I took two steps to my leg, covering my nose with one hand and holding the exorcism battle with the other. This guy’s huge body was on the step surface, so he blocked my way and I froze.

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Hissing, hissing, hissing, hissing, hissing, hissing, hissing, hissing, hissing, hissing.
I know that all the black smoke is sprayed by this snake, but I don’t know that it’s not toxic. I’ve already smoked a lot, or I’d have been poisoned if it wasn’t toxic. I thought I’d just let go of my nose and breathe at will, but it’s also difficult to breathe. The black fog sprayed from this snake’s mouth is really smelly and has a strong smell. It’s even more sad to inhale it at a time than to inhale toxic gas.
The snake didn’t stop breathing. It looked like a perpetual motion machine saw the snake’s neck twist and then counted the black smoke being sprayed.
I had a headache and touched my forehead. I really don’t know how to get past it. I waved my exorcism war and tried to lure the snake, but the snake’s eyes never looked at me. The path of my exorcism war kept creating black fog, which looked like a chat boy blowing bubbles all over the sky, but I still felt that it was not enough to keep blowing.
Brother snake, can you excuse me? I asked politely
I’m afraid this snake is as smart as a snake essence. It doesn’t bother me. I’ll heat it first. It’s always bad for him. After all, I’m weak now and the other side is still such a huge snake.
It seems that the snake raised his eyes and gave me a contemptuous look, then hissed and sprayed with black fog, as if he were challenging me.
I swallowed a mouthful of saliva and added, don’t blame me if you don’t let me.
I also specially lit up my shoulder with a dragon seal when I spoke. By the way, I told the snake that I had killed the snake essence, so I don’t believe it. This can’t even be Chapter 37: Access to the ladder.
The snake gave me a leisurely look, as if yawning and breathing black gas, and then slowly turned its head as if an old man was moving very slowly.
I found it hard to watch the snake move. It seemed that the slow motion slowed down ten times. The snake slowly turned around, and its mouth was still slowly breathing black gas. I don’t know if it was because I understood what I said or because I thought it was interesting to stop me.
I followed the snake at a certain distance and walked slowly. It was really nai to follow the snake. I stopped and went, and I didn’t know when I would go. I didn’t dare to stride beyond it, for fear that I would be doomed if the snake’s tail was slightly shaken.
After a long time, the snake suddenly stopped moving.
Then I heard a very old voice saying that you killed my son.
There is a little doubt in the words.
I was surprised that this sound was from the snake in front of me. Is it that this snake is the snake spirit’s father? Then I should never have told it that I killed the snake spirit. This is really a loss.
I won’t hurt you. He has done all the harm. If you really kill him, you deserve it. If you eat something bad, you have to eat the dragon. Later generations said that the snake seemed to sigh.
And I am relieved. It seems that this snake is harmless to me.
I’m really sorry about your son, but as far as you’re concerned, I won’t hurt your son unless your son came to trouble us first. I can’t say that your son deserves this knot, but I’ll say that your son caused it. My predecessor is a human being, so I won’t say much.
It’s still difficult for you to tell me so much. I know there are no more things than you. Even if I know, I can’t say that after all, it’s your own doom. When you twist your body and don’t climb a flight of stairs, you will make a few noises.
It’s hard for a snake with a huge body to climb such a ladder.
I looked at the snake’s back pattern and said, then may I ask you what has been here?
Waiting for you, the serpent simply replied that he promised someone to wait for you, and now that you are present, I will finish it.
Since you are waiting for me, what should you tell me now or let me do it?
Inevitably, the snake said as he climbed, this is the ten roads leading to the ladder. I have to take you to the right road and ask you a few words by the way.
What did I ask
It’s unbelievable that I arranged everything thousands of years ago. Is it true that the gods planned this conspiracy and I’m here now? It’s amazing.
The place where you want to go is at the end of the stairway to prevent people from entering the front. Ten roads are full of dangers. I’ll show you a way. Although the crisis is smaller, you will also be in danger after the test. If you don’t want to die, you have to be cautious. The end of the stairway is buried in the cloud temple, which is the seal room. It can be said that you are looking for someone, but when you get inside, everything depends on yourself. If you are not careful, you may benefit others. Let me wait for you. Let me tell you that you must believe in your own theory. You must strengthen your
Who will benefit me? I am very firm, I said
Don’t say it’s too light, then maybe some sacrifices must be made, but no one can bear to make them. It depends on people. The serpent said something very philosophical and then stopped talking. Finally, he moved a little faster and didn’t let me wait so impatiently.
The ladder is always moving towards the serpent. Although it is much faster, it is still very difficult.
Why don’t you tell me how to get there? I’ll just go by myself, I said to the serpent
That won’t do. I can’t tell this thing clearly. I can only see it clearly with black fog, said the serpent
Then the serpent moved even faster.
I also stepped up and followed the serpent.
One person, one snake, is crawling strangely on the stairs, and the lights are swaying on both sides to find two shapes, and the shadows are finely broken and pulled for a long time.
I feel that everything is incredible as if it had been arranged by one person. I thought to myself, if it had been arranged long ago, it would not be solved until this time
Walk slowly with the serpent for a long time.