When Lin and she communicate with it again, it knows more things, such as some situations in this world.

上海419论坛,上海龙凤花千坊,夜上海论坛,上海品茶工作室品茶论坛 When Lin and she communicate with it again, it knows more things, such as some situations in this world.

For example, the ball god and the pillar god are considered as a whole, not two’ creatures’.
They do have two’ consciousnesses’, but these two consciousnesses are mainly formed after their destruction.
These two consciousnesses … that is, the two shadows in the painted mud.
When they recall more things, they remember the past.
They used to … give the creatures here’ consciousness and wisdom’.
There were many species in the protosphere, but at that time, the species were very primitive and had no high intelligence.
At this time, one of them is to stimulate local species
They form a’ core of consciousness of the ball god’ on the surface, where most creatures will rapidly … evolve in a short time after touching it.
Evolution is mainly the brain part, which forms a complex community and develops slowly.
The development mode here is quite different from that of Ershi, which is a kind of intelligent creature that has appeared for a long time.
Here is a large group that appears as soon as it is started.
Therefore, a large number of creatures will soon fight with each other and develop slowly, and a large number of intelligent creatures will cover the whole world.
After that, the’ core of the ball god’ has always been located in this world.
Because many species want to occupy it alone, it often changes its position, which leads to the inability to occupy it and the continuous production of many intelligent creatures
Intelligent creatures are not terrestrial species, and there are many solidified species that come here through solidification cracks.
The core didn’t disappear until the intelligent life in this world was dense to a certain extent.
Then these creatures are constantly fighting and building.
At this time, it’s the turn of "pillar god" to appear.
It doesn’t take part in these articles. What is it?
It is mainly responsible for adjusting the surrounding …
The position of the original ball god is not here but elsewhere, but it drifted to this position through the slow adjustment of the column god.
This is a very’ close’ place from solidification, where they can regenerate.
Chapter two thousand three hundred and seventeen Color light
"Are you? It has been here … "
This is … a repayment bridge.
There is no building on this honey bridge deck with a width of more than 600 meters. It extends smoothly and flatly for several kilometers, and if you look, you can see gorgeous stars.
This bridge is the highest and outermost bridge of the "Ball God"
At the same time, it was also a’ star-watching platform’ built by a certain article, which once liked to watch the stars here.
And now the star here has a fluffy ball … and a mass of colored mud.
Not long ago, Lin made many kinds of cultural relics to’ exterminate’ the painted clay, and the memory of the painted clay was slowly restored in the process.
Now it can remember where the world is.
Actually, the "ball god" and the "column god" are just a comet that extinguishes … the debris.
This comet body is a combination of solidification, virtual long-term floating … thinking.
Biological’ thoughts’ may be involved in comets and become part of them.
Accurately speaking, it records many kinds of biological’ consciousness’ qualities.
What exactly is consciousness? For organisms with brain cells, a large number of neurons work together, while other organisms have various ways to absorb external information and analyze and judge it.
The comet of light debris can take these thoughts out and hide them.
To put it simply, the solidified substance in the comet can record the thoughts of other creatures and hide them.
But it’s hard to say whether this comet is a creature or not … Actually, neither of them knows.
However, comets will be inhabited by many unique creatures, not solidified creatures, but also many other creatures, because the special environment inside is very suitable for many kinds of creatures to live.
The comet of light debris is not a permanent flight process in its solidification … but actually a loss process.
During the long-term flight, the comet of light debris will become smaller and smaller.
Other parts will become narrower and narrower, and finally the whole comet will enter a’ extinction’ stage.
Because the comet part of debris is independent, when the comet is extinguished, it will be exposed and form a polymer. In fact, this polymer is a combination of a large number of substances and living organisms of the original comet
This polymer is also the’ ball god’ body.
Generally speaking, the comet of light debris will be extinguished in the solidification void, and all polymers will also appear in the solidification void.
This polymer in the solidified void will attract many solidified organisms around, and these solidified organisms will completely disassemble the polymer in a short time, so that this comet is completely dead.
But …’ Ball God’ is different.
As Lin now sees it, it has not solidified and extinguished in the virtual, but has gone to the normal virtual.
On how it came to extinguish the comet in the normal virtual space, no one came to disassemble it.
And it looks like an ordinary … Tumbler, so it floats in this virtual space normally and lasts for a long time.
However, after all, it is not what normal tumbling people do. It has many small things happening.
For example, it will have many solidification cracks from time to time.
These solidification cracks bring a lot of solidified substances and some solidified organisms.
There is a special kind of solidified substance with the most mass, so Lin will call them …’ stones’.
This kind of flying stone and spherical body has a wonderful … gravity, which makes them float and form a large number of mountain-like structures.
In the early landscape of the ball god, you can see several such’ stones’ around it.
At the same time, the surface and rocks are also inhabited by early species, most of which are solidified organisms and some come to live in comets
There are not many of them left. After all, not all of them are adapted to the normal virtual environment.
And giving the ball god a lot of species … may still be bus creatures.
Mainly … virtual buses.
Because the unstable phenomenon of solidification cracks constantly appears in the ball god, it will attract the virtual bus to come here to explore.