"If so?" Jiang full floor look gaunt and asked


"Master said he was worried about his life," said Luo Changfeng.
"That’s good …" Jiang Manlou is also a little slow, but soon he remembered another problem.
"How did life get hurt?" Jiang looked at Luo Changfeng’s eyes and asked
Jun Zeyu looked at Luo Changfeng.
Shen Tianxin looked at Luo Changfeng.
Nancy, a brother of Chongyang Moon Family, also looked at Luo Changfeng with cold eyes.
They all looked at Luo Changfeng with questions.
Los Changfeng was silent for a moment.
He doesn’t know whether to tell the truth or not.
I don’t know if I should say that Li Xingyun is now like he and Ling Er teamed up with Jie.
Although it was a loss of heart
Although the culprit is Ling Er.
It’s Ling Er who was born in two of a kind, Li Xingyun.
He didn’t know where Ling Er went now, but he always felt that Ling Er shouldn’t be responsible for this matter.
Because the real mastermind behind it is Yan Nanfei, the emperor of Dayan Empire.
Yan Nanfei is the real culprit!
"What’s the matter?" Seeing Luo Changfeng’s silence on the floor is a little anxious, and there is a little doubt in the anxiety.
"Someone attacked me but never saw the truth!" Los Changfeng looked at Jiang full floor Junze jade and they said.
Chapter seventy-two The gate
Someone attacked and killed but never saw the truth.
For Li Xingyun’s injury, Luo Changfeng explained it to Jiang Manlou and others.
Luo Changfeng knows that this statement is not credible, and it is a loophole. Many roots are not doubtful.
But he still said so.
Because this is his insistence that he revealed a belief to Jiang Manlou and others, a belief that he did not want to tell the truth about this matter.
Luo Changfeng knows whether Jiang is full of buildings or Jun Zeyu is waiting in this purple bamboo forest for a whole night tonight, and ten brothers with robes can understand the meaning of his words.
Because a flawed lie is never meant to be believed.
Jiang Manlou looked at Luo Changfeng and nodded after a long silence. "For what reason, you don’t want to say that you have your position and reasons after all."
"But I’ll ask when Xiao Li wakes up."
Jiang Manlou sighed.
Patted Luo Changfeng shoulder turned away.
Moon brothers looked at Luo Changfeng eyes also turned away.
Followed by Nancy cold Chongyang Su Xiaofan … In the purple bamboo forest, Jun Zeyu, Shen Tianxin and Luo Changfeng were soon left.
"Tiandong Mission should be in the city today" Jun Zeyu looked at Luo Changfeng and said.
"You should know more about hundreds of mission trips than I do. This’ should’ is not appropriate," Luo Changfeng said
Junze jade is the brother of three generations of the hundred sects in Tiandong.
It’s three generations of brothers and sisters who came to Tiandong Baizong Mission in Puyuan this time.
Although the hospital can be Luo Changfeng does not recognize Junze Jade’s knowledge of Tiandong Mission’s itinerary.
This can’t be the case.