JiaoPeng smell with the wave the boss immediately pulled the door bow back out.

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When I met Jiao Peng for the first time, I already had my own judgment on this boss. He felt that this person should not be close to the military intelligence, but he was still very strict. He said, "Keep an eye on him."
"Yes!" Outsiders nod.
After a while, the Jiao Peng bus left the hutong.
Experimental field shed
Meng Xi sat in the dim light holding a hot water cup and gently rushed to Ma Laoer and asked, "Did Xu military personnel bite you?"
"Bite our peripheral eyeliner" Ma Laoer immediately replied, "We are responsible for paving the living and just took away the person opposite Fu Zhen and arrived at Wow Card."
"Did they move?" Meng Xi asked again
"No," Wu Di shook his head and replied, "After entering the Wow Card, they were monitored but didn’t leak."
"Well" Meng Xi took a sip of water and looked at Ma Laoer slowly and asked "What do you want to do?"
"Didn’t I come to ask you?" Ma Laoer said in English, "I just don’t know what to do now."
Wu Di thoughtfully accepted the woman. "The key to the problem now is that Fu Zhen, a hot potato, has been caught and Xu military personnel have bitten it. Then we must be able to hide it from Fu Jia."
Meng Xi didn’t answer the phone.
"What do you think are the chances of success if we threaten Fu Zhenguo with Fu Zhen?" Wu Di asked bluntly
"There is little chance," Meng Xi replied without hesitation.
Wu Di knew that the other party had something to say and didn’t say anything.
"Fu Zhenguo is one of the top ten roles in the ranking of Lieutenant General Zhou. Besides Fu Zhen, there are a lot of soldiers who are worried about their family’s status and loyalty will hinder him." Meng Xi’s regulations clearly state that "you can’t hide the news that many people will contact Fu Zhen’s family, and then Chen’s behind-the-scenes moves will be completely leaked. When the time comes, you will turn against Fu Zhenguo, which will also attract the attention of the Zhou Dynasty. That is to say, you will not only convince Fu Zhenguo, but also face Zhou Xingli and Xu Hancheng’s defense! Do you think this kind of thing has a high success rate? "
Wu Di was silent.
"The threat is that once Fu Zhenguo is angered, the effect will be counterproductive." Meng Xi continued, "If it is not good, he will beat Chen more fiercely than anyone else."
Wu Di unconsciously nodded his head.
"What do you mean?" Ma laoer asked tentatively.
"The unequal convenience of arbitrage information continues to intensify the contradiction between Fu Zhenguo and the opposite side, so there is still a remedy." Meng Xi looked at Ma Laoer and said softly, "Now there is still ignorance over there. They don’t know what you are going to do, right?"
"Yes" Ma Laoer nodded along each other’s train of thought.
"You can make the fus nervous first …!" Meng Xi low blunt Ma Laoer confessed a few words.
About half an hour later
Lu Huai Fu Jia Fu Zhen’s mother Zack Zhang’s words suddenly rang. She opened her eyes in a daze and pressed the answer button. "Hello?"
"Your son, I have a ransom of 5 million in my hand, and I will contact you!" A cold male voice hung up the phone after saying a word.
Zack Zhang leng for two seconds, then he sat up and looked flustered. He called back one to the other party, but he lost his chance.
Zack Zhang’s heart thumped and immediately made a message, but the latter’s mobile phone was in the same state.
This Zack Zhang completely lost. She quickly got up and made a message directly to the Third Fleet Command.
After a while, the battleship Fu Zhenguo answered the landline. "What’s the matter?"
"Lao Fu has an accident with our son. He has been kidnapped and the other party wants a ransom of five million …!" Zhang Yueyin trembling said 1
After more than two hours, Jiao Peng, who has returned to work, is preparing to watch the surveillance video of a wow card bar.
At this moment, the team leader of the second group quickly walked in and said, "There’s something unexpected in the local Woka bar!"
"What’s the situation?" Jiao Peng looked up.
"… the police chief went to the bar to investigate where Fu Zhen, the son of Fu Zhen, was kidnapped." The military personnel immediately replied that "the bar owner contacted them and immediately called us."
"Fu Zhen was kidnapped? !” Jiao Peng incredibly up.
Fu Zhenguo’s right eyelid was pounding and his heart was agitated.
Meng Xi, a greenhouse in the experimental field, said to Ma Laoer, "You can ask me for advice, but don’t tell outsiders … I’m in a sensitive situation now, you know?"
"I understand that if things develop in a positive direction, I will immediately tell Commander Qin that it is your credit!"
"You’re a little inhuman …!"
Chapter DiErLiu bizarre kidnapping
Luhuai city in the seventh district
When Jiao Peng heard that Fu Zhenguo’s Waka Bar was kidnapped, he immediately rushed to the leader of the second group and ordered "Let’s have a look at the monitoring."
A few minutes later, Jiao Peng led the core members of the unit into the small conference room and played the surveillance video of Wow Card Bar.
Before this, Jiao Peng didn’t have a direction, so he needed to search carefully bit by bit to lock the enemy military personnel. But now the situation is different. Is it accidental that Fu Zhenguo’s Woka Bar was kidnapped? Probably not, so the direction of his investigation immediately became Fu Zhenzhu. He wanted to see if the two things were connected.