"What a joke? Even the bald Cyclops, we can’t beat him together, and this guy’s strength is at least tens of thousands of times that of Cyclops, let alone fighting. Just this, I feel that my legs are weak and my body is shaking! " Xiao Yun shook his head with a wry smile way

上海419论坛,上海龙凤花千坊,夜上海论坛,上海品茶工作室桑拿夜网 "What a joke? Even the bald Cyclops, we can’t beat him together, and this guy’s strength is at least tens of thousands of times that of Cyclops, let alone fighting. Just this, I feel that my legs are weak and my body is shaking! " Xiao Yun shook his head with a wry smile way

"Hey, so am I. So it seems that … the Seven Realms will be completely finished!" Xiao Han sighed and blamed himself. "It’s all because of me … that this field … hey!"
"Come on, even if you are not benefited by that Cyclops, others will be benefited, so that this large array can be completed and these guys will be released!" Xiao Yun said, looking up, he saw that the blood-red mouth had slowly closed, and then he breathed a sigh of relief. "But it seems that the large array can make these three guys come here. It’s lucky!"
"Er … these three people alone have made us desperate. How can we be lucky in misfortune?" Xiao Han wondered at Xiao Yun.
"You may not know? One hundred thousand years ago, those strange people in the seven realms did not die, but chose to retreat and stay out of the world. Maybe … with their words, these three guys would not have reached the stage of complete despair! " Xiao Yun low said
"What? Those masters … are still alive? " Xiao Han smell speech couldn’t help being surprised. The original heart was completely desperate, and suddenly there was a trace of expectation!
Just then, the master of Elton Magic has slowly raised his hand, and the palm of his hand is condensed towards Xiao Yun and Xiao Han!
"Boom!" In an instant, a devastating black light came crashing out towards the two of them!
"Hell, although I don’t know which experts will take care of them, I know that if we are not careful, we will die!" Xiao Han gritted his teeth and spit out a mouthful of JingXie to block the pair of golden maces that depend on life and encourage all powers to resist the blow.
Xiao Yun also took a deep breath in a gasp and tried his best to resist the same fight before crossing the sword for protection.
"Boom!" The explosion exploded with smoke and flames, generate.
However, in the past, the smoke still showed Xiao Han and Xiao Yun, but they were scarred and their bodies were all over!
"oh? It’s amazing that he didn’t die? " Mr Prison looked at one leng.
"Want to kill old? It’s not that easy! " Xiao Han spat blood panting and said
"Yes, my face is not that kind of short-lived ghost. How can I die here easily?" Xiao Yun also mouth shut than said
These two guys actually inherited Xiao Fan’s stubborn personality, which made the cloud watch Xiao Fan’s heart.
"Mouth shut? One blow didn’t kill you, but can you withstand another blow now? " Mr Prison cold hum a hand attack again!
It is true that this second blow is not something Xiao Han and Xiao Yun can resist!
However, at this moment, suddenly several shadows galloped out of the Qingyang League Palace and several flashes came to this battlefield to block the two people!
"Boom!" A huge explosion sounded and the two of them were unscathed!
"Aha, it’s you. You finally came forward!" Xiao Yunshen one breath cried.
"oh? Is there even a little stronger ant? " Ella frowned as if she was ashamed that she could kill a person with two strikes.
"It’s them … they’re not dead!" Paine gnashed her teeth and said
"Oh?" Asian training shook his eyebrows. "These people seem to be a little stronger!"
"Yes, they broke our plan of offering sacrifices to gods 100,000 years ago and destroyed all our guys!" Paine resentment said
"Bah! I didn’t expect you to be dead. It really surprised me. I remember killing you myself! " Hula ballastless Chen Yunfei is still a hip flask wonder looked at Paine.
"Hum didn’t expect? What you killed at the beginning was just an old substitute. How can old people die so easily? " Paine ferocious said
"Be careful, everyone. These three enemies … are very powerful!" Qingyang sullenly looked at three shura protoss master speak to wake all the way
"Yes, it’s simply outrageous!" Kong Ming tugged at the corners of his mouth and said, "It seems that … even if we are in they nest, we will defeat these three people!"
"We’ll know if we can win, even if we can’t beat three, we can kill one together!" Yuan Xiangtian pinched his fist’ boom boom boom’ straight ring in the previous step fighting spirit monstrous said
"Aha, I really miss this group of old guys who are still alive!" Xiao Fan Yunduan was excited. "Come on, come on, let’s fight and see how strong you can be in the seven realms where aura is lacking for so many years!"
"Overbite a group of ants!" There was a flash of contempt in Ella’s eyes, but he turned around and bowed respectfully to Yaxun. "Respect Yaxun’s adult and beg to destroy these ants!"
"Well, yes!" Yaxun nodded. "I’m not interested in attacking these weak bugs, but you’d better hurry up. I don’t want these little ants to have too many waves!" "
"Yes!" Ella quickly replied and immediately shook her neck and walked forward with a grimace of a grin. "Hey, hey, hey, it’s time to exercise your muscles. Come on, let me see how strong the masters in the Six Realms are!"
"Arrogant!" Jade Qing binge drinking is the first to launch a finger tip to raise my hand and bounce dozens of white lights at a rapid pace, and then several arrows come crashing out and nullify the prison!
"is this your business?" Ella prison actually showed a disappointed look, opened his mouth and blew out a polluted air, and all the jade Qing attacks were smashed, and soon the sleeves were blown out with a wave of his hand!
"Bang!" Jade Qing hurriedly put his arms in front of him, but he was still bombarded by this palm for dozens of feet, and the white Hu was stained with a bright red!
"Qingyang Luo Tian!" Qingyang’s hand flashed out a broadsword mixed with roaring and smashing behind the prison.
"I don’t need to hide from you at this level of attack, and I can’t even hurt a hair!" Emmanuel shook his head and let out a muffled sound with that knife on his head.
"What?" Qingyang’s arms trembled and was actually broken by a force anyway!
"Everyone besieged him!" Kong Ming commanded and led the crowd to gather their strength and cast a blanket nullification towards Egypt’s prison.
"This ….. Mr Prison’s adult he …" See so violent overwhelming bombing pang some concerns at the training.
"What are you worried about? Do you really think that these ant attacks will do any harm to Elijah? " Yaxun disdained to hold his arm and said, "Although Elie is only a warrior of the Shura protoss, he is comparable to ordinary immortals in the celestial world, but these ignorant and fragile immortals are just mortals in front of them. Can mortals kill immortals?"
"Er … adults are taught to be stupid!" Pang En smell speech in the heart a joy hurriedly admit his mistake.
"It’s just that you grew up in these six realms. Naturally, I don’t know to be honest. Look at how fragile and vulnerable those top six realms in your mouth are when they face the real strong!" The training grimaced.
Just as Yaxun said, even if Qingyang and others are extremely poor, their efforts will cause damage to the prison!
The gap between the six realms is already huge. What’s more, the gap between the immortal practitioners and the top fighters who can compete with the immortals is even bigger and more horrible.
They are not Xiao Fan, they don’t have that kind of abnormal means, and they don’t have your son to protect himself with all kinds of top magic weapons.