Listen to Qin Yu so answer Qin Gang smiled and responded to the bosom young.

上海419论坛,上海龙凤花千坊,夜上海论坛,上海品茶工作室约茶品茶工作室 Listen to Qin Yu so answer Qin Gang smiled and responded to the bosom young.

"Almost understand?"
On the other hand, Qin Yu seemed to understand Qin Gang’s words at this time.
"Without you, I believe that you will grow into a towering tree sooner or later, and sooner or later, you will also feel this pressure and responsibility. Now Dad wants to answer the question you just asked Dad. You just asked Dad to pack up, so Dad will tell you now. Listen carefully. Dad will take you and your mother to Jinzhou to get a sword Sect thousands of miles away. If you don’t want to go, just tell Dad that I will arrange someone to take you to your grandfather. What do you think?"
And Qin Yu was in a hurry immediately after hearing Qin Gang’s words
"Who says I don’t want to go? I want to go. I want to follow my father to Jinzhou’s house to talk more. I’m dying of talking. I want to go to my father. You must not be partial. Don’t have a mother in your heart."
See Qin Yu quickly put an arm around Qin Gang bobbing in pettish to.
"Ha ha ha ha! My son has to go!"
See pregnant coquetry Qin Yu Qin Gang instantaneous mood great good laugh to Qin Yu didn’t see Qin Gang that hidden smile behind the forbearance and nai.
Because Qin Yu didn’t know that the emperor had sent 50,000 troops across Cangzhou at the moment, and the general of the company, Zeng Haoxuan, had led a pioneer to Cangzhou Fengxia the day before yesterday. It was less than three days’ journey from Longpan. Although the emperor didn’t directly tell the sky what these troops had come for, everyone could see that Qin Gui had joined an emperor at the court. This is an intriguing accusation. At this moment, the town of Xihou House is not peaceful. If you don’t leave now, maybe your home will be destroyed.
What is the human heart?
What is Jianghu?
Qin Yu seems that people in rivers and lakes are often unpredictable. He is struggling to live in these rivers and lakes. But he has too much to bear, but he knows that he has more to protect what he wants. He needs friends, friends worthy of his deep friendship, and partners who can never leave in times of crisis. He seems that Liu Yi is not the perfect partner in his heart, but it is enough for now.
Liu Tianqing, the successor of Di Yan Zong’s generation, has a unique identity background. Doubt is not an alternative protection for him. This person’s friendship will definitely make his revenge more smooth, and will also make himself and Wei Chi Liuli more secure in this river and lake. After he and Liu Yi were silent one after another, he also accelerated his thinking about how to make himself and Liu Yi more mutual.
Qin Yu knows that at the moment, he is not enough to really let Liu Yi go hand in hand. He has no bargaining chip. He lacks a performance opportunity and a chance to completely integrate Liu Yi into his small team. But he is not in a hurry. The opportunity is reserved for those who have made preparations. He can wait. At this moment, Qin Yu is secretly wondering a sentence that can make Liu Yi promise himself.
What is the human heart?
What is Jianghu?
Chapter one hundred and forty-one Choice in my heart
What is the human heart?
What is Jianghu?
Listen to Qin Yu’s monologue, which made Liu Yi fall into a deep thought.
Being in the patriarchal clan, Liu Yi has received an education since he urinated. His father Liu Tianqing boasted that human nature is evil, and he was never instilled with such thoughts since he was a child. This conclusion that human nature is evil in his world view has long been engraved in his heart, and he has faced many experiences with age, which makes him firmly believe in Liu Tianqing’s conclusion that human nature is evil.
With the intensification of Liu Tianqing’s contradiction with Weidong, both of them will assign someone to assassinate each other from time to time while the other party is unprepared. Today, either Weidong sent a film group killer to assassinate Liu Tianqing or Liu Tianqing sent someone from the rock institute to find the field. Liu Yi knows that Liu Tianqing’s bad relationship with Weidong is caused by Liu Yi’s biological mother’s behavior that Weidong has sent people to assassinate himself many times. He doesn’t blame the other party. If it were someone else, maybe he would do something more outrageous than Weidong. Perhaps this is the Jianghu. Since he dares to walk in the Jianghu, then don’t be punished.
The original Liu Yi simply recognized Qin Yu as an ordinary person who traveled in the rivers and lakes. However, after Wei Chi’s identity was revealed by Qin Yu, and Qin Yu was not afraid that he would be exposed by himself and signed up, he was surprised to find that he still underestimated the big boy who looked a few years younger than himself.
Is he so?
Isn’t he afraid to report to the official himself?
Is that how he believes in himself?
He knew that he was an imperial court criminal, and he was so outspoken that he reported himself. Didn’t he really feel scared?
He’s been hiding in the Sword Casting Villa for ten years, but he just came out at this time?
He will walk out of the sword-casting villa with the glass made by Qin Wei Chi?
He really doesn’t know how angry the whole court was about the case of Ling Jianzong?
20,000 Jinzhou navy, 1,000 imperial guards, Si Yu, Lin Wei, 14 generals, big and small, and Li Quan, the prime minister of the dynasty, all died in Yanhu. In the end, the court didn’t even have a chance to accept the body, so they watched these people sleep forever in the cold Yanhu, but what happened? Emperor Lu Feng not only lost so many troops, but also made the whole royal family lose face in this battle. If the troops sent by the imperial court to Jinzhou could recapture Yun Ze for Lu Feng, there would be no post-cleansing incident. Sadly, until the end, Lu Feng did not even touch the Yun Ze side, which laid the foundation for the reshuffle of Jianghu forces.
The original imperial court wanted to seize Yun Ze by taking advantage of the chaos of Lingjianzong. In the future, the land of Lingjianzong Jinzhou grew stronger and stronger, which eventually led to the loss of control of the imperial court. It never occurred to the imperial court that not only did Yun Ze fail to seize it, but many eyeliner networks like Yixianglou were pulled out, and all these eyeliner networks were eroded by the Jianghu forces in the big cleaning event. However, these Liu Feng didn’t care that the eyeliner disappeared, which allowed the Dragon Group to rebuild the chaos in the Jianghu, and also allowed the Shadow Pavilion people to re-enact the law of life in the new Jianghu. What really angered Lu Feng was not someone else who really angered him. It was because of Leblanc. Without Leblanc’s intervention in the Kuroshio incident, it would not continue to ferment. Without Leblanc’s instructions to those who signed the demarcation agreement, the boundary of Lingjianzong would not be dark. Without Leblanc’s instructions, it was still a peaceful river and lake. How could it tear the court’s layer of peace covenant as thin as a cicada? Without Leblanc’s appearance, how could Lu Feng have given a death order to send someone to link the Kuroshio incident? This is also true. In disguise, the process of the big cleaning event was accelerated, which made the whole day completely turbulent for a long time, and the situation in Jinzhou was even more severe. In recent years, those small factions outside the Lingjian Sect all withdrew from the historical stage in this big cleaning event, or turned back to ordinary people or returned to the mountains and fell into bandits. There are bandits everywhere in Jinzhou, and the unique terrain of Jinzhou has caused it to cause floods from time to time, which makes life miserable for the people at the bottom here. I don’t know how much money the court has spent. The local government has rescued floods and man-made people in Jinzhou cry every day.
Don’t these Qin Yu really don’t understand?
If you tell the government about Qin Yu and Wei Chi’s glass, you will be able to make the floor of Diyan Zong and the imperial court more stable through your own hands, and you will be able to make Diyan Zong Qingzhou bigger and stronger. The powerful sound temple and the sword hall are the best examples, but if you really do this, you will never forget these past events for a generation, and you will surely become the thorn in your heart and the nightmare in your dream.
What is human heart?
What is Jianghu again?
Expose or pretend not to know whether to leave or leave?
Looking at the sky overhead, I occasionally fly over a few lost geese.
What happened to Lingjianzong in those days?
Is that what Fang said or is it really another feeling? Did Lan Lao keep silent about this matter after he came back from Lingjianzong? This is all so weird.
What kind of family would Qin Gang come to Jinzhou thousands of miles away? He didn’t have to go to this pool of muddy water. What kind of town is it? Just a few months after the Kuroshio incident, it was thoroughly investigated by the imperial court, and the Jiuzu were also punished. Is it a coincidence or a conspiracy?
The original private affair will be publicized, which will cause Ling Jianzong to be in such an embarrassing position at that time. For Yun Ze, Ling Jianzong took it or didn’t take it. At that time, Yun Ze was like a piece of red-hot gold. Everyone knew that taking it would burn himself, but they all showed greedy eyes on this logistics.
Imperial court, Lingjian Sect, Zhenxi Houfu, Diyan Sect, Jack nife Sect, Tianlong Pavilion, Penglai Pavilion, Dimly discernible Sect, Shenluo Hall, Zhenshen Sect, Hehua Sect, Jixian Temple, Dayin Temple, Yijiantang Sword Casting Villa, and of course, the boundary gate that was wiped out once by the imperial court but came back from the dead. Is all this really as ridiculous as Fang said?
Expose or follow?
Shall we stop here or continue to dig deep into the secrets of ten years ago?
What is human heart?
What is Jianghu again?
Chapter one hundred and forty-two A ridge of sichuan
After a breeze brushed my ears and temples, Liu Yi said to himself that Qin Yu had made his own decision after thinking for a long time, and with this decision in his heart, it was officially bound the fate of two people together.
You and I have seen different rivers and lakes.
This is what Liu Yi said in his words, which means so intriguing.
I read different people’s hearts in your eyes.
This is what Qin Yu thinks about what he really wants to write and what he really wants to do. Maybe sometimes it can be verified.
After silence, it is a tacit smile between them.
"Qin Yu, what did you just think? I’ve called you several times to see if you didn’t respond. It seems that you couldn’t hear me just now."
Watching Qin Yu Liu Yi not only try to heart to say.
"Oh, it’s all my fault. My eldest brother called me. I didn’t hear anything. I just remembered the memories of the past. By the way, eldest brother, I want to ask you if you ever worked out your trip with Fobo this time. Originally, Liuli and I were thinking of going to see the Sword Hall. After you said it, it doesn’t matter whether we go or not. I just want to ask you, do you have a better place to recommend to both of us? Or you can take us with you. I think eldest brother is far more experienced than me and Liuli in this Jianghu matter. Do you think this is good? "
Listening to Liu Yi’s inquiry about Qin Yu, he smiled awkwardly and then took his time to ask Liu Yi about his trip.