See his eyes are full of flowers, blue in the sea and sky than white clouds floating, the breeze blows the flowers and rocks, and the fragrance comes to the nose.

上海419论坛,上海龙凤花千坊,夜上海论坛,上海品茶工作室桑拿会所 See his eyes are full of flowers, blue in the sea and sky than white clouds floating, the breeze blows the flowers and rocks, and the fragrance comes to the nose.

In this sea of flowers, a beautiful man is sitting cross-legged on a boulder with a guqin in front of him.
Yes, this male face has gone beyond the category of handsome, which can be said to be beautiful!
On the perfection of facial features and skin, a pair of eyes is like twinkling stars in the night, more like a perfect black gem
It’s like a peerless beauty has five senses, so his face is so proportionately longer than the standard proportion.
A simple pale blue robe hung over his slightly emaciated figure.
The guqin in front of you exudes a quaint atmosphere, and the patterns are wrapped and superimposed, solemn, elegant and free from vulgarity.
The light blue long-haired man’s shoulders are scattered and slightly floating, which makes him look quite heroic.
"Who are you? Where am I? " Xiao Fan heart in a surprised almost attracted by this absolutely beautiful man hurriedly bit his teeth to wake himself up.
"This is the underworld!" Absolutely beautiful male tone insipid than without mixed ran and feelings said
"The underworld!" Xiao Fan a shock in the heart "I … how can I come to the underworld? No, I have to hurry back. I have to get them out! "
Thought of here Xiao Fan turned and jumped up.
"It’s really impatient!" The most beautiful man shook his head and his fingers flicked slightly.
Suddenly a force bombarded Xiao Fan back!
"Bang!" This powerful terror will actually blow Xiao Fan’s figure out of the dozens of miles away and let him fall down and struggle for a long time without starting again!
With Xiao Fan’s power of making peace at this time, even a blow from the master of the immortal realm will not cause such harm to him, but that beautiful man is just slightly hands-on!
The strength gap is thus highlighted!
"Damn it, I don’t care who you are. If someone stops me, I will definitely go!" Xiao Fan wiped the corners of the mouth with blood, got up and shook it for a few times, then roared maliciously.
"oh? Go hard? Well, show me your best! " The most beautiful man still has a cold expression and tone …
Chapter 36 Three thousand world of mortals
"good! That’s as you wish! " Xiao Fan clenched his teeth and raised his hand to draw an arc in front of his arms. Black and white force spewed out and once again formed that strange pattern of Yin and Yang towards the absolutely beautiful man.
"oh? This power … It really is HarmonyOS Xuanqing! " The absolutely beautiful man’s eyes suddenly and violently opened, and his face, which had never appeared before, showed a trace of joy!
"But … it’s too weak. HarmonyOS is so angry!" Soon, the beautiful man’s fingers touched the guqin in front of him again
This time, a wave force visible to the naked eye suddenly generate from the strings and easily defeated the force attack released by Xiao Fan!
"What … what? Just … so easily defeated my strongest blow? " Xiao Fan’s eyes contracted violently and staggered back two steps, then his feet slipped and he sat down on the ground.
Although he guessed that the strength of the other party far exceeded his own, he didn’t expect that the gap between himself and the other party would be so wide!
"such as? Do you still want to try? " Absolutely beautiful man smiled and said with smile
"Damn it, I won’t just give up!" Xiao Fan eyebrows shrank and raised my hand, unexpectedly offering the golden square brick again towards the absolutely beautiful man!
"oh? Fairy magic weapon? " Absolutely beautiful man slightly one leng immediately shook his head toward the overwhelming hit his golden square brick gently blew a sigh of relief.
Immediately, the golden square brick was shocked and suddenly spun wildly, and the original size fell before Xiao Fan!
"This magic weapon has been damaged like this, and you still barely display it. Didn’t you hear the magic weapon cry?" The most beautiful man sighed and said, "It’s no use wasting your strength. Even if you cast a powerful magic weapon, it will work for me!" "
"You … who are you? What do you want? " Xiao Fan is really at his wit’s end.
"You, a sinner, broke into the underworld in an attempt to rob and punish the dead and kill the jailer in hell. You have already violated the laws of heaven and committed a heinous crime!" The absolutely beautiful man said slowly, "The underworld here is where you monks who are powerful and sinful are put!" "
"Once I fall into the underworld, I will be immortal and eternal, and I am the peacock king, the owner of this underworld!" Absolutely beautiful man said, getting up, releasing from the body like Tianwei arrival.
This momentum is bigger than majestic, as if it were smaller than before all beings. You must pay homage!
"You … you are the master of the underworld …" Xiao Fan gasped in a gasp.
At present, this man is a real master of the emperor’s realm stage, and … How horrible it will be to major in this most mysterious underworld? This Xiao Fan is afraid to think about it.
Just … I actually want to bring down …
It is too wishful thinking!
"such as? Are you not going to continue to resist? " Peacock king asked coldly.
"Resistance can be like? I will fight back in front of you! " Xiao Fan shook his head than lost and said
"You really bite off more than you can chew!" Peacock King nodded. "With your little strength now, although you can suppress the cultivation of the beast and ghost king in the middle period of the immortal, do you know that the strength of the beast and ghost king in the Lord of Hell is ordinary?"
"And … do you know that the King of Heaven, who is practicing in the supreme hell, is the ghost king who leads the holy prison?"
"With you, the ghost king of the Holy Prison needs a finger to crush you tens of thousands of times!"
"Do you think you can still successfully rescue people even if I let you go back to hell now?"
Xiao Fan is dumb.
The heteronomy refutation method denies that every word said by Peacock King is more true!
"So … I was planted?" Xiao Fannai shook his head and said, "Now that I have come to the underworld, will you take me up?"
"If you follow the formal process, you should crush your body first, then brand your soul forever, and then put it in the dark and float forever!"
"But …" Peacock King suddenly changed the subject. "If I wanted to bet on you, I would have done it when you were asleep, and I wouldn’t wait until you woke up to talk to you so much!"
"So … you mean … you’ll leave me alone?" Xiao Fan one leng like caught a lifeline generally hurriedly asked.
"Living crime can be a death crime!"
"What does this … mean?" Xiao Fan frowned.
"Ask me more and give you a chance. If you pass the test, I can let you live!"
"opportunity? Give me a chance? I don’t know … What do you want me to do with this humble person? " Xiao Fan couldn’t help being cautious.
"You have no profit to choose now … and no profit to know too much!" Peacock king said to raise my hand gently in front of the gas.
Suddenly, a huge black hole kept rolling and spinning.
"This … what is the test? Will I die if I fail? "
"death? No, if you fail, you will be permanently trapped in the reincarnation forever! " Peacock king shook his head and said, "Your test is to enter the world of three thousand mortals and continue to suffer from reincarnation. If cause and effect are successful, you will become cause and effect, and then you will fail!" Can always struggle in the world of mortals and bear all kinds of reincarnation! "
"Three thousand world of mortals? What is that place? " Xiao Fan swallowed saliva.
"every world!"
"Every world? Isn’t the mortal world the horizon? " Xiao Fan puzzled asked.
"No!" Peacock King said slowly, "Three thousand mortals are mortal among three thousand earthly beings!" "
"Heaven’s law does not care for all the earthly screen worlds, but if mortals in the world of mortals want to be reincarnated in the earthly screen world and get the opportunity to step into the fairy road, they have to go through several generations of reincarnation to accumulate merits!"
"Three thousand world of mortals … unexpectedly … I have never heard of such a place!" Xiao Fan was frightened to disgrace.