"There must be more than one chess left by the main bait of chaos bead Monty. It is not known yet, but it is necessary to worry that if you show up, you will all crush the grain and glow."

上海419论坛,上海龙凤花千坊,夜上海论坛,上海品茶工作室桑拿夜网 "There must be more than one chess left by the main bait of chaos bead Monty. It is not known yet, but it is necessary to worry that if you show up, you will all crush the grain and glow."

Li Yu turned away and did not stay. He sealed the Shimen and left his own brand. Some people touched it and were benefited by Monty.
"Yu Huang crossed the stone gate, but what was in the fight between the ancestors?" The ancestors of the other four families are all watching, and they are also very interested in the products after Shimen
However, it is not easy to touch after seeing Shimen’s brand, and I can personally go out to visit for 36 days.
Emperor Yu did not hide what he saw, but sketched out the monty heavens and told them that when the great war of the heavens came, they would also be able to get rid of the vortex in the ethnic group or they would have to make moves in their hometown.
"Sure enough, when Shimen appeared, we noticed that several hostile ancestors had blocked it, and now it seems that they are deliberately trying to mislead me. When the creatures in this world come, it will be much smoother." The ancestors of the four families knew that they had hurried back to the ethnic group to prepare.
This is still something that has never happened before. In the past, ethnic wars were different and the waves were wider. After the victory, the fruitful results were unimaginable, and the game was not considered for a while.
"Good, good. Only when you have hope can I have the motivation to usher in a bigger harvest." Li Yu was satisfied and nodded. She naturally wanted to guide the situation to a trend that was beneficial to her.
The harder the ancestors of the four families work, the more she can gain. If you give, you will gain.
Although the handle of the eye and the three realms is not complete, it is enough. She wants to rebuild The six great divisions in the wheel of karma and make up for the collapsed and broken things with evil deeds.
"The six great divisions in the wheel of karma, I made my own reincarnation and swallowed up the three heavens, replacing the original reincarnation. The future is hard to say that there is also a wonderful evolution." Li Yu’s thought rotation has come to the end of hades and shuttled through the ten floors of purgatory
Channels are all kinds of reasons that destroy the ancient world. It’s dark and the whole world is spinning, like a "sea eye" connecting the heavens, absorbing everything, and it’s like a broken end of the original world. It’s strange to rotate slowly.
The vortex turns sometimes and solidifies sometimes, but there is an inexplicable surge of light, but there is no end in sight, and it is all dead and silent.
She has been here several times, and what she sees each time is different, which explains that everything is in constant rotation.
The front is like a huge roulette wheel, which divides heaven and earth into six angles and six directions, and keeps rotating like a hexahedron.
The top three sides are the three good ways, the heaven, the humanity and the Ashura Road. The three sides of the layer are evil, hungry ghost, beast and hell.
Sometimes it is as bright and peaceful as washing glow; Sometimes black clouds cover the storm, and at the same time, blood and rain pour down to suppress people’s suffocation
However, there is also a loss, a damage and a broken hell road, which can be described as fragmented
Li Yu’s thought reflects the ancient and modern times, showing that the World War I, where he was reincarnated, was widely involved, and the established ancient history of the Yin, Shang and HarmonyOS Dynasties changed several times.
Lost Hungry Ghost Road Ashura Road reincarnation was taken away by monty people; The reincarnation of heaven and humanity has mastered the part of the handle in the hands of the Emperor of Heaven; Humanitarian reincarnation is the possibility of being completely annihilated and returning.
"Heavy Wheels Replenish Six Ways" She performed the artificial reincarnation arrival, devouring the remnants of hell and the broken beasts, further evolving, and sketching the three virtues and three evils. The golden light fell from heaven, and the yin and the ancient streamers floated. This is the great kindness and great virtue, which supported and promoted the will of the heavens.
This piece of The six great divisions in the wheel of karma of the heavens was originally derived from nature, but people were detached from the three realms. The Central Plains also had the potential to breed a main handle, but it was discovered early and occupied.
Buzz … cried the reincarnation of tremor, continuous recovery and constant change, which was injected with vitality.
After the vitality is silent for ages, it will start to work again and connect the three worlds.
Soon, every living thing felt this change, and there was an extra "home after death", reincarnation and reincarnation.
Doing good deeds and accumulating virtue can be reincarnated with wealth; Evil has its own reincarnation into disaster; But normally speaking, it is not wrong to kill the heart. It is also a virtue and merit to kill the evil spirits. It is pure evil thoughts that will affect the traces left in the book of life and death.
"Reincarnation of good deeds in three realms and six ways is also beneficial to ethnic reproduction and inheritance." Ancestors and ancestors of the ancestral temple all testified that this move has both virtue and goodness.
In the future, even those who died in battle will have a chance to reappear, and the sages will have a chance to do it again.
This process was long, and it took 100,000 years for the new The six great divisions in the wheel of karma framework to be initially stabilized, and it will naturally be supplemented with the operation.
At the same time, the rebirth handle is also merged into Li Yu’s body, qi and qi, and the map of the true spiritual position has once again grown into three realms and six roads.
With the emergence of a huge roulette wheel, the six colors are colorful and the rotation is uncertain, and the sacred majesty is arranged after the net round light.
"Living in Ren Huang has always been the end of the campaign, and it is also the right way for ethnic groups to expand their roads."
After ten thousand years of sitting, Li Yu looked at the three realms in harmony and reincarnation. After the three major veins expanded their roads, they were also thriving, but the road still followed the path created by the great sages in the past.
She has a little feeling, but now she can rest assured that she will broadcast her own path in the three realms, fearing that she will be studied and practiced by her opponent and find out the flaws, because she will never grow stronger and stronger at that time, and the defects will not be affected.
Boom Limit the totem body to the sky and tear the existing history. When it bursts, it runs through the origin and surges to the eternal, illuminating three worlds and six directions.
"My glory shines, and my body leads the evolution!"
The totem body that reflects the poverty and heights blooms brilliantly, and an original totem is rooted in the hearts of all living beings, so that they can understand and touch it.
In an instant, the shock wave from ancient history has gone to the past and the future, and it has been dyed red since ancient times. Totems have appeared in all eras.
"This is the road created by Yu Zuti, which has spread the new cultivation direction to our nation!"
"When the Totem Three Emperors and Five Emperors rose, my family also experienced glory, but it declined with the years. I didn’t expect it to evolve in the hands of Yu Zu."
All the people feel happy, and the new body practice direction is a treasure, which can be called another cornerstone of the ethnic group
After the completion of the overall merit, the contribution is naturally incomparable to the branch road, but it is not at the same level, even if it is in the throne, it is also an outstanding contribution, which is famous in the history of the world.
"Very good."
Ancestral temple people, ancestors clapped their hands and smiled, and the three emperors and five emperors, the son-in-law and the son-in-law also showed strange light. This whole thing has great benefits for them, and it can be compared with others to see some secrets of Yuanzu.
Nowadays, it seems that Yu Zudang is really meritorious in covering ancient history, and it is not enough to explain the ancient and modern spirit.
Chapter six hundred and sixty War of God
Two ancestors and three clans lead the way to the Three Emperors, Heaven and Five Emperors.
Pinggu has long wished to establish sages without merit; De Chao goes to work to cover the future; It means to be the first emperor in the past and present, and the first emperor unified the three realms and six ways to dominate the ten thousand families and ten thousand parties.
"Courtesy and respect for the Emperor Gao Yu, the Emperor Gao Yu, the road to prosperity and prosperity", ten thousand inspirations, kindness and admiration, all of which are sung in unison, and the whole hundred domains are full of glory and willingness to roar.
Totem body reflects the grandeur of the world, just like a golden bridge pointing to the other side of the road, which makes those who have been shackled for a long time see hope.
The immortal sun shines and the pale wind sweeps through the hearts of all sentient beings forever, instilling the original totem with cognitive structure, broadening the horizon, seeing the branches and ancestors, burning incense, bathing, worshipping ancestors, meditating, peeling off distractions and capturing the moment of purity; King Kong Totem is attached to the body surface in a vague way.
The finishing touch totem is spiritually born from virtual to real; The derivative field of totem pole shaped by heaven and man; Stars and gods become gods, and spirits burn incense in temples to enjoy worship; Buddha owns its own complete ecological cycle of the universe; Measure the blame; Jitaiyi …
One by one, the strong are immersed in seeing the far shore, as if this is the way to cross the world, and the raft will help them shuttle through and board.
Even the Terran clan has realized that the feelings have touched many strange ideas, and some of them don’t belong to this piece of heaven, so it is broad to get rid of the cage and shackles.