After waiting for many years, Hongluan’s brother Jian Lin still broke into the Kunlun peak of Jiange.

上海419论坛,上海龙凤花千坊,夜上海论坛,上海品茶工作室品茶论坛 After waiting for many years, Hongluan’s brother Jian Lin still broke into the Kunlun peak of Jiange.

Everyone saw her walk into Jiange, the head of Jiange, and live in Bann Kwan Khiang Dao, Kunlun Mountain.
But since then, no one has ever seen that red dress named Hongluan Beauty Mountain.
"What happened later?" Driving bumpy mountain road but galloping unusually smooth carriage Luo Changfeng couldn’t help asking
It is well known that the bodhi old zu in Jiange had two disciples in his life.
That is the star-gazing old man who has been crazy for many years in front of him, the famous star-picker in Bann Kwan Khiang Dao, Kunlun Mountain.
Luo Changfeng has never heard the name of sword entropy and sword enthalpy.
If the story recalled by the experienced and easy-going Sichuan is true, Luo Changfeng guesses that the sword entropy and sword enthalpy are the real names of the objective stars.
"Hongluan climbed Kunlun Mountain and entered Bann Kwan Khiang Dao, and never came out again until five years later, when Jian Yan, heartbroken, returned to his legacy alone!" It seems to recall the pain. The old man’s look became somewhat cold, and there seemed to be several stars falling in his eyes.
The sudden return of sword enthalpy naturally shocked the bodhi old zu who had rarely asked about the world.
The ancestor of Jiange cherished his younger brother, and once again put the sword enthalpy into the door.
Across the Kunlun Mountain from Bann Kwan Khiang Dao, a star-gazing pavilion rose.
No one revived the girl named Qingluan.
The name of Qingluan Hongluan is so sadly forgotten, and there will be no husband and wife wandering around the cape again.
It’s been many years since my younger brother abandoned kendo. He was in Kunlun Mountain. He relied on the talent of enchanting kendo to keep calm, steady, diligent and hard-working. He devoted himself to that time when the other disciples competed with the sword, and he showed half a flaw, which made him look forward to the mountain experience day and night.
However, after many years, he returned to his old school to talk about kendo. He has already looked forward to the brother in Bann Kwan Khiang Dao.
Well, his kendo talent has not been worn away.
Although the sword core is destroyed, it can be recast.
It took a hundred years to rebuild the sword’s heart and enthusiasm without listening to the foreign affairs of the pavilion, and finally touched the final threshold of the Taoist way
Once again, the seven stars in the southern string are side by side with the seven dragons and dragons.
In that year, Tianjige commented that the ranking of South String in the list of magic weapons was second only to that of Long Yuan.
Hurt by love and enduring sword enthalpy for a hundred years, I finally have the qualification to find the truth.
Other people accept disciples.
Therefore, Jiange gave birth to the Star Watching School.
In a certain year, the bodhi old zu in Jiange returned for nine days.
The seventy-two peaks of Kunlun Mountain have never traveled to Bann Kwan Khiang Dao Guanxingge, and met after a hundred years.
Kunlun Mountain Tongtian Column Backbone sky full of stars Pavilion Lamp Qinglong White Tiger Suzaku Xuanwu Seven-Star Pattern Pavilion Wall Decoration Built Two Attics Sword Entropy Sword Enthalpy This pair of disciples who have not seen each other for a hundred years shake each other.
"I have always had a question in my heart that I want to ask my senior brother to solve my doubts."
"Brother, do you still have any doubts about the martial arts and the cultivation of heaven?"
"There are all kinds of things in the sky, but only one word of love is difficult to understand in this life. Brother’s desire is just right to talk about."
"Excuse me, teacher younger brother"