her hand and rotated it several times, then walked towards the ugly stone.
The knife fell on Liu Yu quickly, and the stone skins flew up in just a dozen breaths. The big stone in the washbasin was cut into watermelons and then turned into fists.
Liu Yu stopped at this time.
"You keep cutting. I’ll lose if you can come up with a source."
White rock is arrogant. How can you cut something without pulling a few stones? innocent
"Poof ~ ~ ~ Don’t rush to hit your face. I asked you if you had all the promises just now?" Liu Yu is afraid that this guy will cheat him. He must sing.
"Nonsense, I’m white rock."
Bai Yanwen thinks he can win.
"But" Liu Yu faced many people who ate melons. "Just now we made a bet that if he lost, he would have to hold his fortune teller and sing a song. If he cheated later, please witness one."
White rock mouth twitching
Is this necessary?
But he is not afraid of things. "Haha, I did say that, but … can he win?"
At least I can cut a Yellowstone. If you have something to do, cut it and see if it shines, I’ll lose, right?
"Okay, please get ready to hit your face."
Liu Yuxian smiled without looking at the black stone about the size of a fist, and then flew out with the knife. The knife scratched the stone skin, and then a green light immediately poured out. The bright beam was like the nine-day Milky Way stars brightening the eyes of the audience.
Even the mysterious master moved slightly.
Lvyuan is hard to find.
Bai Yan’s face was blue and he knelt down.
It’s not scientific. No, there’s no science here … It doesn’t make sense. What kind of stone can be green? Did this guy really step on shit?
"Young man, I am willing to give a true sutra in exchange for Luyuan in your hand?"
"Dude, I am willing to make a condition to ask you and I want Luyuan!"
"There are some methods around Yan Yi College who are willing to exchange ideas with their younger brothers."
When this Luyuan comes out, people around you can’t sit still.
Especially those practitioners have thrown out a lot of attractive conditions.
However, Liu Yu is not stupid to press the handball field against them. It’s quieter. "We’ll talk about this later. Now I want to listen to the public holding his fortune teller singing."
Liu Yu put that spirit into Bai Yan’s mind.
Some people are impatient but can bear it.
"Ma Dedi, who always talks about what to watch, says that you should sing in minutes, otherwise I will be delayed and wait for the conditions to kill you!"